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9:35 AM on 03.26.2014

New Macross TV anime announced, no details whatsoever

At the end of a TV rerun of Macross Frontier that ended earlier today, a surprise graphics showed up on the TV sets of those watching it in the Kanto region of Japan. The large, dark and familiarly shaped robot background sha...

Jeff Chuang


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10:00 AM on 02.20.2014

The Dose: Old School Thursday

Oh man, Macross Frontier how I love thee. As a huge fan of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross series and movie, I was unfortunately continually disappointed with the follow up shows. While, each had their redeemin...

Hiroko Yamamura

11:00 AM on 02.10.2014

Robotech Movie gets fan remaster

As much as I've loved any franchise, I don't think I've put as much work into anything as much as Robotech Motion Comics has in this video they posted back in November of 2013. In it, they remastered Robotech: The Movie by pu...

Pedro Cortes

2:00 PM on 12.18.2013

Macross Frontier movies get a new box-set

If you have been a longtime listener of Japanator AM of used to watch the Live Show, you probably know how much I hate the Macross Frontier films. Sure, the first movie, Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Songstress wasn'...

Hiroko Yamamura

12:00 PM on 12.02.2013

Megumi Nakajima taking a break from music

Megumi Nakajima has announced via her website that she's taking an "indefinite break" from her musical career. However, she'll be continuing voice acting for the foreseeable future. Most will remember Nakagima as the green-ha...

Pedro Cortes

2:00 PM on 11.22.2013

Look more like Sheryl Nome with these new accessories

Did you want to be more like Sheryl from Macross Frontier? Well, who wouldn't? She's hot, has a great voice and is likely richer than most deities. Well, there's the whole being sick side-angle, but you can look over that. Fo...

Pedro Cortes

10:00 AM on 09.18.2013

A Daily Dose of Anime: The show that made us fall in love

Remember when you first started watching anime? Perhaps your friends in high school or college were whispering about some incredibly provocative show, or swapping bad copies of VHS tapes behind the bleachers. Maybe you had c...

Hiroko Yamamura

12:00 PM on 08.15.2013

Macross celebrates its 30th anniversary in Yokohama

It looks as though the celebrations for Macross's 30th anniversary aren't quite over yet! This time the beloved series makes its appearance in Yokohama's historic Chinatown are, which also happens to be the fictional birthpl...

Hiroko Yamamura

10:00 AM on 06.03.2013

A Daily Dose of Final Blows: Macross Frontier

It's all led up to this. Our hero has been bruised and battered, and on the bring of defeat. What can saved the day? Is there any hope left for humanity? In anime, you can alway count on the final blow! This week your favori...

Hiroko Yamamura

2:00 PM on 05.29.2013

Bandai's going to sell you another Macross plamo

The goodies celebrating the 30th anniversary of Super Dimension Fortress Macross have't stopped yet, and there's a hot new commercial to sell you the business. Sure, there's a gazillion model kits ba...

Hiroko Yamamura

12:00 PM on 02.26.2013

We get one last visit from Crappy Sheryl

Oh poorly drawn Sheryl. I'm going to miss you. As the launch day for Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy is only a couple days away, we are presented one final, bittersweet seminar from our Chibi Galacti...

Hiroko Yamamura

12:00 PM on 02.22.2013

Take a look at Macross 30's lovely animation

As you probably expected, The upcoming PS3 Macross shooter, Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy includes some gorgeous looking animation. As the game's voice connects the Macross timelines, we get some interesting...

Hiroko Yamamura