Shutdown complete: Go-Busters actor captures evil pervert

Aug 29 // Salvador GRodiles    @TheCrimsonBlade

Even when he is not on screen giving the Go-Busters their next order, Hideo Sakaki (Commander Kuroki from Go-Busters) will not stand by and let evil have its way. While the threat was not related to any Metaroid attacks, the crime that he thwarted was still a serious offense.

On August 24th, Sakaki encounters a man that was attempting to look under the skirts of high school girls and take photos of their panties. In order to preserve the lives of teenage girls everywhere, Sakaki chases after the culprit and apprehends him. 

This goes to show you that toku actors are serious business when it comes to thwarting evil. Next time you consider doing something illegal in Japan, be aware that you are being watched by those who have acted in Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, the Ultra series, and various toku shows that make evil cry. 

[via JEFusion]


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