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Station Master Tama gets a big promotion

7:00 PM on 01.04.2010 // Colette Bennett

I love a world where a cat gets a promotion from Station Master to Corporate Executive. I mean, think about it. What a freaking rad world would that be? Well, that world apparently exists within Kishi Station, because Mainichi JP has reported that Tama has gotten one:

The cat has climbed the ladder of success swiftly since she was first appointed as the stationmaster in January 2007. Tama was promoted to “Super Stationmaster” the following year and to corporate executive in a mere three years since her first appointment. Tama is officially introduced as an operating officer on the company’s Web site.

Since the company took over operation of the Kishikawa Line from the Nankai Electric Railway Co. in 2006, annual users have increased by about 300,000 to some 2.2 million. As the company considers Tama has played an important role in increasing passenger numbers, it decided to reward the cat’s contribution with accelerated promotion.

“Tama has also contributed to drawing public attention back to felines as dogs continue to enjoy greater popularity,” said President Mitsunobu Kojima. The railroad company plans to rebuild Kishi Station into the shape of cat’s face this summer.

I want a cat to be my boss. I like that idea.

[Via alafista]

Colette Bennett,
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