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Sexy Hugh Jackman tours Tokyo, eats sushi, is made an example of by the police

5:30 PM on 09.10.2009 // Josh Tolentino

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is old news to most viewers, but it's only just entered cinemas in Japan. That's a great thing, because it gives me a reason to put up pictures of one of the world's sexiest people, Hugh Jackman.

He recently toured Tokyo while promoting the movie on the morning program "Sukkiri" guided around by TV presenter (and fluent English-speaker) Mari Sekine. The portion of the tour shown above is a visit to the famous Tsukiji fish market, where the man is given a goddamn fresh whole tuna, which is made into fatty, delivious sushi.

Visiting a signmaker netted the Australian adonis a fan with his name in kanji, and talking about how he prayed for his family at the temple earned him gushing praise for being such a nice person. The praise was accompanied by sparkles. Sparkles!

As a minor concession to those who are burning with envy, officials in Sapporo collaborated with marketing to vilify Jackman's character Wolverine, adding messages to his posters that say "Even this man cannot be forgiven! Long knives are illegal!"

Ha! Take that, super sexy man!

[Via Japan Probe, Danny Choo]


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