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Steal this poster! 4 people arrested trying to ninja Kara no Kyoukai ads

8:00 PM on 08.07.2009 // Josh Tolentino

It's almost a given that anything that's worth stealing will have someone around looking to steal it, but I still find it somewhat odd that people would go off to nab mere posters. 

Four people, their ages ranging from twenty to over sixty were arrested while attempting to take down the posters, which were advertising the latest Kara no Kyoukai movie as well as Tokushima prefecture's famous Awa Odori dance festival (yet another example of signage doing double duty). They explained that it had been written in the newspapers that the posters would likely be valuable to the otaku market, with only six hundred being printed.

While posters are cool and all, I don't think that being rare automatically makes something valuable. I mean, the poster (or the anime it advertises) could suck, after all. Then again, Kara no Kyoukai seems no stranger to attempted theft. If nothing else, I hope the thieves were using techniques that would preserve the poster's quality once removed. Tracing along the lines, maybe?

Hit the gallery for pictures of the poster, as well as other interesting Kara no Kyoukai pictures I found floating through the intertubes.


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