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Shokotan makes her first US appearance at Anime Expo 2008

11:07 AM on 03.27.2008 // Dale North

Our friends at Sony send word that Shoko Nakagawa (a.k.a. Shokotan) will make her American debut as one of Anime Expo's Guests of Honor this summer.

The super talented, multi faceted (Singer, TV celebrity, blogger, voice actress, illustrator, and much more) Japanese personality will take time out of her busy schedule to check out the madness that is the 2008 Anime Expo, set to take place on July 3-6. You may know her for her wierd slang, her popular blog, or even her Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann song "Sorairo Days" -- but the thing is that everyone knows her, and she's coming to America!

With any luck, Japanator will get a chance to talk to this cat eating mega-idol this summer. 

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