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Space Cowboy photo
Space Cowboy

Aim for the stars with Boomslank's Space Cowboy t-shirt

This shirt is out of this world
May 12
// Salvador G Rodiles
If there's one thing that I love about space, it's when a show uses its presence as a means for the main character to become something huge. Better yet, these titles are even more awesome when the protagonist gets to go to sp...
Boomslank photo

Boomslank's "Long Distance" piece evolves into a nice shirt

It's all about that special upgrade
Dec 13
// Salvador G Rodiles
Don't you love it when an artwork transforms into a sweet apparel? I know that I do. While we're on the topic of this wonderful phenomenon, our friends at Boomslank have turned their piece called "Long Distance" has been turn...
Meowgaroo Jumpsuit photo
Meowgaroo Jumpsuit

This cat jumpsuit lets you bond with your feline purrfectly

Sounds Ameowzing!
Nov 19
// Salvador G Rodiles
There's something uplifting about hugging an animal-- especially if they're your pet. In a way, it can help relieve one's stress from a rough day at work, which is one of the best things about taking care of a dog, cat, or a...
Anime Sneakers photo
Anime Sneakers

Get your Fate/stay night gear on

When you are a head to toe otaku
Aug 13
// Hiroko Yamamura
No hardcore Fate/stay night fan would hit the town without a pair of officially licensed sneaker from UBIQ. The shoe maker is coming out with two sets of kicks, inspired by both Saber and Archer. I can't say that I'm a fan of...

Boomslank photo

Rejoice! Five Boomslank shirts get reprinted

Now even cooler than ever
Jul 21
// Salvador G Rodiles
If you're into wearing sweet-looking clothes, our friends at Boomslank have reprinted not one but five shirts. But that's not all folks; instead of re-releasing each apparel, P-Shinobi has updated "Airport," "Flag," "Live," "...
One Piece photo
One Piece

One Piece cast don denim for Jeanist contest

One Piece's next top model
Jul 17
// Anthony Redgrave
Japanese toy company Banpresto have made a website dedicated to finding out which pirate wore it best based on the popular One Piece franchise. Called Jeans Freak, the Jeanist contest allows fans, non-fans, and everyday inter...
Hello Kitty Diving Suit photo
Hello Kitty Diving Suit

Hello Kitty diving suit is just in time for Shark Week

Dive into Hello Kitty...literally!
Jul 06
// Soul Tsukino
Sanrio has done it again! The company behind the world famous Hello Kitty character has gone to new depths to bring you the latest in Hello Kitty merchandise. Like below sea level deep. Yes, Sanrio, in collaboration with Osaka-based World Dive diving equipment bring you the limited edition Hello Kitty Drysuit collection.
Boomslank photo

Beat the heat with Boomslank's upgraded "Carwash" shirt

It's about to get refreshing in here
May 22
// Salvador G Rodiles
Summer's looking hotter than ever this year and our friends at Boomslank have just what we need to conquer the scorching heat. Since water can cool people down during this season, the group's "Carwash" shirt is back with a ne...
Boomslank photo

Sweet! Boomslank's "Zero Frame" and "Ronin" shirts get reprinted

It's time for a new mecha upgrade!
Mar 31
// Salvador G Rodiles
Listen up, people; our pals at Boomslank have decided to reprint two shirts recently. In case you missed out on purchasing their "Zero Frame" and/or "Ronin" shirt, the two apparels have returned to their store. Best of all, t...
Boomslank photo

Get absorbed into Boomslank's "Reflection"

Boomslank's crew hit us with another solid design
Feb 20
// Salvador G Rodiles
Well, it looks like the guys at Boomslank are at it again, as they release another fine piece of apparel for the masses to wear. Interestingly, the guys came up with a short animation to go with their new shirt, "Reflection'...
JoJo's Hoodies photo
JoJo's Hoodies

Stardust Crusaders hoodies are JoJo's Bizarre Apparel

Wear 'em like arcana
Aug 07
// Josh Tolentino
Have you ever wanted a Stand of your very own? Too bad, they aren't real, but clothing brand BEAMS may have just brought us the next best thing, in the form of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-themed hoodies, designed to look like St...
Gundam watch photo
Gundam watch

It's time to buy a Gundam new watch

No Char jokes here
Jun 26
// Hiroko Yamamura
Gundam has seen its share of plenty of merchandise tie-ins. Lately the series has begun really branching into the fashion and accessories market, but none of it has really tickled my fancy. This new Casio G-Shock watch is exa...
Ultraman photo

The Mother of Ultra has a mean shopping streak

Is your mom that hot?
Jun 23
// Hiroko Yamamura
Does it ever freak you out when your mom tries to dress sexy? Imagine being Ultraman! The Mother of Ultra has shown up alongside some well dressed Kaiju in new ads for AMU shopping complex, showing off huge leaps and Ultra dance moves. Yeah, I feel uncomfortable too. However, I have a strong need to shop now.
Fashion photo

How Uniqlo plans to conquer America

Japanese retailer has methodical plans for US domination
Apr 13
// Brad Rice
If you're not yet familiar with Uniqlo, now is a good time to brush up on the company. Slowly but surely, the Japanese giant is rolling out stores across the US with plans of taking over the country with low-priced and well-p...
Fashion photo

Which Japanese menswear magazine are you?

ACL provides insight into the wide array of premium men's mags
Mar 29
// Brad Rice
A Continuous Lean is one of the premiere sites for menswear content, and they have a nice breakdown of some of the Japanese men's magazines out there. If you've ever been interested in what Japan has to show you, their guide ...
Fashion photo

Suit up with Boomslank's "Ronin"

Equip yourself for battle
Mar 22
// Tim Sheehy
Our buddies at Boomslank have a new designer t-shirt worth checking out. Titled "Ronin," the design features a kneeling samurai decked out in a set of ouyori -- the classic armor donned by warriors during their feudal age. Th...
Evangelion photo

These Evangelion loafers are rather stylish

Loafer Unit 01, launch!
Mar 19
// Dae Lee
We've seen several Evangelion-themed products in the past, but these could perhaps be the most comfortable. Radio Eva and shoe designer Marqui have teamed up to create what they call 'Eva Toy Shoes', despite them being perfec...
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Models show off the upcoming Sailor Moon lingerie

I wish I was Tuxedo Mask
Feb 21
// Brad Rice
In the name of professional otaku journalism, we're obligated to report on the Sailor Moon lingere as much as necessary. Brittany already brought us word of the set's release, and now we've got images from a magazine ad campa...
Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

Spice up your life with titan underwear

Just a little advice from me!
Feb 21
// Amber Hunt
Curious as to what type of themed underwear you should purchase next? Well let me answer that question for you: you should definitely buy yourself a pair of Colossal Titan boxers. Is there any other way to look fabulous? In a...
Kill la Kill photo
Kill la Kill

New Kill la Kill shirt pays homage to Tarantino

J-list adds another exclusive parody tee
Feb 15
// Tim Sheehy
I would think by this point, everyone could agree that KILL la KILL favors style over substance, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of great show and films have done it over there years but nobody seems to embody t...
Gundam neckties photo
Gundam neckties

Subtle-yet-spiffy otaku wear: Gundam-themed neckties

Ongoing news theme?
Feb 15
// Kristina Pino
Gundam fans who also occasionally (or often) wear neckties, rejoice! There's a new set of awesome accessories for you, and they're available at the Odaiba Gundam store as well as the Neopasa store in a Shin-Toumei highway res...
Nerd jewelry photo
Nerd jewelry

Subtle nerdy jewelry: Legend of Zelda key necklaces

Don't go dungeon crawling without a key
Feb 14
// Kristina Pino
It isn't uncommon to see folks wearing keys as jewelry, and for those nerds who like their geekdom to show, but subtly, a Small Key (or alternatively, Boss Key), might be just what you need. No heroic quests or magical abilit...
Video photo

Hirose Dyeworks keeps a 400-year-old tradition alive

Kimono fabric dyers fight to stay alive in a new age
Feb 11
// Brad Rice
Take a minute and watch Yuichi Hirose narrate how Hirose Dyeworks keeps a 400-year-old kimono dyeing method alive in the modern day of Japan. The quality of their work is fantastic, as seen in the video and on their website....
Omocat photo

Omocat's weeaboo jacket is the baddest gear in town

Up your streetwear game like mad
Feb 06
// Brad Rice
Hey. Hey you. You want to rep your otaku pride, but tell other people not to mess with you? Omocat's got a fresh jacket coming out on February 28th, and it's worth considering buying. Just take a look at how badass it is. Wou...
Attack on Titan shirts photo
Attack on Titan shirts

Attack on Shopping Mall

Anime goods in unlikely places
Jan 30
// Hiroko Yamamura
I work on a college campus, so I can see Attack on Titan is all the rage with the kids nowadays, but I had no idea that its popularity had made its way to the local shopping mall! Apparently the purveyors of all things hip an...
Hello Kitty shoes photo
Hello Kitty shoes

New Hello Kitty shoes are a stylish delight

Rock the bow on your footwear
Dec 25
// Kristina Pino
As if to emphasize the established fact that Hello Kitty is always in style, Randa have revealed some new shoes featuring Hello Kitty designs on them which are available now in stores and online. There are two styles of shoe ...
Fashion photo

Check out the latest t-shirt design from Boomslank

A shirt for the fighter in all of us
Dec 21
// Tim Sheehy
Our good friends at Boomslank have released a brand new t-shirt for you to gush over. Simply titled "Tournament," their latest design depicts two schoolgirls exchanging blows on a busy street, surrounded by a crowd of on-look...
Uniqlo photo

Uniqlo getting ready to stock loads of pop culture tees

Something for everyone
Dec 19
// Kristina Pino
There's a whole new tee collection set to hit the shelves at Uniqlo sometime around Februrary and March of next year, and I'm thrilled to report that designs and characters from Disney, Sanrio, Peanuts, LINE, and even the Sim...
Fashion photo

Keep warm this winter with Totoro leggings!

Show your otaku pride wherever you can
Nov 30
// Brad Rice
Want to show off your love of all things Ghibli, but aren't quite ready to don that Castle In The Sky-print dress? Slip on a pair of My Neighbor Totoro leggings, and show your fandom that way! Etsy user Zelas prints thes...
Fashion photo

Hard Gay resurfaces as hard-body model

Christ, those abs
Nov 21
// Pedro Cortes
If you've been around the internets since the late aughts, you might remember Hard Gay Razor Ramon, known as Masaki Sumitani. A comedian/wrestler, Hard Gay terrorized people by trying to help them with his risqué antic...

Monthly Musings: Mephisto Pheles, Fabulous Dresser

Nov 13 // Karen Mead
So, what makes Mephisto so fab? Well, the top hat and cape are pretty much self-explanatory-- I mean, if you need an explanation for why top hats are awesome, I really don't even know where to start with you-- so let's go back to that dashing ascot around his neck. Keep in mind that for the purposes of this post, I spent half an hour on the internet researching the difference between an ascot and a cravat, and I'm still not sure I get it, but I don't regret single second of it. This is the path of the fashion blogger. Anyway, I have no idea why ties became popular while ascots have fallen into disuse. Really, a tie is just a lonely strip of fabric stranded in the middle of a man's torso: an ascot is a luxurious, fluffy marshmallow of silk or satin that says you know how to party. A man wearing a tie looks like he's about to go to the office and be chained to a desk for nine hours; a man wearing an ascot looks like he's about to attend a cocktail party on a yacht while the summer wind ruffles his hair. Mephy's neckware shows that he knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. Also demonstrating fine taste are the man's choice of accessories-- an overlapping pin and pocketwatch chain. This combination is the essence of elegant restraint. Really, the lack of an accompanying monocle here is almost criminal, but I guess I shouldn't penalize the man for having been blessed with good vision. Demons don't need glasses. Then there's the daring use of twilight purple and magenta as accent colors. Granted, pink and purple are bold choices for a gentleman, but Mephy makes it work (Tim Gunn-style) by pairing these shades with the soft, cream-colored fabric of his primary clothing. If his main color was too bold, it would compete with his stockings and cause a fashion disaster, but the gentle, off-white shade that forms most of his silhouette allows the accent colors to truly shine. I would like to also call your attention to the fact that this man wears not one, but two vests: Guys in vests are just hot. That's just how it is. Moving on to the headmaster's lower body, normally I wouldn't be keen on those diaper-like shorts, but when you have endless legs like Mephy, why would you hide them? While they would be a faux pas on nearly anyone else, the baggy shorts, contrasted with the stockings on Mephisto's slender legs (with added horizontal stripes for slimming effect!) create a great outline. As if all that weren't enough, Mephy even keeps up appearances when he shape shifts: his dog form always wears a smashing bow tie in the same pattern as his ascot. Now, we've already established that ascots are far superior to ties, but for a small dog, the ubiquitous bow tie is a much smarter choice. Anyone can change into a canine and wear any old riffraff, but this attention to detail shows that Mephy is a fellow who takes his personal branding seriously. For all of these reasons, Mephisto Pheles is my pick for one of anime's most fabulous dressers: I challenge you, dear readers, to find anyone more fabulous. I'm throwing down the gauntlet, but if you pick it up, make sure not to get your breeches and ascot dirty; one simply must keep up appearances. I hope you fine, well-dressed ladies and gentleman of the community will accept my challenge in the friendly, honorable spirit in which it was meant, and I graciously look forward to seeing your entries. Also, write some Monthly Musing C-blogs before Brittany kills all of us.
Monthly Musings photo
Rocking the polka-dotted ascot
One of the benefits of watching Blue Exorcist recently is that I've become familiar with fashion fiend (and classy-demon-about-town) Mephisto Pheles. Not only is this man rarely seen without a top hat AND cape, both of which ...

Utena ankle boots photo
Utena ankle boots

Look nearly as cool as Utena by wearing these ankle boots

I said "nearly as cool."
Nov 09
// Brittany Vincent
Zettai kutsu mokushiroku! The absolute shoe apocalypse is upon us, with retailer 2pmWorks making Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya's footwear available for purchase. In real life. Like, you could actually own shoes inspired by ...
Madoka Magica photo
Madoka Magica

Make the ladies jealous with your Madoka Magica sweater

It'll be the best $130 you spend all year
Nov 02
// Brad Rice
Are you ready for the latest hot drop in the world of menswear? You'd better call up your dealer in Japan, because Cospa is about to drop this Madoka Magica needlepoint sweater and workshirt combo that will make Yeezy jealous...
Jojo stockings photo
Jojo stockings

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure tattoo tights for stylish otaku

I'd rock these. I'd rock these hard.
Oct 30
// Brittany Vincent
I love printed tights. Those weird printed spandex leggings are pretty cool too, but "tattoo stockings" are their own special brand of awesome. Now, I've never gotten to watch any of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (though I'm curious) but I know I'd wear these tights out to a fancy dinner. I might even go out to meet their parents.
Fashion photo

Anime characters rock real outfits

When street fashion meets anime
Oct 29
// Amber Hunt
Ever wonder what anime characters would look like in real life? These wonderful photos were created because NEMOBRAND wanted to know. Even better, these selected anime characters were put into urban settings, just like what y...
Cat tights photo
Cat tights

These new cat tights will make you purr in delight

All for a good cause
Oct 28
// Salvador G Rodiles
I may not be much of a cat person, but it's interesting to see that someone has made a set of feline tights that have the claw patterns in its design. On top of that, anyone that dons this adorable kitty look will have their ...
Madoka Ties photo
Madoka Ties

Madoka Magica ties are a covert way to show your love

Plus, they're super fashionable.
Oct 23
// Brittany Vincent
Are you a massive Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan but you're also a business professional? That's often the case with hardcore fans, having to dress for a business environment when we'd rather come in to work cosplaying as Madoka or Homura. Thankfully, there's a compromise that we can all agree on: a line of ties based on your favorite characters from the series. 
JapanLA photo

JapanLA stocks spooky bat sweaters and Sanrio dresses

Strut your stuff this Halloween in a kigurumi!
Oct 19
// Brittany Vincent
JapanLA is stocking new and old favorite items, just in time for Halloween, including spooky bat sweaters, adorable cat tights, and the cutest Sanrio oversized tank tops dresses this side of Galaxxxy's product line. Hey, I'd never be able to rock any of this stuff because it's likely far too small for me, but that doesn't mean I'm not salivating over it. 
Segakawaii photo

Galaxxxy releasing new Segakawaii branded handbags

This will go great with my Mega Drive tote!
Oct 14
// Brittany Vincent
File this one under More Stuff I Found Online That I Absotively, Posilutely Need. Segakawaii is a collaboration between Sega and popular Japanese fashion brand Galaxxxy, known for its colorful attire, out-there patterns, and ...
Custom Eva Nike sneakers  photo
Custom Eva Nike sneakers

The custom Nike Evangelion sneakers to wage war for

All the sneakerheads be totes jelly over these
Aug 26
// Brad Rice
I am by no means a sneakerhead. I'll drop plenty of money on clothes, but sneakers are an area where I just put down the minimum on some Onitsuka Tigers or Adidas and call it a day. If you want to take your geek pride to the ...

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