Some jerk's vendetta gets Kuroko's Basket banned

4:00 PM on 12.10.2012
Some jerk's vendetta gets Kuroko's Basket banned photo

Never underestimate the power of otaku. Now, I'd like to say that that phrase is some kind of testament to nerd ingenuity or some other super cool thing, but the tone I must adopt this time is one of warning, that this is once more proof that angry nerds can ruin anything.

The thing being ruined this time is the presence of Kuroko's Basketball, a popular sports manga (and now anime) created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. For months now Fujimaki has been hounded by letters containing threats of violence, and occasionally suspicious, potentially dangerous substances (such as unidentified white powders and hydrogen sulfide).

Exactly who the culprit is is unknown, though the wording of the letters suggests a personal vendetta against Fujimaki rather than insane hatred for his work. Either way, damage has been done. Threat letters and chemicals had also been sent not just to Fujimaki, but Kuroko's publisher at JUMP Magazine, organizers of fan events, and even Sophia University, Fujimaki's alma mater. 

Now the latest, and perhaps most painful casualty in one weirdo's war against Kuroko and Fujimaki is the manga's presence at this year's Winter Comic Market 83. Organizers have regretfully announced that all Kuroko's Basketball-related doujinshi circles are disqualified from operating at the convention, and the sale and distribution of Kuroko goods and other items has been prohibited. It's a harsh blow, considering that at least nine hundred different circles were registered to sell or promote their Kuroko's Basketball fan works at the show. That's more than any other property barring Touhou Project and Tiger & Bunny! And now they can't come in because of one jerk!

Considering how nasty the threats had been, and the advice of the police, I can't blame Comiket's organizers for caving, but this is tragic all the same. It's one thing to nurse a grudge against Fujimaki or Kuroko's Basketball, but it's another to threaten and attack the fans. Here's to hoping the a-hole is caught soon.

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