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Sadamoto finally putting an end to Evangelion manga

6:00 PM on 02.08.2012 // MARC

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the dude behind the original on-going Neon Genesis Evangelion manga, is going to conclude the series by the end of his next volume, as confirmed by Kodokawa in the last 24 hours. Considering that this manga has been in the works since February of 1995 (save for a short hiatus), even predating the original anime series, it's a monumental thing to think about, considering the success the franchise has had... what's even more impressive is the fact that only 12 volumes have been released since 1995.

The manga series, which follows a slightly altered, slightly darker universe as opposed to the anime, has been getting ready to end for the past four years, but now that we finally know an exact reference of time when this will end, well, it's almost a bit bittersweet in a way. Of course, if you think Evangelion is for man-babies, then to each their own, right?

Neon Genesis Evangelion will end on its 90th chapter (known as Stage 90 in the series). Sadly, this does not account for the less-than-consistent rate at which these volumes are released. What are your guys thoughts on the manga series, or even its spin-offs?


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