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Sen no Kiseki announced for the PS3 and PS Vita

2:17 AM on 12.14.2012 // Elliot Gay


As you all know, I really like Falcom's Kiseki series. The first game was released in America last year as Trails in the Sky, which the rest of the Japanator folk dug quite a bit. Falcom announced this afternoon that the sixth entry in the series, Sen No Kiseki, will be hitting both the PS3 and the Vita next year in Japan. 

Even crazier, the Kiseki series has finally made the full jump into 3D, utilizing regular sized character models and fully 3D combat. According to the press release, the battle system has seen some major upgrades, and there'll be a lot more voice acting than in the previous titles (Evolution notwithstanding). 

Sen no Kiseki is set to take place in the Erebonia Empire, which fans of Trails in the Sky might remember for being Olivier's home country. Get hype.

EDIT: Updated with higher res images.

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