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San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 1 of 3

4:00 PM on 09.10.2013 // Red Veron

Hot cosplay under the Texas sun

San Japan, an annual Japanese culture and anime convention in San Antonio, Texas celebrates its sixth year of bringing together otaku and other enthusiasts of different fandoms and a lone Japanator agent was there to take some pictures for you, our beloved readers. I do apologize for the lateness, my fictional dog ate my internet connection.

So about a couple of weeks ago, I packed my bags and drove through a hot Texas afternoon braving small roadside grass fires (Did I tell you it was hot?) just to bring you something some pictures of cosplay fun and shenanigans.

This is the first time Japanator has been to San Japan since five years ago in 2008 (That's when ToraDora! came out, yes it's that old now) and it's the first convention I've been to in San Antonio. From all the anime conventions I have been to in Texas, I was surprised to see that the consistently good level of quality of cosplay (I mean look at that Maka cosplay from Soul Eater and that Jack Skellington in the gallery).

While taking a look at the attendants running around surrounding areas of the convention, you can totally see the fans' dedication and passion for their cosplay. Many cosplayers still braved the Texas heat hovering around 100 degrees F in their not-so-summer friendly costumes like this fellow.

Then you get some creative Attack on Titan cosplay like that big one above with Mikasa and Colossal Titan Meeido. Props to the girl who dressed up as Lucky Star's Tsukasa Hiiragi, all I want to say is "HNNNNNNNNNG". Just to make it clear, I think the character is cute and I don't want to do anything with the cosplayer. No Creepo.

Come back tomorrow for more cosplay from San Japan and it will have more sexy!

Check out the other parts of the gallery:

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 2 of 3

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 3 of 3 - Coming tomorrow!

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