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Superhero Time: Mayonnaise goes great with everything

10:00 PM on 01.08.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

It makes everything better!

Today's episode of Superhero Time is brought to you by the condiment known as mayonnaise. It goes well on a sandwich, it adds a nice taste to burgers, and it can be used as a key ingredient for potato salad. These three foods are not the only thing that mayonnaise goes well on, because that's up to the person's imagination. 

Moderation is important, so don't abuse mayonnaise's abilities; otherwise, there might be some dire consequences. Even though the New Years celebration is old news, the folks of Go-Busters are late to the celebration. On the bright side, Kamen Rider Wizard is conjuring up a roar that will leave you full. 


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 45

Undercover J

Apparently, Go-Busters has ran out of ideas for new monsters, so they decide to recycle another Metaroid from the broom closet. The Eraser Metaroid that made of fool out of Commander Kuroki is back as a Mochi Metaroid. To sum things up, it basically plays out like the last previous scenario, except that the Mochiroid has the power to make things sticky. 

I know that they were trying to go for a silly episode, but I felt that they made Ryuji look like a fool, since he is one of the smarter members of the group. Also, wouldn't it have been better if Enter would have appeared after last week? I guess this means that they don't care about doing a proper build up for Go-Buster's finale. While I am in the border of dropping the series, it's too late for me to give up on my one year mission. 

Go-Busters is probably going to fool around until we get to the climatic last episode, so we will have to endure the next few shutdowns. Despite the show's current state, there's a high chance that they will end things in an exciting manner. Enter is going to have to do something drastic; however, the previews are not looking too good for the Vaglass. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 17

Kiss the magical Beast Ring

There's a new guy in town, and he's has a hunger that can't be quenched by your average meal. He also has a great taste in using condiments, because he loves to use our sponsored item in every meal. While most folks consider mayo donuts to be disgusting, a part of me is willing to give this strange combination a try. 

Personally, Kamen Rider Beast is gearing towards being my favorite Rider for the series. Even though the second Rider episodes are always very flashy, the man behind Beast shows more character than Haruto. In fact, his ability to devour Phantoms gives him his own mysteries as well. Something tells me that his mana might also be connected to his life force, since he described his urge as a type of craving. Considering that Wiseman refers to his skills as a primitive form of magic, Beast might have a few drawbacks that Wizard lacks. 

The second Rider has always been known for adding new life to any Rider series, and Beast has given us the hope that we will see Wiseman's actions evolve. For now, I will enjoy his magical matador/fencer style that combines two fabulous things into one golden sensation. With Beast's specialties in battle, he's also the Red Mage of the Kamen Rider franchise, since he is well rounded in the arts of offensive, defensive, and healing magic. 

For the first time in my short experience with the franchise, this will be the first time that a new Rider renews my interest for a series. I hope that his interactions set up for more development from Haruto's side, along with fleshing out the other secondary characters. If they follow up on these major aspects, then there's a chance that Wizard still has some fighting spirit. 

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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