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Sneak attack: Aniplex unveils more Sakura-Con plans

2:45 PM on 02.23.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Get ready for a surprise critical hit!

Remember when Aniplex had big plans for Sakura-Con that were related to Sword Art Online? Of course you do. 

Well, that's not the only thing that you are getting this year, because Aniplex's online panel has revealed that Fate/Zero's dub is going to premiere at Sakura-Con as well -- you know, the dub that gives the Fate/Stay Night English voice actors the wrong roles.

But wait, what does this have to do with Sword Art Online? Nothing at all, folks, but it's still a thing that's being planned by Aniplex. And speaking of which, Sword Art Online's English dub will also make its debut in the convention grounds, so there is a slight beacon of hope that its release won't cost a huge fortune. 

People looking to get an autograph from any of the SAO related guest will be able to gain access to one by obtaining a special con exclusive wall scroll. If I remember correctly, this might be the same wall scroll that they mentioned in the last announcement. 

In more important news, Toonami might start airing Aniplex titles if fans are interested in seeing them. Hopefully, this will become a reality, because I would kill to see Fate/Zero and Madoka Magica on Toonami's weekly block.

While I could care less about the Sword Art stuff, it's still nice that they are going all out with their promotion of the series. since it will give fans the chance to meet the important people behind the series. Taking the two premiere dubs into account, I have a feeling that Aniplex will announce their plans for Fate/Zero's new release, along with information related to SAO's future box sets.  

Despite my ability to not care about SAO, I still have the series in my anime back burner, since my curiosity compels me to see where I would stand with this series. Until my verdict comes to a conclusion, I will pray for Toonami to start airing Aniplex shows, along with hoping that everyone has fun with Aniplex's special events at Sakura-Con. 

So is anyone exited about getting autographs from the main SAO guests, or are you all raging over the inevitable announcement that they are setting up for?

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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