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Senran Kagura Burst

Senran Kagura Burst trailer is... uh... super bouncy

8:00 AM on 06.13.2012 // Elliot Gay

Senran Kagura Burst, the sequel to the 3DS ninja game that may or may not have been about breasts, is hitting Japanese store shelves on August 30. With the release date inching closer and closer, it's about time for the PR train to leave the station.

We now have our first trailer for the game, detailing the new playable cast who were the antagonists of the original Senran Kagura. The video also flaunts that you can now use the 3D when viewing the girls in their costumes, an improvement over last time I guess.

Senran Kagura was a surprisingly competent game with fast action, bright visuals and an upbeat, fun soundtrack. The game had its problems though, often times feeling a bit repetitive and shallow. If they can fix some of these issues, Burst could turn out to be a pretty great brawler even despite the over-the-top fanservice.

Check out the ninjas doing their thing in the trailer below, and feel free to read my impressions of the first game here.

[via Famitsu]

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