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Superhero Time: The truth now enters the ring

11:00 PM on 11.13.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Can you stand up against a truth that's a fighter?

You can run, but you cannot hide. Trust me on this one, you are better off just facing it head on; otherwise your lies will suffer at the hands of mixed martial arts. 

The ring is an unforgiving place to confront your problems. Heck, there isn't much room to run away either. So in order to help you confront your inner troubles, you can count on support from the fighters, referees, and audience of Go-Busters and Kamen Rider Wizard.  

The bell is about to be hit, so let's get this show started. 


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 38

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go-Buster King!

And now it's time to begin the Megazord Mixed Martial Arts tournament, with Enter as your classy host. Go-Buster Ace has to fight not one, but four Megazords in today's match. Whoever wins the tournament will become the king of all Megazords!

The Vagras Megazords were entertaining this week, since they were getting all enthusiastic with each fighting style that they were representing. And following up on last week's combination, a new King of Braves is born. Go-Buster King truly fits the title this time around; at least until we see a six-way combination. 

Since we had a tiny Metaroid in the past, it was nice of them to throw in a giant one as well. This shows that a Metaroid's size can also vary from the virus to the size of the object that they infect. And with eight Messiah Cards left, the possibilities are still endless, since the super virus's nature is more unpredictable than your average Metavirus. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 10

Koyomi is flipping out.

The Phantoms are not the only ones that reacted to Wizard's new form, since Section Zero consider Soma to be a bigger threat. So what does Section Zero do in retaliation to Soma's new power? Simple, they kidnap Wajima, so that they can get him to make a ring from a magic stone that Kizaki has. But too bad for Kizaki, his main concern is a secret that he's been hiding from the current Gate. And if Kizaki is not careful, then he might end up as the cause of Naoki's despair. 

At this rate, they are either setting up for the second Rider, or the ring will grant Wizard the ability to access a Hurricane Dragon form. And if we go with the latter, then it will be the first step towards Kizaki accepting Soma as an ally that fights to protect the innocent people from the Phantoms.

Once Phoenix fully recovers, I think that we are going to see him appear more often as Wizard's main opponent for the first half of the series. In a way, it might be similar to the main rivalry between Nazca and W in the early parts of Kamen Rider W. For now, the main obstacle is going revolve around stopping Phoenix's ability to resurrect from the ashes. But the most important thing for this week is that there is nothing that Wizard's Zankantou cannot cut. 

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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