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Superhero Time: It's almost time to walk the dinosaur

1:00 AM on 02.20.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Open the door, get on the floor. Now everybody walk the dinosaur.

Kyoryuger is preparing for its dance number, so expect to walk the dinosaur next week after my First Impression takes the stage. Until then, you can polish your dancing shoes, as we finish off the last day of this magic users club. However, before you grab on to Wizard's hope, there's a video that you must experience first. 

Someone thought that it was a great idea to replace the music for Kyoryuger's ending theme with the song known as Walk the Dinosaur. As for the end result, we get a video where the song syncs up perfectly with the whole video in a GLORIO manner. But be warned, the sheer brilliance behind this video will leave you hooked for a good while. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 23

Phoenix goes kaboom!

It’s about time that Haruto breaks into a state of sadness, and right on time for the grilled Phoenix barbecue cook out. Rinko’s foolish action almost cost her life, which a great excuse for Haruto to take off that mask that he dons with hope. 

Well, it looks like Kosuke manage to confirm that he could eat Phoenix and make him stay dead; however, that would have been the more predictable route to follow. And seeing the remorse that Haruto obtained, his unique method in stopping Phoenix was one that might make Fourze and W proud. The interesting part about his decision is that we could see Phoenix return as a more powerful entity in the future. In fact, Super Hero Wars Z could be the proper “what if” segment to take advantage of this possibility.

Obviously, Wiseman didn't have to worry about Phoenix stopping him, since he is aware of Haruto’s growth in power. Considering that Sora was the one that gave Koyomi the Earth Magic Stone, it seems that he understands Wiseman’s ambition more than Medusa. Seeing how he willingly took the power of General, I think it’s safe to say that Wizard has some big plans for Sora later on.

Sora's involvement with his rise to power is getting interesting, and I’m excited to see where Wizard plans to take its next episodes. From here on out, the next few arcs will slowly build up toward the new forms for Wizard and Beast, which will probably happen around the 30ish mark. Then again, I would like to be surprised again, so let’s pray for a different scenario this time around.

Wizard is close to reaching the halfway point, and the next arc is looking to improve on the build up that was left from Phoenix's demise. Since Sora's Phantom form is Gremlin, his mischievous side will continue to add more flair to the growing spellbook that brings us Wizard. If the quality continues to go up again, then it's safe to say that 2013 will be a great year for Kamen Rider and other toku shows. 

[video by TheatreFan4 -- thanks, Sideshow]

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