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Superhero Time 7-31-12

9:00 PM on 07.31.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Because of the London Olympic games, the Kamen Rider Club is going to be doing a recon mission in London. Why do you say? Because it so happens that the Horoscopes are taking the next part of their plan to the UK as they seek out the final candidate for their group.  

Unfortunately, there is no actual footage of this event taking place, so you won't see any documentation of it here. Until Fourze returns, boost up for some more Go-Busters


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 23

Jin hanging up.

It's time for Yoko's birthday during the latest mission of Go-Busters, and Jin isn't looking too well today. Does that mean that we will have to say farewell to one of the main characters? Before the answer becomes clear, the team is going to have to overcome a magnetic situation.

Despite Enter's jealousy over Escape, he manages to accept his new role and provide the proper support to Messiah's new avatar. When you look at it, Escape can act as a good diversion so that Enter can gather Enetron without any interruptions. I think this will definitely act as the turning point in the battle when both of them come up with the signature grand plan. 

I know that we shouldn't take this show serious at times, but the Buddyroids should have stayed at the base during this battle. Why? Because there was a guaranteed chance that their circuits would have been fried due to the magnetic forces caused by today's Metaroid. Heck, I even saw that as a possibility for Jin's avatar going through some projection issues. However, since anyone was affect the magnetic attraction, I guess it wasn't fatal enough to mess up any sort of machinery.

Even though today's episode felt a bit like a filler, I think we were given a sample of the Go-Buster's new power up. Though I am going to bet that it is going to be a protective armor instead of a super form that will grant them stronger attacks. 

With all of these new things and Jin's secrets, Go-Busters is looking to piece in all of this for the next super intense arc -- whenever that is. Personally, I think more insight on the sub hyperspace and Jin's ability to survive there will help out the next push. 

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