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Rumor: Dead or Alive 5 coming to the PS3

4:00 PM on 01.10.2010 // Jon Snyder

[As posted on Destructoid by Hamza CTZ Aziz]

The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine hints that the next Dead or Alive game won't be exclusive to the Xbox 360 anymore. The rumor section of the mag states that "Tecmo's next big-bosomed fighter, Dead Or Alive 5, is in production for PS3."

If this is true, then it's about time the series went multiplatform. It's not surprising either that Tecmo would do this, seeing as how the Ninja Gaiden games were exclusively first for the Xbox 360 and later released for the PlayStation 3. I wonder if we'll see any kind of connectivity between this and the new Dead or Alive Paradise for the PSP that's also in the works. If that happens, I'm sure the PS3 version will be vastly superior than the Xbox 360 version, simply for the fact that you just know you'll be able to import the bikinis from Paradise into DoA 5.

Dead Or Alive 5 "in production" for PS3 [CVG -- Image source]


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