Shocking news: introverts more likely to talk about anime

3:00 PM on 10.30.2013
Social MediaShocking news: introverts more likely to talk about anime photo

How likely are you to tell all your friends about your hobbies on social networks? Statistics say you're going to! Recently, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania did a study that analyzed the language and wording used by 75,000 Facebook profiles. Upon gathering all this data, they were able to accurately predict user's ages within 3 years over 50% of the time and user's gender with a 92% accuracy. Pretty impressive!

The most obvious things relating to readers is that the study discovered one of the most talked-about subjects in introverts was anime. Also big were "internet," "manga," and "xD." That last one... I'm ashamed of you all. Granted, not only introverts were talking about anime, but the most popular words for extroverts were "party," "chillin,"and "baby" Basically, everything I'm not!

They also noted that while introverts were more likely to make use of Japanese-style emoticons (such as >_< or o.o ) they were also less likely to use common internet shorthand like "ur" or "every1." So score one for literacy, I suppose? All in all, it's a pretty fascinating study, and if you want to dig into all the little details, you can do so here.

Also, what's going on in this word cloud?!

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