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Superhero Time: Shooting lies where they hurt most

12:30 AM on 11.21.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Truth Shooting Strike!

Overcoming a lie can be very painful at times. Sometimes the real truth can bring about some serious damage to the person that was lied to. However, this is where reasoning comes into play, and only a person with a heart of justice can make this possible. 

Let's discover the healing power of honesty by shutting down those lies with a healthy dose of Go-Busters and Kamen Rider Wizard


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 39

Cross Data Counter!

Oh goody, we get to see little kids get beaten up in this week's Messiah hunt. Though it's a little too soon to go into another fighting theme, since we just got out of an episode where Go-Buster Ace was trapped in a fighting match. But at least we get a sample of what happens when a Metavirus infects an object that's worn by someone. 

I could see Enter taking advantage of this outcome in later episodes, since scenarios like these always result in being very entertaining. This could be taken to a new level by having a human character get taken over by a fully developed Messianic Metaroid. If a measly object can cause such damage, imagine what a complete one is capable of. 

Since we are going to be hitting episode 40 next week, let's hope that we get the arc that sheds more on Jin's situation. But first, we might have to deal with those holiday episodes that tend to hinder the main story most of the times. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 11

You found a green gem!

The truth hurts, doesn't it. And what makes things more ironic, is that Naoki was still a Gate during the day that his father died -- talk about a good excuse to bring back the Underworld battles. I guess we now know where Kizaki stands in the show.

While we are not getting the rivalry between Soma's group and Kizaki's men, their alliance might be helpful in tracking down Wiseman's layer later on. In fact, this might lead up to something that might be on par with the Solar Eclipse Ritual. 

Looks like I was correct about Soma getting the green magic stone as a reward for stopping Gargoyle, and saving Naoki from the clutches of despair. In regards to the stone's origin, my suspicions of the White Wizard being Wiseman have gone up again. Part of this assumption comes from the fact that Kizaki and Naoki's father found the stone during an investigation that was connected to the Phantoms. 

If there was one complaint that I had out of this episode, it's that Wizard should have used Flame Dragon on Phoenix again. If your experience from last time didn't teach you a lesson, then it means that Soma needs to take a course in common sense. Then again, Soma was probably saving up his mana for the fight with Gargoyle. 

Something tells me that Hurricane or Water Dragon will be the key towards wiping out those annoying ashes. Oh wait, there was yet to be a Water Dragon form, but from the way things are going, Wizard will most likely have a Dragon form for each style. 

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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