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Sony to bring live-action Blood: The Last Vampire to the U.S.

11:28 AM on 05.01.2009 // God Len

Well, it has finally happened. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group has nabbed the rights to East Wing Holding Corp. and SAJ’s Blood: The Last Vampire live-action adaption. This shouldn’t be a surprise; any movie that involves a school girl cutting up vampires with wirefu will print money in America. They plan on releasing this film to theaters in the U.S. this summer; though it is unknown if it will be in all theaters, or just selected ones.

This film will open in Japan on May 29, June 12 in the United Kingdom, June 17 in France, and many other countries. A release in Europe before a release in America? That’s quite bizarre if you ask me, I’m not used to this. I’m glad that I will finally be able to see this on the big screen. If you haven’t seen the trailer, give it a watch after the jump.

[Via Screen Daily]

God Len,
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