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Sentai licenses Pyschic Detective Yakumo

10:00 AM on 01.07.2013

Brad Rice


Add one more item to Sentai's license list: Psychic Detective Yakumo. The company recently announced they'd put out the series later this year on DVD and through digital outlets, in subtitle-only fashion as per usual.

The title is another that fits within Sentai's wheelhouse of mystery/suspense, as they have licensed in the past with Gankutsuou and Red Garden back in the ADV Film days. Considering the show is from 2010, my guess is that the demand for it wasn't high, and now Sentai is picking it up on the cheap so as to turn a basic profit on the title.

How many of you watched Psychic Detective Yakumo? Is it worth bringing over, or was it one of those middling "eh, I kinda enjoyed it" shows?

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