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Sexy Gyo figure features totally naked girl [pics]

12:30 PM on 07.18.2009

Attention horny men (and maybe women?)! Have we got the most awesome Japanese figure for you!

André Peter, an enterprising fan of Junji Ito's super sexy Gyo manga, has channeled his barely contained lust for the manga's super-cute moe lead character Kaori into this "unique" home-brew figure.

Featuring not only her tantalizing S&M fetish, but also a very detailed and lovingly crafted ass region, this totally naked and highly detailed female figure is really something that must be seen to be believed! Look at how she just barely hides her naked breasts with her coy pose! KAWAII!

Hit the gallery for an eye-full of this hot naked girl figure Japanese woman sexy ass moe fish-fetish keyword keyword.

[via IKKI Blog]

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