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OP Up! Magical Girl Edition

May 27 // Red Veron
[embed]33887:4761:0[/embed]"Danzen! Futari wa PreCure"Anime: Futari wa Pretty CurePreCure is an magical girl series that's been around since 2004 and has become the girl superhero counterpart to the live action Kamen Rider series for boys. Also has a following of creepy adult men.[embed]33887:4762:0[/embed]"Synchrogazer"Anime: Senki Zesshou SymphogearNot quite a traditional magical girl show but still follows certain elements found in the magical girl genre. This show adds crazy over-the-top action and a music motif where the girls sing while they fight to activate their powers.[embed]33887:4760:0[/embed]"Connect"Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka MagicaThe show that brought the magical girl genre to more audiences with its dark tone and stylish action. Madoka has spawned many imitators trying to marry the usual light and fluffy magical girl themes with more grim realism and not many have met the same success.[embed]33887:4764:0[/embed]"Innocent Starter"Anime: Magical Lyrical NanohaA series that has a dedicated following and has spawned multiple seasons, this series still is going strong with TV anime and movie adaptations and even a new currently-running series.[embed]33887:4765:0[/embed]"Sailor Moon Theme"Anime: Sailor Moon (US Dub)You know this opening.BONUS VIDEO:[embed]33887:4763:0[/embed]This promo video designed for distributors is for a canceled US remake of Sailor Moon. Referred to as "Saban Moon", referencing the similar style of how the adaptation of Power Rangers by the company Saban, this show has a mix of live action and original US animation. Did I not mention your favorite Magical Girl anime opening? SHARE IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, YO!  
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Magical (Middle School) Girls
The magical girl genre has been around for decades and has experienced a bit of a renaissance as of late. It has now reached a wider audience with targeting audiences outside of young girls with different shows adding in diff...

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 694

May 26 // Anthony Redgrave
From last week's episode, Luffy and the tag alongs are still fighting the giant soldier nutcrackers that seem to be invincible. All the gum gum attacks and blade of beauty slashes can't seem to keep these monstrosities down. And that might be partially because the girl with the Toy Devil Fruit has regained consciousness. There is an excellent scene where she is presented sausages by long nosed henchmen despite her new found fear for 'stick shaped' things. Its funny because One Piece's 'red shirts' are almost always generically drawn characters and never have a defining feature like a long nose but they all seem to have congregated around Sugar in that one moment.    Robin's jump squad are ambushed by Gladius who is able to bring down Robin and Bartolomeo but Rebecca escapes to the Level 4 with Law's key. Unfortunately Law is stuck on Level 3 so we have to wait even longer before Law can stop whining like a bitch and become useful. Finally, things are starting to be set up for some great fights as Robin orders Luffy's group to continue so she and the Straw Hat fanboy take on Gladius and the rest of the nutcrackers. Again not much happens in terms of plot in this episode but there are a lot of set ups for future instalments. I can't wait to see Usopp display his god like sniper ability since its always so damn rare and team up fights are always great to see. Even though it was filler, the team up fight with Sanji and Usopp against the ice skating couple is still a personal favourite.
One Piece photo
Are we still in Dressrosa?
The Dressrosa arc had the potential to be one of my favourite arcs. The main bad guy was the enigmatic Donquixote Doflamingo, it carried on from Punk Hazard so we got to have more Law, and Dressrosa is a great locat...

Week Ender - Fantasy Twist Edition

May 23 // Red Veron
[embed]33872:4752:0[/embed]"Sticking Places"Anime: Yu-Shibu:I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a JobA fanservice-heavy show that had a nice premise that didn't get that developed in the first season (which is how these things based off light novels always turn out to be). The long titled show is a fun watch for those that like the fanservice and waifus that this show generously provides the viewer. More focused on a story it tries to tell rather than a workplace comedy that one might expect from the title.Lots of fanservice in that ending.[embed]33872:4753:0[/embed]"Oracion"Anime: No Game No LifeA fuzzy and warm-feeling inducing ending song that is a nice touch to the often exciting episodes of the show is a nice breather, except for that one scary one that got spooky.[embed]33872:4754:0[/embed]"Ringo Biyori~ The Wolf Whistling Song"Anime: Spice and WolfA pretty cheerful song that sounds like it was made by a bearded old man who happens to be music artist in the late 60's, this one is matched by the really amusing story book images that accompany it.[embed]33872:4755:0[/embed]"Watashi no Houseibako"Anime: Outbreak CompanyIn this quite cute ending, we get to see Petralka act all adorbs while wandering around by herself  oncastle grounds. We get to see more of this part of her in this ending since it's the 'dere' part of her Tsundere character where 'tsun' takes precedence.[embed]33872:4756:0[/embed]"Tsumabiku Hitori"Anime: The Devil is a Part-timerA laid-back ending with Chiho mostly just chillin' and being pretty, a great contrast to the lively and high-tempo opening song.So is there an ending you love that I missed? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I WANT TO KNOW!
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Dungeons, Dragons, and Double Ds?
This week's Week Ender is about those fantasy anime with a bit of a twist to them. Fantasy fiction has always had outlandish and strange elements native to it but it's quite common to see a different take on the genre to brea...

OP Up! - Fantasy Twist Edition

May 20 // Red Veron
[embed]33862:4747:0[/embed]"Zero!!"Anime: The Devil is a Part-timerPutting a twist on the "Hero Versus the Demon Lord" story, this show places the aforementioned Hero and Demon Lord into our world. The Demon Lord escapes into modern day Tokyo and finds himself in need of basic necessities so he has to take up a part-time job and find a way back. Pretty great fun.[embed]33862:4748:0[/embed]"Univer Page"Anime: Outbreak CompanyIf you ever needed to invade a foreign land, there are many ways to do it: by military force or by taking over the hearts and minds of the people. If you opt for the latter peaceful option, you're gonna need something powerful like a religion. Well, I know one thing that people treat like religion: Otakudom.So let's take one of the biggest otaku ever and send him to a fantasy world ruled by magic and strange creatures, and introduce them to the joys of Haganai and Attack on Titan and let's see if we can capture the imagination of some people who've never even experienced indoor plumbing.[embed]33862:4749:0[/embed]"Headwind"Anime: MaoyuuOne of the early works that put a spin on the "Hero versus Demon Lord" story, this one focuses more on the social and political aspects of the oft-used story trope. This one provides more of a grounded perspective of a world beset in such a conflict and how complicated it really is and isn't just some grand heroic tale.[embed]33862:4750:0[/embed]"This Game"Anime: No Game, No LifeThe most different entry on this week's selection, this one combines the fantasy setting with dueling competitive mind games. A video game obsessed pair of step-siblings bored of the challenges in our world are whisked to a world populated by different nations and races.These races were once at war but found peace in competing in games bound by rules. This new world excites them and they find themselves helping out a kingdom that is on the verge of being taken over.A really great twist on the fantasy world with the duels that have clever solutions is pretty entertaining.Which one is your favorite fantasy anime with a twist? Did I miss your favorite? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I WANNA KNOW!
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Swords and Sorcery?
So the new hot thing in popular fiction in Japan is taking the traditional same old stuff and putting a new spin to it. This new surge is quite prevalent in the fantasy genre, with injecting new life into stories with themes ...

Annotated Anime: One Piece 693

May 20 // Anthony Redgrave
Luffy, Law, Kyros, and Cavendish head towards the Palace while the rest of the Gladiators fend off Doflamingo's executives and their lackeys Zoro fights off Pica allowing Bartolomeo, Robin, and Rebecca to rendezvous with Luffy's group as they have the key to Law's sea prism cuffs Sabo duels Fujitora to prevent his pursuit of Luffy Usopp does nothing with King Riku and Violet The Sunny Protection Squad and Sanji still haven't been seen since episode 662 Kin'emon finally finds his samurai friend Kanjuro Franky busts into the SMILE factory but still has to deal with Senor Pinkand There was a new intro. Nothing particularly catchy or memorable  This episode picks up with Luffy's group taking out the extremely creepy toy soldiers on the third level. These guys would look menacing since they are giant, move abnormally, and appear from the fog but Luffy and the others defeat them with such ease that there isn't much tension. In fact they have a Legolas/ Gimili style competition to see how many they can take down which Luffy ends up winning much to Cavendish's chagrin. Kin'emon meets up with Usopp and King Riku with his new samurai friend Kanjuro in tow. Kanjuro has the same ability as Sai from Naruto except he is a Samurai not a Ninja (can draw things that then come to life). This guy is great. He's another good source of comic relief that prevents One Piece from taking itself too seriously. Although having a giant calligraphy brush with a Katana handle is really weird.  After outsmarting Senor Pink, Franky gains access to the SMILE factory but is instantly met with opposition in the form of Kyuin, the manager. She is a big masked woman that wields a hoover because even in One Piece they conform to gendered stereotypes. Through some affectionate means Franky subdues Kyuin and turns his attention to Senor Pink. They talk about being Hard Boiled as the tramps swoon. I don't quite get it but I assume its a concept I'll understand once I have grown more than 2 chest hairs. I was really enjoying this arc at first but its beginning to lose traction. The pace has slowed down to the point the plot is barely moving even though they are finally making their way to fighting Doflamingo. I hope they focus on Zoro's fight against Pica soon or explore Law's backstory that was hinted at earlier. 
One Piece photo
Ah~ So Hard Boiled!
Yo ho ho! Ensign Redgrave back on the helm to deliver the SS Japanator through the Grand Line safely and to document the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew. I've been MIA for a while so I'll summarise the missing 9 episodes in bullet points. 

First Impressions: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

May 18 // Nick Valdez
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma is a simple premise heightened by its presentation (like how Duck a l'Orange sounds better than it actually is thanks to its name). Yukihira Souma runs a diner with his father, and his dream is to one day surpass his father’s cooking prowess. When his father takes a job in America and closes the diner, Souma is shipped to Totsuki Culinary Academy, an elite cooking school where only 10% of students who enroll graduate. But those who do graduate become top figures in the cooking world. There he comes across a bevy of characters like the “God Tongue” Erina, the “Meat Master” Ikumi, and the oh so cute Tadaroko. There’s quite a bit of hefty production thrown behind what’s essentially a cooking show. I don’t really know what to think of it. At times it feels satirical since the fan service is so explicitly comedic (but ultimately superfluous), and a lot of the animation budget goes into making the cooking scenes flow with more vigor (thus resembling Shonen Jump’s more “action” filled anime), but it's meant to be taken at face value. The presentation almost hampers the subject material. It’s like the anime isn’t taking itself seriously. And while that does make for a good watch week to week, it’s hard to discern whether or not the studio is a good chef when they keep adding differing flavors each time. For example, a lot of the background music doesn't fit. When Souma cooks for Erina to get into Totsuki in the second episode, the music seems to be pushing the action faster than it actually is. Then you have moments of denouement after the action as the recipes are explained that are ruined by that music as well. It’s a weird quirk that I hope gets fixed in the episodes to come. But everything else is great! Character designs flow well, the fan service is just too ridiculous to be off putting (though you'll want to turn your volume down when girls eat and that gets super annoying), and there's a decent of amount of humor that lands. When Food Wars! isn't going for a cheap gag, it's spot on. At the very least, there are a number of actual cooking tips. Some of the recipes featured on the show are quite attainable and are developed enough to recreate. That's a nice touch since this definitely could've been a food anime that didn't care whether or not it served up actual food.  For as much there is to like about Food Wars, there are as many compelling reasons to avoid it. It’s a show that deals in extremes, and the constant overreaching will most likely hurt it in the long run. It’s possible that I gel with the cheesy premise now, but, as with any overly comedic show, the premise will tire out if it’s at a constant state of heightened reality. It’s one of those “style over substance” things. It’s like sitting in an all-you-can-eat buffet and being sickened by the taste of food after a few hours. Regardless of how much you think you can handle, you bust when you’re overfed. If Food Wars constantly keeps up this stylized world rather than have confidence that its show could exist without all the hubbub going on the background, it won’t keep my attention for long. But I’ve been hooked for time being. When it hits, it hits hard. And of course, Tadaroko is the best. 
Food Wars Impressions photo
Marry me, Tadaroko
I’ve had a lot of trouble catching on to anime over the years, but every so often there’s a show that sounds so incredibly insane that I can’t help but watch it. That’s how I got reeled into a shows li...

Week Ender - Cry Edition

May 16 // Red Veron
[embed]33848:4745:0[/embed]"The Big Dango Family"Anime: ClannadI have not seen Clannad yet. Apparently this ending song makes people really sad. I am sorry.[embed]33848:4744:0[/embed]"Secret Base ~The Thing you Gave Me~ (10 years after Ver.)"Anime: AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That DayA song that just hits you right there after each episode. Slowly builds up to that ending that you know is approaching closer every episode.[embed]33848:4743:0[/embed]"Brave Song"Anime: Angel Beats!This song ended each episode (except for the last one) and capped off each episode with a bittersweet note. This song just starts to feel heavier as the show went on, especially in the later episodes when we get to see more of the character's back stories.[embed]33848:4742:0[/embed]"Ichiban no Takaramono" (My most precious treasure)Anime: Angel Beats!This is the song that the show ends on and just doesn't take you on a ride on the feels train, it runs you over with it. The song accompanies the usual ending but with a different twist and a slow pang of loneliness creeps over you as each character in the picture fades away. Still makes me cri evritym.Did I miss an anime ending that makes you sad? PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I WANT TO SEE!
Week Ender photo
Never Ending Tears
If this week's OP Up! openings stir up emotions of sadness in you, then this week's endings on Week Ender will be sure to make you feel even more of those feelings. Endings do have more impact than openings since they're the ...

Japanator Interviews: SCANDAL

May 14 // Hiroko Yamamura
SCANDAL interview photo
OMG it's Rina!
As you probably already know, we are huge fans of SCANDAL at the Japanator office. The Osaka based all female band have been tearing up Japan since coming together back in 2006. They've come a far way from their days performi...

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Japanator LIVE

Japanator LIVE - Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

A Chocobo Dies
May 13
// Red Veron
Tonight, I'll be playing a couple of hours of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. I haven't been able to play much of this title since launch and I'll be starting from the beginning. So join us tonight for some magical teens in military school fantasy tonight!Stream starts at 11PM Central. Our Twitch site is: http://www.twitch.tv/japanator

OP Up! Cry Edition

May 13 // Red Veron
[embed]33834:4734:0[/embed]"Aoi Shiori"Anime: AnoHanaOh boy, a show that I watched in a weird time of my life where I was not the happiest and this one really got to me that I haven't gotten around to seeing the movie version. The opening song gives already takes you down on a feels trip and preps you that this show is not going to happy-happy. Wait for this weekend's Week Ender where I have this show's ending song which is takes you on a more intense feels trip.[embed]33834:4735:0[/embed]"My Soul, Your Beats!"Anime: Angel Beats!An original anime project that ended earlier than it should, Angel Beats! still makes me cry (inside) every time I hear the surprisingly great music that it has for a show about a weird school and angels. I found this anime years later on a streaming service while trying to get over something and this one really got to me. Even if sad stuff isn't your thing, the great soundtrack may win you over.[embed]33834:4736:0[/embed]"Ebullient Future"Anime: Ef ~ A Tale of MelodiesA lot you probably haven't seen this one. Ef is a great collaboration between the anime studio SHAFT (Madoka Magica, Bakemonogatari) and one man feels train conductor/anime director Makoto Shinkai (Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days) with Shinkai's amazing music wizard Tenmon.This one started out as a visual novel (yes, that's why it's sad) but got an adaptation for an anime and still packs the emotional punch with that great team behind it. Beautiful and emotionally evoking shots with breathtaking music make this one a must-see for those who want something sad yet beautiful.[embed]33834:4737:0[/embed]"Hikaru Nara"Anime: Your Lie in AprilTOO SOON. TOO SOON. I CAN'T TALK ABOUT THIS ONE YET. THE PAIN IS STILL TOO REAL. NOPE.Did I not put your favorite sad anime opening up here? THEN SHARE IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!! I WANT TO SEE IT AND CRY WITH YOU, BABY!!!
OP Up! photo
Liek Evrytiem
Anime is a powerful medium that uses visuals and sounds that can evoke many feelings and some of those feelings can get you a little choked up. Whether it be the music or the characters in an anime, we associate many feelings...

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Japanator Live

Japanator Live - PT: Silent Hills Edition

Watch Red scream in terror
May 09
// Red Veron
Watch me, Red Veron, certified scaredy cat when it comes to horror games. Heck, even the tension in certain scary themed video games can drive me away. The news of the removal of P.T., or the secret "Playable Teaser" for the...

Week Ender - Sports Edition

May 09 // Red Veron
[embed]33817:4726:0[/embed]"Start it right away" by HyadainAnime: Kuroko No BasukeI forgot how fun this ending is and have totally fallen behind with this show. I think basketball is a great sport that translates well to anime with all speed, technique, the direct one-on-one nature of the plays. I am really glad to see the sport see a resurgence in anime and manga, and I like how all the pretty boys in this one is attracting women to the sport.[embed]33817:4727:0[/embed]"Ah Yeah"Anime: Haikyuu!Great song with a more retrospective style with clips of stuff that happened in past episodes. Normally I don't like those but the song totally sets up the right mood for looking back.[embed]33817:4728:0[/embed]"Sekai ga Owaru Made wa"Anime: Slam DunkA slower rock ballad song that is sooooo 90's that it's great (for people like me). Minimal animation but does the job well.[embed]33817:4729:0[/embed]"Blaze Away"Anime: EyeShield 21Because a reader brought up this show in the OP Up!, I just had to include this one. I did watch this show waaaaay back in the day but dropped it when they were in Houston (which is where I lived) and got turned off at how they portrayed it as some Japanese suburb (dumb reason, right?). But I did remember liking this ending a lot and how it felt like a 90's Japanese rock song that they had in a lot of anime back in the day.Did I miss something? What is your favorite sports anime and sports anime ending? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!
Week Ender photo
Final Quarter Play
More anime sports stuff come your way with this weekend's Week Ender! Sports anime and manga have been around for decades, the stuff you see in today's stuff are built upon decades of refinement and tradition. Using contempor...

Japanator Live photo
Japanator Live

Japanator Live: Bloodborne final stream

Last boss time!
May 08
// Hiroko Yamamura
  After a few very enjoyable and grueling weeks, I'm finally at end game. Well, as much as Souls games give you end game anyways. I'm at the final boss of the first play through. We're going to kick things off at 11PM ...

OP Up! Sports Edition

May 07 // Red Veron
[embed]33808:4714:0[/embed]"Imagination" by SPYAIRAnime: Haikyuu!! (2014)A great first opening to a show about volleyball. I know, volleyball isn't considered to be what guys usually play but this show captures the dynamic action found in volleyball and the usual sports drama people love and expect out of this kind of show.[embed]33808:4715:0[/embed]"Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai" by ZYYGAnime: SLAM DUNK (1993)Possibly one of the most loved (if not the most) anime and manga out there last time I checked, and with all the remakes and reboots these days, SLAM DUNK deserves one and needs one badly. A personal favorite of mine and one that I watched with my teammates when I was in High School varsity basketball right before a game.Fluid animation with an inspiring song that can pump you up as if you were an athlete right before a big game. A favorite of mine.[embed]33808:4716:0[/embed]"Under Star" by Shocking LemonAnime: Hajime no Ippo (2000)A really good opening for an anime from 2000 that still holds up. This one got a recent anime sequel series for a manga that's been running since 1989. The recent boxing match this past weekend is what inspired me and this series is the first show that came to mind.[embed]33808:4717:0[/embed]"Tada Hitori" by Bakudan JohnnyAnime: Ping Pong The Animation (2015)Part of my backlog that I need to get around to watching, Ping Pong's opening is rather unique and intriguing. It has that charcoal drawing look with a style that reminds me of a 90's music video, which isn't surprising since that fun song it has completes the entire thing.[embed]33808:4718:0[/embed]"Zettai ni dare mo" by ZYYGAnime: SLAM DUNK (1993)The second opening to the anime SLAM DUNK and this anime's openings are well done for their time. This one continues the momentum that the first one built up and shows off the main character Sakuragi getting his act together in the opening.I love the feel of the early morning run captured by this opening and you see how much Sakuragi is working hard to be a stronger and better athlete.BONUS: One of the many Fanmade Live Action Remake of the SLAM DUNK opening[embed]33808:4719:0[/embed]Which one is your favorite sports anime and opening? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
OP Up! photo
So there was a big boxing event last weekend and people are upset because a Filipino congressman lost at boxing. This made me think of sports anime and how I haven't made an OP Up! about sports anime yet.So this week's late e...

Week Ender - Bleach Edition

May 02 // Red Veron
[embed]33794:4704:0[/embed]"Mask" By Aqua TimezA pretty dang cool ending that is the last ending for the anime. Not very complicated but still gives you a nice feeling with seeing Ichigo's friends helping him out to get back on his feet. I always like seeing Ichigo dealing with his "other self".[embed]33794:4705:0[/embed]"Life is like a boat" By Rie FuThe first Bleach ending and being very simple, does the job well with a great soulful song from Rie Fu. This song has been on my iPod since the first time I saw the show. Still stirs up feelings of what I had at the time.[embed]33794:4706:0[/embed]"My Pace" by Home Made KazokuI'm torn on this one, I like the high energy intro that has the soothing chorus but I associate this song with the excruciating wait for the fillers to end. It was episode after episode, wishing for the filler to end but nope.[embed]33794:4707:0[/embed]"Sakura Biyori" by Mai HoshimuraA very beautiful ending song that I totally forgot about and am very glad to have rediscovered. A nice way to end an episode with an uplifting song that gives you some nice and warm feels.Which one is your favorite Bleach ending? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
Week Ender photo
Changing History, Unchanging Heart
Bleach was featured in this week's OP Up because of its many awesome openings and the same amazing quality is also present in the endings. Bleach has about 30 endings(!) and most are really good, so we're gonna feature small ...

OP Up! Bleach Edition

Apr 29 // Red Veron
[embed]33787:4698:0[/embed]"Asterisk"The original opening that started it all. I remember going in blind with Bleach and was just wowed with how fun the opening got with the characters having fun. I didn't expect the show to end up being some sort of endless battle anime and just yearned for the shorter adventures they had with monster-of-the-week type of enemies. [embed]33787:4699:0[/embed]"Ranbu no Melody"A really impressive and stylish opening for Bleach. You can really see the great potential of the people who made this opening. You can see the clever shortcuts that they made that afforded them the really cool looking stuff in there. After rewatching this one, this may have become one of my favorites.[embed]33787:4701:0[/embed]"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"One thing I really liked about Bleach is seeing the characters in fashionable street clothes and this opening has that. Tite Kubo, the author, often has art of the characters depicted as such and you can totally feel that he wants to put them in a more "normal" setting. This opening has the usual cool Bleach OP elements: stylish, exciting, creative, and with simple but efficient parts. [embed]33787:4700:0[/embed]"Velonica"This is another great example of how great the Bleach openings are with the visuals. This one combines static character portraits complimented by dynamic animation that follows. I love the use of color in the background and the Bleach logo with the characters in their cool poses, usually shounen anime will just use boring standard backgrounds.Which one is your favorite Bleach opening? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!
OP Up! photo
The Death and The Strawberry
Bleach has always been one those anime that had really great opening and ending sequences with great music with visuals that amaze when it gets creative. I was always impressed by the openings and often looked forward to the ...

Week Ender - Spring 2005 Edition

Apr 25 // Red Veron
[embed]33779:4688:0[/embed]"Waltz" by SuneohairAnime: Honey and CloverAs previously mentioned, Honey and Clover is an all-time favorite that anyone who likes josei (shoujo for older crowds) drama should definitely check out. An underrated gem that any fan of shoujo drama should check out if they want something a bit more 'mature'. [embed]33779:4689:0[/embed]"Broken Wings"Anime: Trinity BloodI never really got to check out this anime but I do know a lot of people who love the manga and the anime. Sadly, the author of the original light novels, Sunao Yoshida, passed away before the novels were completed but a friend stepped in to help finish. I'll still definitely check this out when I can.[embed]33779:4690:0[/embed]"Fly"Anime: Comic Party RevolutionBased on a PC dating sim game that originally had some sexual stuff edited out for an all-ages release consoles, this is the second season to an anime about people in a doujin circle. The members of the circle are making stuff for the 'Comic Party' which is based off  the real-life "Comiket" (Comic Market) that happens twice a year in Metropolitan Tokyo. A harem comedy drama, you know what to expect from it.[embed]33779:4691:0[/embed]"Omna Magni"Anime: AquarionHaven't seen much about this one but reading that this is an homage to super robots of the 1980's has my interest piqued. This ending is also pretty enchanting with its ghostly ethereal vocals with the very pretty storybook visuals. I just can't pinpoint the language used but I've seen people suggest that it's esperanto.[embed]33779:4692:0[/embed]"Bokura no Jikan"Anime: Futakoi AlternativeBy far one of the strangest and best ideas in anime that I have ever seen are in this show. Futakoi Alternative is a sort of sequel to Futakoi, which is a generic harem romcom that features twins, but this sequel is so much more and then some.Take all the female characters and put in a new male lead that is not boring harem MC, turn them all into action movie heroes capable of fighting and put them in comedic situations that involve guns and explosions. That explanation isn't even doing justice to explain the insanity that this show brings to the table.Also, this ending does not represent the show.[embed]33779:4693:0[/embed]"Secret Base"Anime: Eureka SevenThis is one of those shows from 10 years ago that wowed me with the style and visuals that provided something different in the mecha action genre. I never got to see the full run but I do appreciate this show and like much of the stuff in it. Got any anime favorites from 2005? Check out this list and let's reminisce in the comments below!!!
Week Ender photo
Journey back a decade
I just realized that it's been ten years since Honey and Clover aired, one of my all-time favorite anime ever. It had beautiful art, a good story with relate-able characters, and an amazing soundtrack. That got me thinking ab...

OP Up! Super Hero Edition

Apr 22 // Red Veron
[embed]33771:4678:0[/embed]"Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye"Anime: Samurai FlamencoA show that starts out as a Kick-Ass knockoff that quickly evolves into all kinds of insanity.[embed]33771:4679:0[/embed]"Synchrogazer"Anime: Senki Zesshou SymphogearAn opening to an over-the-top superhero show where the heroines have to sing to activate their powers to fight some funny looking murderous monsters from another dimension. Dumb action show with some very light yuri stuff, this one is super fun.[embed]33771:4680:0[/embed]"Orion o Nazoru"Anime: Tiger & BunnyAn action show in a world where superheroes have corporate sponsorship. We need more of those.[embed]33771:4681:0[/embed]"CROWDS"Anime: Gatchaman CROWDSA modern take on what heroes can be in our modern world dominated by social media, this pretty cool opening has some great style with a cool song.BONUS:Japanese Spiderman[embed]33771:4682:0[/embed]Yeah, yeah, yeah, WOW.Got any favorite super hero anime and super hero anime openings? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
OP Up! photo
Saving the world in style
Superhero movie season is upon us now and everybody's getting excited to see people in colorful costumes doing cool action moves. So it should perfect for me to give y'all a nice selection of openings from anime that feature superheroes.Got any favorite super hero anime and super hero anime openings? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!  

Week Ender - Winter 2015 Edition

Apr 19 // Red Veron
[embed]33767:4673:0[/embed]"Territory"Anime: Yuri Kuma ArashiA super simple ending but the little bear that dances in the corner is too dang cute. [embed]33767:4674:0[/embed]"The Seasons Die Out, One After Another"Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Root AAnother simple ending but with very pretty painted illustrations of the characters with a cool song that I'm definitely getting for my music player. I like the bright pastel colors with the abstract fashion design-styled look for the characters.[embed]33767:4675:0[/embed]"Fubuki"Anime: Kantai CollectionNamed after the lead character in the show, this one is  a lively one with cool images of Fubuki and shows off her JUSTICE really well.[embed]33767:4676:0[/embed]"Become a smile"Anime: Koufuku GraffitiAn ending that is very true to the show with highly detailed drawings of food and cute girls being cute set to an equally cute song.Which one are your favorites? SHARE WITH US IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
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Last Season's Endings
Winter season may be over but some of the endings from last season's shows still echo in my mind, making me miss those shows that have been over. Let's take a look at some of last season's nice endings.Which one are your favorites? SHARE WITH US IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!      

OP Up! - Winter 2015 Edition

Apr 15 // Red Veron
[embed]33759:4666:0[/embed]"Hito ni Yasashiku"Anime: Rolling GirlsA cover of a song by Japanese rock band BLUE HEARTS, this cover of "Hito ni Yasashiku" is pretty fun. I also really like the original and really like it when new anime introduces a new generation to cool stuff from the past.[embed]33759:4667:0[/embed]"Zettai Muteki☆Fallin' LOVE☆"Anime: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!I've only seen two episodes of this show and this is really appropriate for what is a parody of the magical girls genre but with magical boys. So much fun.[embed]33759:4669:0[/embed]"The Five Methods of Obtaining Happiness That I'm Aware Of"Anime: Koufuku GraffitiA show about cute girls eating deliciously detailed animated food. This opening gives you a good idea about how much the girls are into the food.[embed]33759:4668:0[/embed]"Flyers"Anime: Death ParadeI've only seen one episode and I fell instantly in love with this opening and will be watching more the moment I get more free time in my busy schedule.Which one is your favorite opening from last season? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!
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See some of last season's best openings!
Last season had some really great shows and a few surprises even though the lineup didn't seem that strong. Since we just started a new season, I'm back with some openings for this week's OP Up! with a few that I thought were pretty good.Which one is your favorite from last season? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

Watch Red die and drink photo
Watch Red die and drink

Japanator LIVE - Watch Red be a total noob at Bloodborne

Drunk Noob is best Noob
Apr 15
// Red Veron
For the first time, Red is going to play Bloodborne and he is going to be horrible at it because he is a total noob that is afraid of everything and hates stressful games. Red is also going to get drunk off some strong beer....
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Have some more great cosplay from Anime Matsuri
[Let's hang out and chat about Anime Matsuri tonight at 10PM Central! We have prizes to give out!]Here is the second batch of cosplay photos for you to enjoy! I apologize for the giant spread picture of Kaori from Your Lie in...

Anime Matsuri photo
A taste of the great cosplay at Anime Matsuri
[Let's Chat about Anime Matsuri on our stream at 10PM Central on April 7]Part 2 of 2 Anime Matsuri Cosplay GalleryJapanator was back at Anime Matsuri, Houston's best anime convention this past Easter weekend and we've got pic...

Week Ender - PA Works Edition

Mar 28 // Red Veron
[embed]33687:4620:0[/embed]"Omokage Warp" by Nano RipeAnime: Hanasaku IrohaThe second ending has a happy and gentle song with animation that makes almost feel that gentle breeze that the characters are feeling. This anime was really good and when there was news of a second season, I got excited but nothing has surfaced since but there is that movie that I need to check out.[embed]33687:4621:0[/embed]"Transparent World" by Nano RipeAnime: GlasslipI really like this ending since it's so happy.[embed]33687:4622:0[/embed]"Platinum jet" by Donuts QuintetAnime: ShirobakoA cute ending with a song by the main lead actresses.[embed]33687:4623:0[/embed]"Brave Song" by Tada AoiAnime: Angel Beats!!This first ending that still chokes me up and the final ending (that I will not post here since it is spoiler-y) that makes me cry 90 percent of the time. Angel Beats!! is pretty great despite its flaws and will maek yuo cri evrytiem.So which one is your favorite PA Works ending? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!Their works include:-True Tears-Canaan-Angel Beats!!-Another-Hanasaku Iroha-Red Data Girl-Tari Tari-The Eccentric Family-Nagi Asu-Glasslip-Shirobako
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Don-don Donuts!
PA Works is a studio that has had great success as of late with their original anime Shirobako. That wasn't the case with their previous works since their last hit, Hanasaku Iroha but they've been hitting it out of the park w...

OP Up! Anime Game Edition

Mar 25 // Red Veron
[embed]33673:4614:0[/embed]"Key Plus World" by Hirata and Yumi KawamuraAnime: Persona 4 The AnimationAn adaptation of a video game from a 2008 Playstation 2 game, this adaptation starts off a bit shaky when it tries to cram 3 hours of a video game story in 30 minutes. The adaptation does do a great job in showing off the major events in the game with interesting choices that provide good entertainment.[embed]33673:4615:0[/embed]"Hacking to the Gate" by Kanako ItoAnime: Steins;GateA great adaptation that is the second entry in a trilogy of games from a collaboration between Nitroplus and 5pb. Considered significantly better than its predecessor, Chaos;Head, is about time travel and a world conspiracy of world domination that starts off with a microwave that can turn bananas in gel. Watch it.[embed]33673:4616:0[/embed]"Digimon Theme Song"Anime: Digimon: Digital MonstersA classic known to many anime fans who watched anime in the late 90's in the US, this one is from a time when anime openings were localized for release in the US. This is interesting because there are things slightly unchanged in the show such as the characters' names, which is quite rare at the time.[embed]33673:4617:0[/embed]"Up On the Sky, The Wind Sings" by KalafinaAnime: Fate/Stay NightAn anime adaptation of a light novel that is a prequel to a visual novel that had a bad anime adaptation. This one is very dark in tone with has great production values written by the guy behind a lot of grimdark stuff, Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Saya no Uta), so abandon all hope ye who watch.So which is your favorite anime adaptation of a video game? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!
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Game and Watch
Anime and video games come together like fried chicken and ketchup. I put fried chicken on my ketchup. There are plenty of anime-based games and game-based anime so today let's focus on a few anime based on video games.

Week Ender - SEED Edition

Mar 21 // Red Veron
[embed]33660:4602:0[/embed]"River" by Tatsuya IshiiPossibly in my top 10 favorite endings of all time, this one starts off with nice guitar playing and soulful vocals.[embed]33660:4606:0[/embed]"Although We Were Always Together" by See-sawAn upbeat pop song that really accentuated the messy stuff in the beginning of the show as the characters were drawn into the conflict.[embed]33660:4604:0[/embed]"Find the Way" by Mika NakashimaA gentle ballad that's pretty soothing. This one was towards the end of the show where things were getting more serious.[embed]33660:4605:0[/embed]"Reason" by Nami TamakiSimilar to the first ending in SEED, this upbeat song for Destiny gets you ready for how everything in the show is ramping up.Don't see your favorite Gundame SEED ending? Call me bad stuff and tell me which one in the comments below!BONUS[embed]33660:4607:0[/embed]
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Neutron Jammin' Canceller
I have spoken to many anime fans and it seems that Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny elicits a very mixed reaction. There are those who absolutely love it and those who think it's the worse thing ever. I sit in the middle of those...

OP Up! Green Edition

Mar 18 // Red Veron
[embed]33648:4595:0[/embed]"Guri Guri"Anime: Green GreenSo I wanted to start this off with an anime named Green Green. Based off a H game, this anime adaptation has no H stuff in it but has a lot of nudity. Set in an all-boys school that is about to merge with an all-girls, a few girls are sent to the boy's school for a test run. Nothing can go wrong right? All those hormone-driven boys with a few girls.[embed]33648:4596:0[/embed]"Lum's Love Song"Anime: Urusei YatsuraHere's an anime classic that many old school fans may recognize. Urusei Yatsura was a manga from Inuyasha author Rumiko Takahashi that ran from 1978 to 1987 and an anime that ran from 1981 to 1986.It featured aliens called Oni trying conquer earth but give earthlings a chance by holding a competition of tag against the Oni princess Lum. High school student Ataru Miroboshi wins the competition through a fluke and through a misunderstanding, Lum mistakenly thinks that Ataru proposed to her. Ataru, his girlfriend Shinobu, and Lum become tangled in a love triangle of hijinks, comical electrocutions, and other antics.[embed]33648:4597:0[/embed]"Colors" by FLOWAnime: Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionThe mysterious character, C2 (or C.C. because of the subs), has green hair. She also likes Pizza Hut. Pizza is from Italy. Italy is close to Ireland. St Patrick's Day is an Irish thing, right?[embed]33648:4598:0[/embed]"Kero! and March"Anime: Sgt FrogSgt Frog is a pretty fun series that you can watch with younger viewers and if you watch the english dub, there are some nice jokes that adults can appreciate that go over kid's heads. This one is on here because you know, even alien frogs are green.BONUS VIDEO:[embed]33648:4599:0[/embed]"Kiseki" by GreeeenHugh Jackman in a Toyota CommercialYeah, this one sounds awkward because of that english translation for that great Japanese song by the band Greeeen.
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It was St. Patrick's Day yesterday so...
Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day, a day that people in the US use as an excuse to pinch others not wearing green, wear green, and get drunk in the middle of the day. I am writing in this in the past so why not use this as a ...

Annotated Anime: One Piece 684

Mar 15 // Anthony Redgrave
It turns out I was semi-correct in Luffy's escape from Pica's raging fist, he blew himself up into a balloon and used the air to propel himself and Law to safety. Finding Zoro and making a horrible joke about being 'hanged' they continue towards the palace. Along the way they encounter our favourite attention seeking pirate Cabbage Cavendish. He has had a change of heart and no longer wants to kill Luffy. Instead he returns Law's white cap and announces he will be the one to kill Doflamingo to obtain the undivided attention of the media. This annoys Luffy to no end as his desire to kick Doflamingo's ass is greater due to owing Rebecca for lunch. The gladiatorial get together doesn't end there as most contestants gather at Luffy's location, all proclaiming they will kill Doflamingo as gratitude for Usopp freeing them when they were toys. Much to Luffy's chargrin, he proceeds towards the palace with his new entourage. As they approach Pica, the group gets the attention of the stone behemoth by mocking his voice. Pica delivers another island shaking blow towards the gladiators but is stopped by the combined power of Chinjao and King Elizabello II.  Not a very plot moving episode this week but at least we got to see some good ol' One Piece humour. That's what I really enjoy about One Piece at the end of the day. It has some amazing lore and can get really serious as the arc starts to climax, but it still knows when to lighten the mood with wacky villains or having the main characters goof off.
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Let's all be friends!
Over the past few weeks, I've been re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with a friend. He enjoys the characters, setting, martial arts, and story because Avatar is a really good show. But the last two episodes we've seen; T...

Week Ender - Kenshin Edition

Mar 14 // Red Veron
[embed]33631:4583:0[/embed]"Heart of Sword"A TM Revolution song that is very much 90's Japanese rock.[embed]33631:4584:0[/embed]"Fourth Avenue Cafe"Another very 90's J-rock song.[embed]33631:4585:0[/embed]"It's Gonna Rain"A sweet song that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling with the characters looking at the rain.[embed]33631:4586:0[/embed]"1/3 True Feelings"My favorite one of all the Rurouni Kenshin endings, this one is odd with images of going down a railroad and railroad lights flashing that sort of suits the song.So which one is your favorite ending from Rurouni Kenshin? SHARE BELOW IN THE COMMENTS
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Wandering Samurai X
I'm sure plenty of y'all out there grew up with the very popular Samurai X and saw it as it aired on Toonami in the late 90's in the US. In 2012, Rurouni Kenshin got a live action film adaptation and got two sequels in 2014.L...

OP Up! Samurai Edition

Mar 11 // Red Veron
[embed]33624:4576:0[/embed]"Freckles"Anime: Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)Let's start off with the anime popularized the red-haired, cross scarred samurai across the world. "Freckles" is a surprisingly great song for an anime about a former assassin and it gets even more surprising once you learn the lyrics are about love, sugarcubes, and horoscopes. So much nostalgia for meeeee.[embed]33624:4577:0[/embed]"Tougenkyou Alien"Anime: GintamaYes, Gintama is a samurai anime. Let me give you my quick summary of Gintama: Imagine Samurai X but instead of westerners taking over Japan, it's space aliens. Oh and it's mostly an outrageous comedy that occasionally has Japanese pop culture references and fourth wall breaking. It sometimes gets serious and gets really good action and drama done in 4-5 episodes.The opening above encapsulates my summary: Lots of zany characters and antics then transitions into something serious with action with some scary bad guys scarily posing.[embed]33624:4578:0[/embed]"Battlecry"Anime: Samurai ChamplooCreated by the same people who made the anime hit Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo was also intended for a western audience and blended hip-hop culture with a samurai tale. Like Cowboy Bebop, Champloo had a great soundtrack (though not as strong as the former) that helped this samurai hip-hop infusion to be one anime that is still remembered to this day. Do you have any favorite samurai in anime or manga? Or did I forget any samurai anime openings?Share below in the comments, I would love to hear from you lovely people (Yes, you. You're lovely).BONUS:Way of the Samurai 4 - Night Crawling (AKA Sexy Time)[embed]33624:4579:0[/embed]
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Reversed Edge Redemption
So I just saw the third live action movie adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The live action film trilogy of Ruroni Kenshin were surprisingly good: great action choreography, beautifully...

Week Ender - Chuunibyou Edition

Mar 07 // Red Veron
[embed]33612:4561:0[/embed]"RURU"Anime: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (US Title: Ground Control to Electromagnetic Girl)Super adorable ending to Denpa Onna, this one is about a boy who goes to live with his aunt and his cousin. Turns out his cousin is a bit of an oddball who claims that she was abducted by aliens. The boy forges a friendship with her and meets other girls along the way and stuff happens. Cute and fun with some mystery in there.[embed]33612:4562:0[/embed]"INSIDE iDENTITY"Anime: Chunibyo, Love and Other DelusionsFrom the anime that inspired this week's selection and popularized the term "chuunibyou" as well, this ending features the gals of the show in a music video style ending. We've seen this before in the other works of Kyoto Animation, the studio who produced this adaptation, such as K-On!.[embed]33612:4563:0[/embed]"You Gotta Love Me!"Anime: Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de (Super Powered Battles in Normal Life)This anime from TRIGGER, the studio who made KILL LA KILL, is about a boy who is a chuunibyou who suddenly develops powers along with the other members of his club. As the title might nor might suggest, the cast just goes around in their live with their powers but not really using them in battles. An interesting premise for a fantasy harem comedy.[embed]33612:4564:0[/embed]"Tomare"Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2Now this one is a bit odd, since the titular character Haruhi is sort of a reverse chuunibyou, she seeks the supernatural yet cannot find it but unbeknownst to her, it might be right around the corner. I wouldn't want to spoil this for anyone who hasn't seen this one yet but this slice of life comedy is a must see for any anime fan. It still holds up to this day even though it's about ten years old(!).So do y'all have any chuunibyou delusional characters that you like? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!---OR FACE THE WRATH OF MY ETERNAL FIST OF DARK DEATHBLADEGUNSWORDDDDDD!!!
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The term "Chuunibyou" translates to "Second Year Middle School Syndrome" and is simply defined as "one who has delusions of grandeur". Those who have it, mainly young teens in the second year of middle school, believe that th...

OP Up! Late Adaptation Edition

Mar 05 // Red Veron
[embed]33604:4552:0[/embed]"Wake Up"Anime: Moyashimon ReturnsYear: 2012 (Last Prior Anime Episode aired in 2007)Moyashimon is a great slice of life comedy anime about students in agriculture college that took about five years until it got a second season. Much has changed between 2007 and 2012, and it's not just that everyone suddenly had iPhones instead of flip phones. Character designs had changed because of the recent shift with "moe" trends, and it did not suit the show well in my opinion.[embed]33604:4553:0[/embed]"Plenty of Grit"Anime: Slayers RevolutionYear: 2007 (Last Prior Anime Episode aired in 1997)I never really saw Slayers back in the day but I do know a few people who were jazzed to see the it come back after about a decade since the last anime episode.[embed]33604:4554:0[/embed]"Kimi ga Inai Mirai"Anime: Inuyasha - The Final ActYear: 2009 (Last Prior Anime Episode aired in 2004)Another insanely popular show from the early 2000's anime boom, it was a bit weird who it took almost five years to continue the adaptation. I've only seen a little bit of the show but this opening is pretty rockin' and has my interest with seeing "older" character design sensibilities with more contemporary animation technology.[embed]33604:4555:0[/embed]"Kimi, Meguru, Boku"Anime: Itazura na KissYear: 2008 (Source Material is from 1990)This one is very interesting, Itazura na Kiss is a shoujo romance manga that ran from 1990 to 1999. It had plenty of live action adaptations as early as 1996 but did not get an anime adaptation until 2008. Seeing character designs from 1990 in an anime in 2008 was a unique experience for me, who dislikes  most character designs from that era with certain exceptions.[embed]33604:4556:0[/embed]"Let Me Hear"Anime: Parasyte - The Maxim -Year: 2014 (Source Material is from 1988)Parasyte definitely takes the crown for longest time between manga debut and anime adaptation with almost 27 years, it's definitely older than I am. I haven't seen this one but I'm saving it for binging later.I'm definitely looking forward to see if it holds up with almost three decades of progress can affect a story from back then to be set in modern times (since we have things like the internet, smart phones, and Lady Gaga now).What's a late anime adaptation that comes to your mind? Share in the comments below!
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Better late than never
I apologize for the late post of Japanator's premiere anime opening roundup feature (Sorry, Len) due to my sudden illness because of crazy bipolar Houston weather where it's 83F (28C) one day and then it's 43F(6C) the next da...

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 683

Mar 01 // Anthony Redgrave
  The Straw Hats fight against Issho while Law is left on the floor like yesterday's garbage, but the intense marine on pirate action is interrupted by the appearance of our favourite stone golem thing, Pica. Turns out that Pica isn't a weird creature but a person with an uncharacteristically high voice. He's built like a giant but has the voice of a squeaky toy. Very amusing for henchmen and Straw Hats but not for Pica. We get some exposition regarding Doflamingo's backstory and why his crew is named the Doflamingo family instead of pirates. He killed is father and lost his mother so never really had a family. Instead he made one out of his executives and won't allow people to mock them. This is quite touching from a man that makes his earnings from underground slavery, illegal weapon sales, and trafficking.  Elsewhere in Dressrosa, the B team continue to head towards the palace to rendezvous with Luffy and the others. I'm guessing Luffy forgot about this seeing that he jumped off the palace to beat up Doflamingo. They continue round the colosseum and aim for the base of the palace only to be halted by the fact that there isn't a convenient way up the palace wall. Fortunately Robin's powers become useful as she makes a ladder out of her arms. Convenience comes in many forms and Robin's powers are sometimes the definition of that word.  During the ascent Pica makes his big play and becomes a colossus straight out of the Team Ico game. He's big, he's menacing, and from the citizen's comments this isn't the first time they've seen him. However the usually high voice is too much for Luffy and Zoro as the threatening tension is broken by the laughter of the Straw Hat captain. The episode concludes with Luffy and Law getting crushed by the enormous fist of Pica as Zoro is blasted away by the shock wave. My predictions for next time is; Luffy became a balloon so absorbed the impact, he punched the fist to break it, or Law uses room somehow in the nick of time and saves them both. If 683 episodes of One Piece has taught me anything, it's that anything is possible within some degrees of reason. Probably.  
One Piece photo
Rumble in Dressrosa
It seems wherever the Straw Hats go, there will always be chaos. It's pretty rare for them to land on an island, wait peacefully for the log pose to adjust then carry on without getting into an 8 episode fight. I'm ...

Week Ender - Naruto Edition

Feb 28 // Red Veron
[embed]33587:4538:0[/embed]"Lost Words"Year: 2005A nice slow, sentimental rock song with Naruto and Sakura being all sad about Sasuke being away doing his thing. Well, you won't see him for  a few years so I suggest they do something else.[embed]33587:4539:0[/embed]"Speed"Year: 2005I love the animation in this one with the crude line art. The minimal art design is still very expressive in this one. A fun watch seeing Naruto in his room playing PS1 and doing other stuff on a rainy day.[embed]33587:4540:0[/embed]"Michi~ To you all"Year: 2007I've featured this one before and I love it because it has the Naruto cast in a highschool life setting. You get an entire story in the course of one ending and a glimpse of the cast in what they would be if they were just normal high schoolers and not ninjas in drawn out battles of escalation. I long for a spinoff manga featuring this ending. The song is great as well. Get on dat, Kishimoto! You want my money, right?[embed]33587:4541:0[/embed]"My Answer"Year: 2009I chose one for one reason. Bikinis. Hey, at least I didn't pick the one from the pre-time skip anime ending when the girls were 12. Gross.[embed]33587:4543:0[/embed]"Bacchikoi!!!"Year: 2009I like this one because it's funnier and lighter ending probably because it was the ending for a filler arc. Everyone loves fillers, right? Nope. Though his absurd ending featuring the Naruto cast can ease the pain of the fans who have to suffer through the inconsequential and pointless filler episodes. I like that.BONUSBest Naruto Opening ever:[embed]33587:4542:0[/embed]What's your favorite Naruto ending? Share below in the comments.
Week Ender photo
The Last of the End
The Naruto manga is officially done and with the Naruto: The Last movie, the story of Naruto is officially over. It's been a long 15 years since Naruto began back in 1999 in Japan, when Bill Clinton was still in the White Hou...

OP Up! Naruto Edition

Feb 25 // Red Veron
Naruto Openings:[embed]33573:4527:0[/embed]"Haruka Kanata" by Asian Kung-Fu GenerationYear: 2003 I did not like the first Naruto opening but I absolutely loved this second one by the band Asian Kung-fu Generation, a favorite band of mine (whatever happened to them?). Definitely more action-oriented with a fast rock song, this is when Naruto started to get really serious and this opening just got that message across well.[embed]33573:4528:0[/embed]"Sadness in kindness" by little by littleYear: 2003An emotionally gentler song with some images of the childhood of the Naruto cast, this one hits you in the feels central but still has a fast pace for some action in there.[embed]33573:4529:0[/embed]"GO!!!" by FLOWYear: 2004A lighter song with some great beats that make you wanna get up and jump up and down with your fist in the air. It's got some comedic bits with some action in the later version of the opening, overall a great opening that captures Naruto's spirit.Naruto Shippuden Openings:[embed]33573:4530:0[/embed]"Hero's Come Back!!" by nobodyknows+Year: 2007A strong first opening for Naruto: Shippuden after years of suffering through pointless and inconsequential filler episodes. A great upbeat hip-hop song full of spirit with the right title. Makes you feel how much Naruto is such a boss.[embed]33573:4532:0[/embed]"Distance" by LONG SHOT PARTYYear: 2007After the first strong opening full of excitement and tenacity, this second opening is a high tempo song about friendship and fighting through the odds to cherish that friendship. Perfect song for the events in the anime with a lot of great dynamic animation.[embed]33573:4533:0[/embed]"Diver" by NICO Touches the WallsYear: 2010I took a hiatus from the Shippuden for a while and when I came back a couple of years later, this absolutely great opening welcomed me back and it's really good. Great symbolism with Naruto sinking into the abyss, Sasuke being a dick with helping Naruto drown. Just when you thought it was over, Naruto's friends come along and catch him to push him back up (I see Sai copping a feel too).There's about 25 total Naruto openings, that's a lot. So which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below.
OP Up! photo
The Last is here. Believe it.
Naruto: The Last just premiered last weekend in theaters across the United States and the story of Naruto Uzumaki's adventures has come to a close. It's been 16 years since the first chapter of the Naruto manga was published ...

Week Ender - My Favorites Edition

Feb 21 // Red Veron
[embed]33555:4512:0[/embed]"Kyou Kara Asu E"Anime: Gate KeepersYear: 2000An old favorite of mine from the early 2000's, Gate Keepers is an anime adaptation of the manga and Playstation Role Playing Game of the same name. This one is a favorite because of the nice imagery of a sunset on a school rooftop. I love the use of simple imagery with a sweet nostalgic song that sounds like it's from a long time ago, much like when Gate Keepers is set.[embed]33555:4513:0[/embed]"Your Song*"Anime: Log HorizonYear: 2013I love this one and its so happy. Akatsuki just walking around being cute is soothing along with everyone doing their thing in the background.[embed]33555:4514:0[/embed]"River" by Tatsuya IshiiAnime: Gundam SeedYear: 2002Possibly my number one favorite if I had to choose. Gundam Seed was from a time when I got back into anime. Its a great slow song to end those episodes full of action and drama. Gundam Seed may not be the best anime but it has one the best soundtracks with the quality and diversity songs they used for openings and endings.[embed]33555:4515:0[/embed]"Hanafubuki"Anime: Tokyo MajinYear: 2007I loved Tokyo Majin when it came out back in the day, it was stylish and dark with cool action. A great song to end each episode, especially for the episodes that end on a surprising note. I have this ending song as well as the opening song on my iPod and still have it on my playlists for working out.[embed]33555:4516:0[/embed]"Oto no Naru Hō e" by Goose HouseAnime: Silver Spoon S2Year: 2014A pretty happy ending for Silver Spoon season 2 performed by Goose House, the same people behind the opening for Your Lie in April. Just an overall song full of joy and life that gets you looking forward to the next episode.[embed]33555:4517:0[/embed]"Ichigo Ichie"Anime: AiuraYear: 2013A short and saccharine ending to a short slice-of-life comedy show with a great opening that involves a crab. I like short and sweet stuff. Much like the characters in the show.So what's your favorite ending? TELL ME!!!
Week Ender photo
I do what I want. Again.
So it was my birthday last wednesday so I chose to post some of my favorite openings over at OP Up! and now I am doing the same here on Week Ender. So here I am giving you a few of my favorites that I can remember off the top of my head. Most of these are happy because I like endings with a happy or uplifting tone.Hope y'all enjoy this week's selection.

OP Up! My Favorites Edition

Feb 18 // Red Veron
[embed]33540:4494:0[/embed]"Hyadain no Kakakata kataomoi-C" by HyadainAnime: NichijouYear: 2011Nichijou, one of my all time favorite anime has an opening that is so high quality much like the anime itself. The song, made by the internet-famous-now-mainstream music artist Hyadain, is a high on energy that just gives revs you up for some great off-the-wall comedy that provided by each episode of Nichijou.     [embed]33540:4495:0[/embed]"spiral" by DUSTZAnime: Blood-CYear: 2011I love the Blood-C opening so much that I learned the lyrics hoping to sing it for karaoke but didn't get to when I found out that my local karaoke place took it off of the song list. Really good opening for an anime that was okay that ended on a cliffhanger that got a movie sequel that had pretty CG buildings and cars.Though I still like the show and love the great amount of the black and red colors, I also like and hate the insanely violent sequences at the end of the anime. I totally felt fear and disgust for those creatures. Then Production IG just fumbled it all up.   [embed]33540:4497:0[/embed]"Hyadain no Joujou no Yuujou" by HyadainAnime: NichijouYear: 2011Just as high quality as the first opening, Hyadain once again brings a great song to an opening that may even be better than the first. You still haven't seen Nichijou? What is wrong with you? Go watch it now. It's okay if you do it through means of a not savory kind because of it's unavailability in the great United States of America.   [embed]33540:4498:0[/embed]"Romance" by PENICILLINAnime: Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-sanYear: 1995One of the best low budget opening ever made, Sexy Commando is a low budget adaptation that is so painfully low budget that each episode is preceded by a warning from from the director's father. The opening also features live action footage of the band that performed the song in an attempt to pad out the opening along with recycled footage from the show itself.Yes, the show is very low budget but it's still really absurd and hilarious. It's still worth a watch, I would tell you about it but it would ruin the ridiculous surprises in the show. All I can say is that the "Sexy Commando" technique is a fighting style that involves catching an opponent by surprise and distracting them to the point that they are unable to fight.   [embed]33540:4499:0[/embed]"WORLD END" by Yui HorieAnime: Golden TimeYear: 2014Golden Time's second opening above is a favorite of mine because of how melodramatic it is and just slowly builds up in the beginning and erupts into a high tempo orchestral piece. It's an okay song, but I just love running to this song and remembering the drama in Golden Time. Ghost Banri is a butt.[embed]33540:4500:0[/embed]"Itsudatte" by DaisukeAnime: Horou Musuko (Wandering Son)Year: 2011I always looked forward to the opening to Wandering Son, it always evokes a feeling of nostalgia for me (who went to a Asian school) and the simple imagery of an empty school in early morning just feels good. You wouldn't expect this to be an opening to an anime drama about a coming-of-age of middle school kids and their search for their identity.BONUS[embed]33540:4501:0[/embed]What? You gonna go into a 5 minute tirade on how this is the worst thing ever? Lighten up, enjoy how ridiculous this song is and just have fun with it. Life is too short to be constantly angry about everything.
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I do what I want
This week's theme is about my personal favorites, but not all of them since I really can't keep track of all of them. Why is it about a few of my favorites? Because it's my birthday today and I do what I want. Honestly, I jus...

Week Ender - Presidents Edition

Feb 15 // Red Veron
[embed]33525:4479:0[/embed]"Mirai Nights"Anime: Seitokai YakuindomoYear: 2014A surprisingly sweet ending from a show with lewd humor, Seitokai Yakuindomo is an anime filled with dirty jokes. I mean pretty much that's what it is, dirty jokes framed in an anime school setting which is due to the fact that it is adapted from a four-panel manga. If you like a sorta harem-ish setting with dirty jokes, go for it.   [embed]33525:4480:0[/embed]"Yokan"Anime: Maid Sama!Year: 2010 Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president of the newly co-ed Seika High, where female students are still outnumbered by the males. Misaki is hard working and respected by many but she has a secret: she works at a maid cafe! Being a shoujo anime, soon the popular pretty boy Takami Usui finds out her secret and helps her protect it to maintain the respect Misaki as a student council president. A nice ending with Takami being dreamy and Misaki being all cute with her many expressions. I had fun watching the series, this would be a nice introduction to shoujo for those interested in the genre.   [embed]33525:4481:0[/embed]"Shugoshin Paradox"Anime: Medaka Box AbnormalYear: 2012 Possibly the last good anime to come out of the once great studio GAINAX who made amazing shows such as Gurren Lagann and FLCL, Medaka Box was perfect for adaptation for the studio known for it's incredible over-the-top insanity and raising the scales to unimaginable levels.Medaka Box is about Medaka Kurokami, possibly the most perfect student ever, charismatic and beautiful and is elected as student council in her first year of high school by a landslide of 98% the votes. Medaka sets out to help out the students of her school, from improving things quality of life to fighting bullies but soon the scales of her challenges increase dramatically to great heights. The fights Medaka end up in are just ridiculous and you realize that this is a battle anime.If you liked Gainax anime in the past, check this one out because it seems like it's their last hurrah since it looks like all their good talent went over to TRIGGER.   [embed]33525:4484:0[/embed]"Best Friends"Anime: Love Lab!Year: 2013 Love Lab! was fun, it's about how Riko Kurahashi, a tombiyish girl at an all-girls school, who lies about her experiences in love and gets roped into helping the seemingly perfect student council president Natsuo Maki with her in researching romance and how to date guys. Very fun show with plenty of comedy, perfect for those who want to watch an all female cast without a dumb male character to ruin it. Maki does have a crudely made dakimakura so I don't think that counts.   [embed]33525:4482:0[/embed]"Precious"Anime: Seitokai no IchizonYear: 2009 Seitokai no Ichizon is a harem anime but its the kind where the females bully the lead male and don't give him much affection. This is because in Seitokai no Ichizon's Hekiyou academy, the student council is chosen through a popularity contest except for the vice president position whose position is filled by the top scoring student. That top scoring student happens to be Ken Sugisaki, the lone male in the female dominated student council, is intent into turning the student council into his harem.Though Ken sounds like a creep, he's not a bad person but he is an idiot. Seitokai no Ichizon is about the daily comedic interactions and metahumor involving the student council through Ken making games and writing novels. It's a fun harem-ish anime that even my friend who dislikes harem enjoyed the show.     BONUS:Metal Wolf Chaos[embed]33525:4483:0[/embed]This is a video game where you play as the President of the US (POTUS) who is piloting a giant robot (with the seal of the POTUS on it) and is fighting the Vice President in his own giant robot. Why are they fighting? Who cares! It's full of cheeseball anime Dragon Ball Z style yelling while giant robots fight each other with guns and missiles.Who's your favorite anime character president? Or who do you think would be a great president?
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Thanks, Obama-chan
It's President's Day weekend in the US and I only know that because my brother who is in high school has a day off while I have to go learn Japanese. So why don't we have endings with presidents? What I really mean are presidents of student council in Anime.So with this flimsy excuse of a theme to make a selection of anime endings, have a look at the stuff I prepared below. Enjoy!

OP Up! Serious Dark Edition

Feb 11 // Red Veron
"Abnormalize" performed by Ling Tosite SigureAnime: Psycho-PassYear: 2012A great song that I am looking forward to singing badly at karaoke because of the high note screaming (which I can pull off... badly). Really good opening to get you going for some futuristic sci-fi crime drama Psycho-Pass, fast unlike most drama anime openings but still gives you the feel that things are getting serious. [embed]33514:4454:0[/embed]"THE WORLD" performed by NightmareAnime: Death NoteYear: 2007One of the most popular anime and manga series in the past decade, the Death Note opening does not disappoint in edgy, dark, and dramatic imagery with a song to match. The Death Note anime soundtrack which is full of really sold nu metal songs and many are ridiculous and over-the-top that are also the opening and endings.   [embed]33514:4455:0[/embed]"Unravel" performed by TK from Ling Tosite SigureAnime: Tokyo GhoulYear:2014Tokyo Ghoul is one from last year that is one of my favorites even though I didn't get to finish the series. A great mix of with images of the show's characters and the song builds up then later climaxes with bursts of color with perfect timing. Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best of last year that I recommend people should check out if they haven't yet, I mean look at that opening--- it's simple but wonderfully done much like the show.   [embed]33514:4456:0[/embed]"Shell" Performed by BanaAnime: Witch Hunter RobinYear: 2002Definitely an old one from the early 2000's anime boom in the US. Witch Hunter Robin's opening is a great jazzy rock with guitars that I totally dig. The video pretty good too that's worthy of a 90's music video on MTV that looks well made for the time of its creation. I never got to finish this one but seeing this opening again has me itching to watch it again.   BONUS[embed]33514:4457:0[/embed] The darkest opening in this entire post. Do not let it fool you. Nice boats.I can't put everything on here so what's your favorite opening for anime that happens to serious and dark? Share it on comments below!If any of you receive any sweets or nice things this weekend, I hate you and your happiness.
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Anime is not always happy kawaii desu desu suru
Time to get down and dark! This time of the year fosters dark and depressing feelings for some of you out there who might find yourself lacking the company of a certain person. So we might as well go all out with those gloomy feelings with some anime openings to some dark and serious anime openings for this week.

Week Ender - Emotional Shounen Edition

Feb 07 // Red Veron
"Samurai Heart" by SPYAIRAnime: GintamaYear: 2011Samurai Heart is a bit more serious than most of the Gintama endings, which makes it stand out among the others that are lighter or funnier tone. While it is a faster paced song, SPYAIR's Samurai Heart is a song about loneliness and fighting that loneliness. Samurai Heart suits its current Gintama arc, which was about characters trying to find a place to belong in a big lonely world.Simple animation work with a great song is what I really like in endings. Samurai Heart does that well and packs that emotional punch especially when the arc ends and continues to play with the epilogue. So good. I really dig this song and even studied the lyrics for karaoke only to be disappointed to find that they took out of rotation at my favorite karaoke place.[embed]33505:4446:0[/embed]"Michi, to you all" by AlutoAnime: Naruto: ShipuudenYear: 2007This one is a favorite of mine that is still on my iPod to this day. Combining two things I love; alternate universe fiction to an established universe, and a school anime setting. We get to see the newly time-skipped characters of Naruto: Shippuden in a school anime setting, a concept that I loved the moment I saw it. I still hold out hope that we get a spinoff in that setting .Michi starts off with a passionate violin intro and carried through by some nice vocals set to some nice manga page illustrations featuring the teenage cast of Naruto: Shippuden in a normal school life setting. The pages feature the various school life manga cliches that provide a different glimpse of the characters of Naruto. Even though the setting is different, we still get to see the bond they share together reflecting the lyrics of the song.[embed]33505:4447:0[/embed]"Life is like a boat" by Rie FuAnime: BleachYear: 2005The first ending for the popular shounen action series Bleach still remains very memorable to many who've seen the show since the beginning. This takes me back to when I was getting into anime again and early Bleach episodes were pretty great (until those seemingly never ending slow paced arcs started). Bleach has always been very good with its openings and endings, even with the simple ones like this one. A very straightforward and sweet ending sequence, Life is like a boat is a beautiful song to accompany the minimal but nicely efficient ending animation.[embed]33505:4448:0[/embed]"Motherland" by Crystal KayAnime: Fullmetal AlchemistYear: 2005A very beautiful and soulful song performed by Crystal Kay, Motherland, is another great ending song that is up there with the other songs in this post. The ending features Winry Rockbell, female lead of Fullmetal Alchemist, and Den, her automail equipped dog. OH MY GAWD they're so cuuuuuuuute. Look at the automail doggy typing on a typewriter. JUST LOOK. Winry and Den are so adorbs.What's your favorite shounen anime ending sequences that rouses up feelings of gentle and tender emotions? You know, the ones with slower sad or bittersweet songs that aren't really happy-happy. Share in the comments. Sorry if I could not articulate properly, I've been ill.
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The Softer Side of Shounen
This weekend's edition of Week Ender is about the gentler emotions we find in the endings of shounen action genre. The shounen action genre is known for the hot blooded explosive emotions such as anger or excitement but today we explore the anime endings that are calmer and focuses on the more quiet reflection of all the events that we have just seen in the show.

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