Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment trailer gets some deban

1:00 PM on 11.10.2012 // Josh Tolentino

Needs MORE, though

What's more meta than an anime about being trapped in a videogame? A videogame about being trapped in a videogame! This latest one is Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. 

The latest in Namco Bandai's run of adapting PSP games out of anime adapted from the light novels of Reki Kawahara will give players a last glimpse of Sword Art Online's first setting, Aincrad, as it tells a new tale of Kirito, Asuna, those two chicks with the "MORE DEBAN" signs, and more as they prance about the 75th floor of that tower they spent a whole season conquering.

Based on the trailer above, combat will be in real-time, and involve synergy with whichever partner Kirito's dragging around at the moment (the infinity moment, ha ha!). There'll be more than combat, of course, enough that Namco Bandai have been willing to market the game in the highly contested "Live-In-This-Moment-With-You RPG" genre. Not another one of those things! That's like the modern military setting to shooters!

Fans of buying limited editions of things can also look forward to Infinity Moment's LE pack-in, a special anime DVD, titled Asuna's Aincrad Date, which I suspect will involve a date with Asuna in Aincrad. That's just pure speculation though.

Are you interested in seeing (and playing in) Aincrad one last time come next March? Or perhaps you would prefer the next Accel World game, which is coming to PSP and PS3 around the same time (check out its commercial below)?

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