Superhero Time: Who needs greed when you have monocles

11:00 PM on 12.04.2012
Superhero Time: Who needs greed when you have monocles photo

If you ever want to show someone that you have class, just show them your previous monocle. As long as you have the right suit and top hat, you'll be walking down the street with some high class style. And one of the best parts is that you will get to amuse others, as your eye piece contributes to some silly moments. 

Now you can experience the luxury of tasting the finest delights offered by Go-Busters and Kamen Rider Wizard. While you are at it, you can complete your transformation by taking a sip of some warm tea from a fancy cup.


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 41

Pink Buster plans the next heist

You can't have a Sentai series without having that one episode where we get a character that plays their own take on the show's current team. These characters can be a one time thing, or they can act as a helper in most cases. But on the other hand, Go-Busters decides to go with having a thief that goes by the name of Pink Buster. 

Compare to last week's emotional concern, Pink Buster's actions steal the drama, and convert it into a sillier episode. Since J feels more relieved, the cat and mouse chase doesn't feel like it was much of a hindrance. Hopefully, she won't be a one time character, since her prized target has yet to be claimed. If Reika somehow gets to become a Go-Buster, then she could be a force to be reckoned with. I mean, it takes some serious skills to dodge the Go-Busters and the Vaglass's attacks. Though there's a high chance that they are saving her for the show's epilogue; however, my delusional hope still lingers. 

I did enjoy how things got classy this week, since we got a fine gent of a Messianic Metaroid that sports a fancy monocle. And for one, he was doing the world a favor, except that he was taking too much greed from the rich and wealthy. If it wasn't for him making people give away their belongings, Enter's evil scheme would have been helping mankind for once -- gotta love Super Sentai for their ridiculous evil schemes.

Despite everything that went on, Enter's plans are still shrouded in the vague horizon. All we know is that he is most likely planning to use Messiah's powers for himself, since it might be the best option to help his master become stronger. As we get closer to Go-Buster's final mission, it's important that we start getting that build up soon. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 13

Shunpei saved the day!

There was a nice lesson to be learned this week, and it's one that involves the concept of moving on. Even though the current Gate was dealing with having to have his manju shop close down, there was something more important to him than preparing sweets for hungry customers.

With Soma always acting on his exterior emotions, episode 13 added a nice touch by having him realize the impact of the hope that he gives to people. His true personality has yet to fully surface, but it's another step forward in his character. And thinking a bit deep into this, his love for plain sugar could also represent the way that he is at the moment. The Donut Shop Manager's new doughnuts symbolize the different ways how Soma could express himself, but he instead goes with the usual face. 

Shunpei's saving throw was the right boost in his uncertainty in being a good asset to Soma's cause, since the supporting cast has a stronger charm at the moment. His actions also reprsent the concept of how giving up does not always mean letting everything go to waste, since Matsuki's choice has allowed Tetsuya to take his skills towards a new direction. 

Despite what I said about Soma's character earlier, he still shines as a Rider, since Hurricane Dragon has the power of flight. I might be alone on this one, but Hurricane Dragon's wings look similar to the wings that appear on Kamen Rider Knight during his Final Vent. They may have different purposes, but the shape is just too similar to go unnoticed. In that case, I would not be surprised if Land and Water Dragon show off another sequence that will remind me of Kamen Rider Ryuki

That tornado thunder was one nice way to finish off the current arc's Phantom, which gets me excited for the other Dragons and Styles that will appear in the series. And judging how things are going, my theories about Wiseman are going to be confronted soon. Though it might be only limited to a brief appearance in battle, but it's going to be a nice taste of things to come. 

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