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Starbucks launches Sakura beverages in Japan

10:00 AM on 02.15.2010

I'm not really a coffee person, so I don't feel the same draw most people do to wandering into Starbucks and blowing money on fancy cups of it, but I have to admit if I got one of these for my money I might succumb to the urge. Starbucks Coffee Japan launched this new line of drinks in their stores today, called Sakura, and I have to admit I'm rather envious -- I want to taste that!

Gigazine reports these two new drinks (the Frappucino and the Steamer) will be available in Starbucks locations through late March. The Steamer is a milkshake that is actually topped with real Sakura petals, while the Frappucino contains Sakura powder and sweet red bean powder blended with milk, ice and whipped cream. Oh, and flakes of chocolate on top, Yeah.

There are also treats like biscotti and steamed buns as well as a line of matching mugs and to-go cups. I admit, my reaction to this stuff is one hundred and ten percent girly. I want to buy it and drink it just because it's a delightful color. But I'm sure that's just the reaction Starbucks is looking for.

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