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Superhero Time 4-24-12

9:00 PM on 04.24.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Welcome to the first installment of Superhero Time that takes place within the new version of Japanator. Getting to this point wasn't easy, since Enter was attempting to override the system with the Metavirus. If it wasn't for the Go-Busters, the site would have been overtaken by Metaroids. 

Nobuo has finally got out of his overtime shift, so Akibaranger will be joining us until Akihabara is safe from evil doers. Now it's time to enter the delusion known as Superhero Time. 


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 9

Mission complete?

For a second I thought that Go-Busters was going to waste my time with an unnecessary episode that was not going to add anything to the plot or character development. Usada gets himself into a situation that brings out his inner wise cracking lines. If I am not mistaken, I think there was an unintentional Lord of the Rings like line randomly tossed into one of the dialogue exchanges. 

It was worth noting that today's teamwork was so great that we got to witness Enter go into mood that was very priceless to me. I think that my respect points for Enter has gone up a few notches, and I doubt that it is going to stop there. We are only nine weeks in, so the possibility more ingenious deeds are still open. Then there is also the follow up plan that is in the works from his last accomplishment. 

Back to the teamwork segment, one of the great elements of the series is that the entire thing is a team effort between the entire special ops division of the Energy Management Center. I know I probably mentioned this before in previous posts, but I am loving the direction that they are going with this part. And I am happy to see that the series did not neglect the major roles of the other people contributing to the cause. 


Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 32

Ryusei finds his redemption

Today was one of the most emotional trips that I had to go through in Fourze. That ending really got to me, and the series really made sure to play it out to its fullest. Every character gave it their best, and Aries pinned everyone into a dangerous corner. As much as I want to hate Ryusei, he was going through some issues that brought about the decisions that he made. His method in overcoming them lived up to his resolution doing what is right. 

The build up that occurred later on was so satisfying, and May'n unleashes another galactic hit with her contribution to the Astronauts. Sometimes I wonder what sort of negotiation went on that the team felt that May'n's voice would be a great addition to the series. Whoever was behind that idea, I thank them with the bottom of my heart. 

Oh boy, I never expect this series to go the direction it did, and it proves that Fourze can be dramatic when it wants to be. I think that we are also getting closer to the truth behind the incident that took the life of Kengo's dad. And I doubt that the chairman is going to sit back and relax, since we were shown the ultimate power of the number 40. Switch on the next adventure, Fourze!


Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 2


My birthday hasn't even arrived yet, and I was blessed with such an honorable gift. It turns out that Akibaranger continues to reign over its glory as a comedic tokusatsu series for older viewers. Today, the team's robot makes its first appearance, which has an amusing transformation trigger. 

Taking note from the early promotional videos of the series, Akibaranger did manage to show some cameos from the official counterpart that it is parodying. While Gokaiger uses the cameos to move the main cast's objective forward, Akibaranger uses them in a different manner that will surprise its fans. 

I am actually happy with the way how the transformation actually works, because it gives them more chances to poke fun at the characters. The timing behind the signature sequence of signature sequences left me laughing on how it was used during their second battle. Regardless of their foolish actions, their antics are surprisingly raising awareness on the evil deeds that go on in Akihabara, which can be mind blowing to most people. 

It was neat to see them cover one of the dark and perverted sides of the otaku and anime fandom in today's evil scheme. Seeing how the execution behind both parodies are working well, I think that the series has enough good material to go by for the rest of the season. Dare I say it, there might be a chance that it could last a year. However, I am putting an end to my delusion and assume that it will last two seasons. 


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