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Rumor: American remake of Death Note

6:47 PM on 07.11.2007 // God Len

We have some new tidbits of information regarding Warner Bros. and Death Note thanks to an interview with Death Note’s live-action Director Shusuke Kaneko, conducted by movie blog Twich. When asked the question: “Now that Warner Bros. has picked it up do you know when they plan to release it in the US?”, Shusuke Kaneko responds:

The release in the US hasn’t been decided yet. They are still doubting whether it would work having a subtitled film released and would it be better to just remake both entire films.
Now I enjoyed the live-action Death Note movies, and believe they did a good job encapsulating the manga; but on the other hand an entirely new version of the story for American audiences may be swell as well. However, as you might know any remake of a manga or anime tends to piss off fans here. Is it wise to make a remake for American audiences, to allow more people to experience this story, or is Warner Brothers making a bad decision by even contemplating this? [Via animeOnline]

God Len,
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