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Shaft's Prism Nana trailer looks too suspicious

8:00 AM on 08.13.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Did you all hear? Word on the street says that Shaft is working on a new original magical girl series. Originally unveiled at Comiket 82, the first thing that they throw at us is concept art, adorable figures that might be Nendoroids, and a trailer that showcases the three magical girls that inhabit the world of Magical Suite Prism Nana.

Even if the trailer makes the series look like a Shaft take on the Pretty Cure franchise, there is still something that just doesn't seem right. Just like Madoka Magica, they have set off the signals that will draw others into the illusion that Shaft has set up for us.

While I am looking forward to Shaft's secret plot, I do hope that they go with something different instead of taking the dark path that Madoka Magica did. Not that I would mind another dark magical girl series, but it would be even better if they manage to throw us off guard again. If the clue is in the title, then I am going to assume that it is going to be a magical girl series that is themed around hotels. Then there is also the possibility of a space theme sneaking its way in -- it's space time! 

Besides the trailer above, you can check out the images related to Prism Nana in the section below. 

[via Moetron]

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