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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online II announced for 2014

10:00 AM on 12.31.2013 // Karen Mead

That sound you hear is the internet exploding

In the category of "News that surprises absolutely no one," a sequel to 2012's hugely successful Sword Art Online was announced today at the end of the Sword Art Online EXTRA EDITION TV special. SAO II will air in 2014, covering the "Phantom Bullet" storyline from the original light novels, and feature voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro as new character Sinon.

We here at Japanator have kind of mixed feelings about the colorful juggernaut that is SAO-- Elliot is so-so on it, other staffers outright hate it, and I'm neutral on it but have to look for the positive lest my Asuna-loving husband serve me with divorce papers. Still, whether you enjoy the series or not, it's still a major property that's bound to be talked about in 2014; granted, a lot of that talking will take the form of people complaining about it endlessly on Twitter, but such is life in the future.

Appropriate for a series about being trapped in a game, the official SAO website feels like it's trapped in 1998 (oh HO!), and seems to be crashing under the weight of all the traffic right now. If you're lucky enough to get the site to load, you will be treated to some art and a brief trailer featuring Sinon.

Now, just so you know I didn't make up that bit about Miyuki Sawashiro being confirmed as Sinon, here's a screenshot from the site:

It's also great to see here that 2014 has been "Activated"-- we all know the new year couldn't start without Sword Art Online's say-so. Anyway, are you guys psyched for new adventures of Kirito and his plucky MMO friends? I'm trying to mentally steel myself for all the new PVC figures of Asuna in different outfits that are sure to be released, all of which are bound for my living room eventually.

[via Dengeki Online]

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