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Seeing Akira in a whole new light

4:00 PM on 10.27.2010 // Colette Bennett

Akira is one of those films that very few people really have much to say about in a negative light. Since its release in 1988, the movie singlehandedly introduced anime to millions of English-speaking fans (myself included). Obviously, both the film and the source manga are deeply respected in both Japanese an American otaku culture. 

I thought I knew quite a bit about the film, but thanks to a friend's direction, I got to learn a whole new slate of information I did not know before. The website that educated me is called Art of Akira, and it features the largest collection of cels (owned by private collector Joe Peacock) collected from the landmark anime. The collection has toured major cities and is pretty incredible to see.

Hit the jump to see a video from Peacock, who shows us just a tiny bit of detail that will blow your mind about the level of care and detail put into the film version of Akira. Twenty-two years after the film's release, I did not think anything I would learn about it would blow my mind, but I was apparently wrong. Joe's got his own YouTube account as well, so check it out if it suits you. 

Colette Bennett,
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