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Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle to come out in Brazil

5:00 PM on 04.24.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Oh wow, this comes as a bit of a surprise, but congratulations to you guys. Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle is getting localized by Namco Bandai in Portuguese as Os Cavaleiros do Zodiaco: Batalha do Sanctuario. In other words, you are all getting the honor to lay waste to enemies Dynasty Warriors style as you play as your favorite characters from the series. 

There is also a site that is listing the game's release date for Brazil on May 31st, which confirms Namco Bandai's release. The game will cost R$170.90, which is about $95.00 for the US. You are also getting a nice treat in the form of Seiya wearing the Golden Armor of Sagittarius, which will probably satisfy any fan. 

This can also be a sign of hope that we might get an English version for North America, which might depend on the popularity of the franchise in that area. While I am not too familiar with the franchise, I did see a few episodes of the series when it was on Cartoon Network. Overall, it looked like a fun action show that borrows a few elements from the constellations and Greek mythology. 

To all you Saint Seiya fans in Brazil, are you excited to play the game when it comes out? 

[via Siliconera]

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