Superhero Time: Make way for the Dino-mite performance  photo
Superhero Time: Make way for the Dino-mite performance

2:10 AM on 02.27.2013

Sim Ha Ha!

Are you ready to move to the beat? You know I am, because Kyoryuger has joined our weekly segment of heroes in spandex and leather suits with special moldings. But don't think that this segment will be filled with only dinosaurs and wizards, since there will be some new additions during the spring season. 

Things are about to get ancient around here, so let's turn up the music and shake our bodies to the new rhythm! 


Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 2


Nobuharu and Amy are having issues with balancing their normal life with their task of protecting the planet from the Deboss’s attacks. Lucky for them, Daigo shows them the glorious benefits of not giving a care about exposing their true identity to others. Unfortunately, an awkward cut gets in the way of the episode, but the high voltage action is on a fever that’s too good to be held down. 

You would think that Nobuharu and Amy’s concerns would linger on as an arc, but Kyoryuger succeeds in killing two birds with one stone. While we could have had some sort of emotional setup and what not, it's best to take those concerns and convert them into power. Going back to Abaranger, Nobuharu is a bit similar to Ryoga, since he also has a niece that he cares about. However, the only difference is that his niece still has her mom (aka Jasmine/Deka Yellow) to look after her.

Confession time: I love Amy as a character, because she has a nice upbeat attitude in the heat of battle. Not only is she cute, but the fact that she uses a drill lance is one of many thing that adds to her eruptive beauty. If she keeps up her spunky goodness, I think I am going to have to add her to my list of favorite Sentai heroines (aka waifus). 

The “make my monster grow” formula has been introduced this week as well, and it included a silly scene with Aigaron, Candelira, and Lakkiero that involves a watering can. For some reason, it made me think of the battle against Mega Smilax from Super Mario RPG, since a watering can was involved with Smilax’s growth. But yeah, these guys are continuing to show character with the emotions they represent, and I doubt that their performance will get any stale.

Seeing how Daigo knows two of the Kyoryugers now, the moment to form the electrified combination between man and reptile has arrived. Compare to most of the previous combinations of the past, Kyoryuger brings back the old school sequence that uses props. Even better, the samba beats from the transformation sequence accompany the segment, which is followed by a dance number by the fully formed Kyoryuzin -- Sim Ha Ha.

Instead of relying on a control panel, the Kyoryzin allows the Kyoryugers to control it by using their own movements, which is similar to how the Gekirangers pilot Gekitouja. Taking a few notes form Gekitouja and the Gokaioh, the Kyoryuzin is able to pull off a few fast maneuvers that defy its bulky build -- it can even use a tower as a foothold without it breaking into tiny pieces. Overall, I am happy with the character that was shown by the team’s robot, and I look forward to the next set of arm swapping combinations.

Thanks to its disregard of logic and hammy performances by the whole cast, Kyoryuger is doing a great job in keeping my inner child satisfied. Honestly, it’s been a while since a Sentai series has made me feel like this. Who knows, I think that Kyoryuger is on the road towards becoming one of my top five favorite Super Sentai shows. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 24

Check out that Beastly bum

As Sora begins his path to replacing Phoenix’s position, an unexpected visitor enters Kosuke’s life. Too bad for Kosuke, his grandmother demands that he returns with her at once. At this rate, this might be the end of Kosuke as we know it.

Whenever family gets involved in a toku series, it can either turn out as an exciting team up, or a super intense moment where our heroes must protect what’s most important to them. Regardless of the scenario, the ending always results in an unbreakable bond that makes evil weep. In Kosuke’s case, his Phantom situation is going to be a tough one to explain to his grandma.

Kosuke’s poor attempt at imitating a magical girl almost made me wish that Wizard should have had a female Rider. Think about it, we already have a beast themed Rider that represents the concept of using animals in a magic show, so a woman would've fit the perfect role of a magical assistant that wields this power. Oh well, I guess that will remain as an untapped idea, so we will have to deal with what we got.

Based on the way how this episode is turning out, we might have the first Gate that turns into a Phantom, since there was a bit of a setup thrown in. But knowing the theme of this series, Haruto and Kosuke will use their hope to prevent this outcome. Despite the next episode's obvious route, a part of me is hoping for the forward to happen -- yes, I am being delusional again. 

Sora’s actions are really helping Wizard’s progression right now, and the conclusion to this current arc is only going to steer things in a route. We already know that he is capable of dodging Medusa’s stone gaze, so the only way to take him down is for one of the Riders to achieve a new form. That, or have Wizard utilizes more of Beast’s Magic Rings in battle. 

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