Releases of the Week: Bakemonogatari on Blu-ray

12:00 PM on 11.20.2012
Releases of the Week: Bakemonogatari on Blu-ray photo

Looking for a marquee item on top of your Christmas list? Well, Bakemonogatari just hit shelves on Blu-ray, so you may as well start begging your parents for more of that weird cartoon porn you love so much. While you're at it, throw in the Blu-ray remastered edition of Grave of the Fireflies. I'm sure that'll make for an interesting Christmas morning after you've opened those gifts.

On the print side, there's plenty to read. The latest volumes of Bokurano and Saturn Apartments are out, along with the debut of the wonderful Thermae Romae. If you're looking to splurge, there's the six-volume box set of Sailor Moon. And let's not forget about the latest Haruhi novel!

There's no reason not to buy something this week. No matter what your tastes, there's something to grab. Even for all you nostalgia junkies, Tenchi in Tokyo is out in box set form, so get cracking.

Anime releases
Bakemonogatari - Blu-ray Box Set
Cluster Edge - Part 2
Galaxy Express 999 - Part 1
Grave of the Fireflies - Blu-ray
Inu Yasha: The Final Act - Part 1 Blu-ray and DVD versions
Soul Eater - Box Set Blu-ray and DVD versions
Tenchi Muyo: Tenchi in Tokyo - Box Set

Manga releases
Aron's Absurd Armada Omnibus Vol. 1
Bokurano: Ours Vol. 7
Bunny Drop Vol. 7
Deltora Quest Vol. 9
Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story
Is This A Zombie? Vol. 3
Limit Vol. 2
Nabari no Ou Vol. 12
Omamori Himari Vol. 9
Real Vol. 11
Sailor Moon Vol. Box Set 1 (Vols 1-6)
Saturn Apartments Vol. 6
Shoulder a Coffin, Kuro Vol. 3
Soul Eater Vol. 11
Soulless Vol. 2
Spice and Wolf Vol. 7
Thermae Romae Vol. 1
Trigun Maximum Omnibus Vol. 1
Umineko: When They Cry Vol. 1: Legend of the Golden Witch 1
X/1999 Omnibus Vol. 4 (Vols 10-12)

Book releases
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Novel 8: Indignation of Haruhi - Hardcover and Paperback versions 

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