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Spoiler-san 11: Currently running recap (July '08)

12:30 AM on 07.17.2008 // John Martone

While I know most of you probably want to talk about E3, I wanna talk about Geass. Okay, really I want to talk about e3, but there are plenty of people talking about that. As our title defines, we'll be discussing the developments and revelations of the currently running series of shows. Sample conversational directions include...

Code Geass: The months of substance have washed off the year of hate I had for this show. I hate/love/stay up every sunday for the new episodes. Rolo's a douche.

Nabari no Ou: 
(Gia) "I don't know what anyone's talking about. Miharu totally has the hots for Raimei. LOL! What's with all this "gay" stuff anyway!?" Lies, he's totally all over Yoite

More pretty pictures and show statements after the jump.

Gia made me put that in... promise... 

Soul Eater: I've reaffirmed my love of the show, as nearly episode is a hit. P.S. Blair is adorable.

Ah-freaking-mazing. This is definately not a show for everyone, but I am absolutely lost in this colorful journey through life, love, living forever with your memories.

Macross Frontier:
(Len) "It makes my %^&*# throb in unision to ranka's singing."

Golgo 13: (Amethystkx2) "The man defines manlieness, and seduces women with a single glance. What more could you want?"

Toshokan Sensou - I got nothing on this, keeping up with it feels about as daunting as reading a book.

Kurenai and Vampire Knight are over. Did they live up to your expectations, or did you abort them early? How about Special A Anything else on the radar? As usual, leave comments about the things that aren't up here, but totally need to be seen.

(All hail Gia, bringer of formated pictures)

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