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See this Japanese Fallout New Vegas ad make fun of JRPGs

7:37 PM on 08.04.2010 // Josh Tolentino

Ah, the Japanese RPG. The genre's a convenient punching bag for gamers who hate linearity (or Japan), as JRPGs really have more in common with point-and-click adventure titles than the Dungeons & Dragons-derived philosophy that drives what most expect from a "role-playing game".

Now, it seems that some publishers are banking on the notion that there might be a few linearity-haters in Japan, as well, if these attractive and identically-dressed models are any indication. For the Nipponese-challenged, the "protesters"'s signs read like a grand list of the most common bitchings and moanings typically aimed at JRPGs by western RPG fans, translated by bilingual marketing wonks.

And the answer to all these models' problems? It's Fallout: New Vegas, the pseudo-sequel to Bethesda's open-world RPG, Oblivion With Guns Fallout 3.

Now, I love the Fallout series and appreciate the occasional bout of passive-aggressive advertising, but taking potshots like this is way too easy. It might even smack a little of "Western RPG-fan's Burden", what with the glorious developers from across the sea coming to save the poor fools with their karma points and dynamic difficulty and cosplay-unfriendly character designs.

Ah well, it's fair, I guess. A grimdark post-apocalyptic half-shooter game like that would indeed need to act out a little to gain some traction in Japan, though it may be aided by some of Fallout 3's existing Eleven fanbase (as evidenced by some of the pictures in the gallery).

Now hit the jump for a trailer that features old-timey music.

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