Sentai licenses Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Tegami Bachi Reverse

9:00 AM on 01.04.2013

Sentai/Section23/Whatever the hell you want to call them dropped the news they've got a few new shows coming our way. The first, Tegami Bachi: Reverse, is a 25-episode sequel to Tegami Bachi that Sentai plans to release on DVD sometime later this year. If you're a fan of the series, rejoice! You've got more letters to be delivered.

The second series is Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, which will be released under the Maiden Japan label. At the time, the story was a scary what-if: What if a major 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit a major metropolis like Tokyo. In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami from 2011, it's closer to a scary reality. You can call it disaster porn if you want, but from all accounts, it's been an amazing show. It's slated for an April 2nd release on Blu-ray and DVD, with an English track.

So, here's the thing that confuses me: Maiden Japan is a sub-label of Switchblade Pictures, which is a spin-off from the old ADV days. But Sentai handles all the distribution for these guys. I know it's part of some trick from ADV's dissolution back in 2009, but it gets confusing to refer to all these companies.

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Brad Rice