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Ayumi Hamasaki

Sample some nail designs worn by Ayumi Hamasaki

5:00 PM on 09.28.2012 // Kristina Pino

Scans are out for the new book: Ayu Heart Nail Book

If you're a fan of creative nail designs, Ayu Hamasaki's Ayu Heart Nail Book might be a must-buy for you. Most of the designs I'm seeing here feature the "pointy nail" look (yuck!) rather than rounded or squared, but all the same, they're great to look at. Just don't let her poke your eye out or something. 

I'm not going to post all of the scans here, because then there'd be no point, right? If you're really into that though, and the preview in our gallery isn't enough, hop on over to aramatheydidn't and see the host of scanned images they've put up. I must admit, after browsing it I feel my artistic and girly senses tingling! 

You could purchase the nail book over at CD Japan for only ¥952 (a little over US$12) while supplies last. The book itself includes over 100 samples so you've got plenty to look at for ideas. Don't know who Ayu is? Get acquainted! We've featured her as our Daily Dose of Music before. Actually, twice. Most recently, Hiroko featured her when she released a new single: Beloved. Check it all out right here on Japanator. 

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Kristina Pino, Contributor
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