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Superhero Time 3-20-12

9:00 AM on 03.20.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

It is such an honor to have this segment begin on the day that spring begins. But that does not give us any time to relax, because evil does not believe in seasonal changes. If any of them are allergic to pollen, then it will give the heroes the advantage in their never ending battle. There is also the chance that both parties will engage in a sneeze fest. 

As the snow begins to melt, the heroes rise up as the flowers begin to bloom.

Sit back and grab your favorite drink as we check out the heroes of Sunday's special lineup. 



Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 4

Enter greeting the Busters with some pizza.

Four episodes in, and Enter still continues to amuse me in many different ways. To compliment his entrance, he is partaking in one of my favorite foods as he does his French introduction for today. Things are going through a different turn of events again, and the stakes of this mission are higher than the last. 

Look at that, the show is also questioning the emotions of the Go-Busters and the Energy Management Center. Both groups are trying to achieve the same goal, but most of them have a few tasks that could risk the well being of their battle. You gotta love Hiromu for calling things out when he does, even if his mouth can get him in lots of trouble. 

As Go-Busters is still early into the series, the show is continuing to raise the intensity levels for this week. Enter's plans seem to be leading up towards something big, which will probably lead to the first two part episode scenario. Just a hunch, but maybe they might add the concept of jumping between reality and the subspace realm in the later episodes to come. If Messiah's troops are able to do it, then the Go-buster's special attributes might allow them to head into their turf.


Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 27

Yuki makes an amazing planetary dish.

Prom and graduation have ended, and the break has begun for all the people who go to school. When it comes to the Horoscopes, breaks don't mean a thing if they have the free time to cause chaos. Cancer seems to think this way as he is up to no good on school grounds.

Meeting Gentaro's grandfather was a very enlightening experience this week, since we got to learn more about Gentaro's reasoning behind his desire to make friends with everyone. I really hope that he appears in later episodes, or at least during other episodes that take place during the holidays when the school is closed.

I have a feeling that Cancer is going to be more of a threat because of his new ability that was shown earlier in the episode. Which contributes to the fact that he was probably playing with the Kamen Rider Club up until now. To an extent, that skill might be considered to be a tad broken. 

Besides a quality time with an awesome grandpa and evil crustaceans, Ryusei has reached a dead end today. And Gentaro is the only one who might be able to resolve this situation (Just like all the other problems in the past.). All we know is that there is going to be a new Rider form because of the screen time that was shown with Tachibana. 

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