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Sweet Data Drains! .hack gets its own fighting game

2:00 PM on 03.21.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Get ready .hackers, our time to battle face to face is about to come. We will now have the opportunity to point our Twilight Bracelets and Avatars at each other in CyberConnect2's upcoming title. The game shall be known as .hack//Versus, and it will be bundled with the upcoming .hack movie known as .hack//Sekai no Mukou ni

I have been out of the .hack loop since completing the G.U. games, because I felt that the ending was a great way to wrap up the series. But the concept of a fighting game sounds like the right excuse to jump back into the series, and it will be done in a similar style to the recent Naruto fighting games that CyberConnect2 has been involved with. I think that this type of gameplay suits .hack perfectly, considering that the G.U. series utilizes more action game elements.

Confirmed for the game so far are going to be Sora (Another Kite look alike that shares the name of Sora from .hack//Sign that might be the main character of .hack//Sekai no Mukou ni.), Haseo (Regular and his ultimate form.), and a mysterious character that is unknown for now. There could also be a chance that Orca and Balmung from the first four PS2 games (Unless they are different characters with a similar look to the two Descendants of Fiana.) might be playable as well. Fans of the series should also be hyped, because you will have access to Haseo's signature skill, which means that they are not holding back on any abilities.

Keeping track of CyberConnect2's track record, they have the tendencies of developing each game with improvements over the last title that they make. For all you 3D vision lovers, both the movie and the game are going to have this, thus having all your favorite dynamic sequences popping out of the TV and right into your face.

You can expect this bundle to come out in Japan on June 28, which will cost you around 7,140 yen. Unless you want to cough up 10,500 yen for the limited edition, which will get you a neat art book and a bunch of postcards featuring artwork from various .hack series. Be sure to check out the images below.

Interested in more .hack and Solatorobo games? There is some information that you must check out below the jump.

[via Andriasang]

Good news CyberConnect2 fans, Hiroshi Matsuyama the president of CyberConnect2 is asking for fan support in terms of proving that there is a demand for more .hack games, along with a sequel to Solatorobo. He is not just asking for Japanese support, he is reaching out to the entire world. So what are you waiting for fans, go out there and show Matsuyama that there is hope for both series. 

I may not have played Solatorobo, but Elliot sure enjoyed it when he played it. The concept of lift and throw gameplay has always been very fun for me, since I played the hell out of Mischief Makers, which I am still hoping to this day that it gets a downloadable release.

Back to the main subject, the support will pay off if you all give it all that you got. Lets show him that there is demand, and lets promise to buy it if we do demand for it. Better yet, it might increase the chances of .hack//Versus coming over to the west.

You can start by showing your support by going to Namco Bandai's Facebook page, and post one of the banners that can be found on Siliconera to show that you mean it. I guess you can also post your feelings on why they should allow these two series to continue. 

[via Joystiq, Siliconera]


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