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Survey says Japanese workers spend less than $6 on lunch

9:47 PM on 01.22.2013 // Dale North

What crap are they eating?

How much do you spend on lunch while working? I'd guess about $9 outside of the rare times I feel like going all dollar menu. Even if it's cheap, we all know that eating $1 filler is not eating well.  It's hard to eat well for less than $7 these days in America outside of taking your lunch.

It looks like Japanese workers are eating closer to the dollar menu range of things from a few recent surveys. A 2012 survey of Shinsei Bank employees shows that their average worker spends about 510 yen on lunch every day. Conversion puts that at nearly $6 USD, but they're really working with what's worth about $5. What's scary is that this number is down from 710 yen (over $8) in 2001 and 600 yen in 2007, reports RocketNews24.

Another survey checked in with salarymen and found that most spent less than 500 yen at lunch. About a quarter of them spent just 250 yen, or about $2.84. What the hell are they eating for that? Rice, man. Mostly rice. Or if they're feeling ritzy, a dollar menu item.

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