Say "I Love You" says hello to Sentai Filmworks

7:00 PM on 11.16.2012 // OxKing

hehehe, clever headline, 10/10

Say "I Love You" is an anime airing this season about two misunderstood high school students falling in love... but that can't be right, because there's another anime airing this season called The Monster Seated Next to Me that's also about two misunderstood high school students falling in love. In tradition of two similar anime series airing at the same time that tends to happen EVERY season, we at Japanator tend to place bets on which one will be picked up first for licensing. Looks like the joke's on The Monster Seated Next to Me, because Say "I Love You" won in a clinch to Sentai Filmworks. Go to hell, Brad! You lose!

Say "I Love You" has indeed been picked up, and honestly I'm glad that Sentai feels there's a market for guilty pleasure romance series' like this. I hear Kimi ni Todoke is doing well for NIS America, and I'm right along with Brad in saying that this series is worth watching if you're a fan of seinen or shoujo series, so check this out! Hell, check out The Monster Seated Next to Me as well. Both follow a similar formula, but with vastly different tones and results, so get to it! Say "I Love You" is slated for a 2013 release, but sources claim that it won't be released too far into next year.

I do have to apologize, though, because I've just found out that no one but me has been informed of there being a bet here at the Japanator offices. This... isn't very good, I already sent a mean, anonymous email to the guy asking for money oh god I hear him marching down the hallway he knows it was me oh god oh god I'm so fucrfdjgyk

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