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Rumor: New Ghost in the Shell anime announced

11:45 AM on 01.15.2013 // Josh Tolentino

Gonna blow your (cyber-) mind

[Update: The rumors are true, and the show's official site is now active. Also it seems The Major's fashion sense is as questionable as ever. Nice boots, lady!]

Ah, my love, she has done it again. Yes, friends, a new Ghost in the Shell anime is rumored to on the way, scheduled for some time this year.

Leaked scans of the next issue of Young Magazine (which hits stands in Japan in a matter of hours) revealed a bit of obscured art, a new project titled Ghost in the Shell ARISE, and the name of my commanding officer and secret cyber-crush, Major Motoko Kusanagi as part of the project.

Also linked were some big names, including a story written by Tow Ubukata (creator of Mardock Scramble), and chief director Kise Kazuchika, a Production I.G. luminary who's worked on Ghost in the Shell projects before, namely the two Mamoru Oshii-directed joints and the Standalone Complex spin-off, Solid State Society.

Assuming this is all true (and it's proven fairly plausible so far), the show's official site should go live in the coming days, and a February 12th event is scheduled for more announcements and footage. 

Boy, I sure do hope this is actually a real thing, and not a sensory delusion being hacked into a cyberbrain I didn't know I had!

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