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SFBT-3 Artist Figure is so poseable it's scary

7:00 PM on 10.07.2013
Artist ReferenceSFBT-3 Artist Figure is so poseable it's scary photo

I've devoted a fair amount of energy over the years to gathering good artists' reference materials, which is kind of a shame since I'm usually too lazy to use them. However, if you're a more responsible artist than I am, you should be aware that the SFBT-3 (Special Full-action Body Type v.3), the most poseable artists' model ever, is now available. It only comes in a female design, but it has 80 points of articulation and allows you to create pretty much any pose you can think of--from sitting demurely to a roundhouse kick. From the style and proportions, it's pretty clear that manufacturer Dolk Station primarily intended this product for manga artists, although obviously artists in other disciplines can make use of it.

Maybe it's just sour grapes on my part since this thing will set you back $300, but I'm not sure I even want it. Granted, the poseability looks amazing (and I can see tremendous benefits to having a model with articulated hands, since hands are the devil), but I think it looks a little...weird? I don't know; I can't say the proportions are off, since they look fine for an exaggerated manga style, but there's something about this figure I don't really like. Maybe it's that the boobs are kind of high, and the shoulders look off to me in some poses. That said, if someone gave me one for whatever reason, I certainly wouldn't throw it away. The $15 dollar artists' mannequin on my desk is not exactly meeting all of my numerous (and arguably dire) anatomy needs...then again, like I said I usually don't remember to use it, so who knows really.

If you're more impressed with this gal than I am and think $300 is a fair price, it's available for purchase at Dolk Station.

[via CrabFu Blog]

[Header photo by I-Wei Huang]

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