Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica

Become meguca and fight the flu with this Kyubey mask

Jan 15
Having the flu is suffering! Thankfully, the wise old wizards at gonoturn have made the perfect tool to help protect yourself from the terror of germs: half of Kyubey's face. Yes, the creepy cutie from Madoka Magica can affix... read
Madoka Third Movie

Third Madoka film to have English subs in Japan

Perfect if you have deep pockets.
Jan 13
Are you getting Madoka withdrawal symptoms? Want something to cure that itch? Well, assuming you've got some money to play with, you could consider putting in a pre-order for the Japanese release of the third movie, Pue... read
The final film in the Madoka trilogy...
Last week, fans finally had an opportunity to attend screenings of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion, the third and final chapter of the trilogy. Given the ending of the previous film -- or the series itself, see... read feature

Madoka Magica

Make the ladies jealous with your Madoka Magica sweater

It'll be the best $130 you spend all year
Nov 02
Are you ready for the latest hot drop in the world of menswear? You'd better call up your dealer in Japan, because Cospa is about to drop this Madoka Magica needlepoint sweater and workshirt combo that will make Yeezy jealous... read
Madoka Magica

Third Madoka film tops Japanese box office

Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story rakes in the dough.
Oct 31
The third and final Madoka film hit theaters this past weekend and surprise, surprise, it did very well! It looks like tons of fans lined up to catch Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story in theaters, giving it a healthy opening... read
Madoka Magica

Latest trailer for Madoka Magica Vita game blasts in

Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram game arrives in December.
Oct 30
Soon Japanese gamers will be able to get their Madoka fix on the go! A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Playstation Vita game, Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram. This isn't a regular pentagram, you fools, thi... read
Madoka Magica

Final Madoka Magica film gets a 90 sec trailer

Bad things will probably happen
Oct 24
Some of you might not be aware of this, but Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion- hits Japanese theaters on Saturday. It's hard to believe that we finally seem to be reaching the end of this long, dark magical girl journey.&nb... read
Valentine's Day

Magical Girl chocolates bound to impress somebody

However, it might not impress who you want
Oct 22
Want to confess your love to a lady and let her know you love magical girls? No? Well, for the few that did say yes, a set of Madoka and Sailor Moon chocolates are up for order on the Premium Bandai store front. Coming in at&... read
Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion- trailer subtitled!

Aniplex provides fans with a subtitled trailer for the upcoming movie.
Oct 16
So you're all set for the final Madoka Magica film, -Rebellion-, right? You've picked up your tickets and have planned your road trip to the theater (because it's that one theater that's kind of close to you but a little out... read
Turn off your phone!

Madoka Magica x Monogatari shorts coming soon

New shorts before 3rd Madoka Magica film.
Oct 07
Looks like the third Puella Magi Madoka Magica film in Japan will get something extra! SHAFT has announced they'll be releasing four Madoka Magica x Monogatari shorts that will air prior to the movie encouraging courtesy and ... read
Madoka Magica PS3 game

Madoka enters a new contract by becoming a PS Vita game

Social segments and 3D action gameplay unite to make you suffer.
Sep 11
[Update: It turns out that Famitsu made an error in their coverage about Battle Pentagram, and the game is actually going to be for the Vita instead. Also, some new scans have been added.] Madoka Magica The Movie III: Rebelli... read
A new Madoka character

More Contracts! A new character joins Madoka's third film

Kyubey is getting those papers ready.
Sep 03
It looks like I missed Kyubey's memo earlier during the day, but that doesn't mean that this is going to be huge! So what's this big event that's been getting me intrigued? Well, Madoka Magica the Movie III: Rebellion will be... read
Yen Press's newest titles

JX: Yen Press gets SAO, Accel World, and more

Yen Press is on a roll!
Aug 23
Well what do you know, Yen Press has pulled an interesting wild card at the first Japan Expo USA, and it's another beacon of hope for people that wish to see more light novels in North America! To those that have been wishing... read
Madoka Movie 3 trailer

Madoka Magica Rebellion's confusing trailer gets subbed

Now you can see what everyone is saying.
Jul 17
If you weren't able to understand the dialogue during the last trailer for Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion-, Aniplex USA has uploaded the current trailer with English subtitles. While it gives us a chance to rea... read
Madoka Movie 3 showings

YES! Madoka Movie 3 gets a US, CAN, and France showing

My prayers have been answered!
Jul 08
Kyubey has made his verdict at Japan Expo 2013, and Madoka Magica the Movie III: Rebellion will be shown in the United States, Canada, and France! In other words, you can thank good old Sal for offering his soul to Kyubey to ... read
Madoka Movie 3 info

Home Run! New details about Madoka's third movie surface

Homura's hitting those home runs in October!
Jul 04
The magical climax that we've been waiting for is transforming again, and Mezamashi Terebi has taken a step into Shaft's studio to scope out the latest stuff about Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion! During the segm... read

Error fixed: Madoka's third film to premiere in the fall

Even big magazines can make mistakes from time to time.
Mar 04
Well, that was a bit embarrassing (not on my behalf), because Smart, the magazine that revealed the summer premiere for Madoka Magica's third movie, has made a huge miscalculation in their post. Thanks to a report b... read

It keeps on going: Sandy gets a taste of Madoka's magic

Will we see more showtimes in the US?
Feb 28
Oh snap, the contract express is still on course, and the people of Sandy, Utah are next on the list of places that will be showing the first two Madoka movies. Will this be the last that we hear from Kyubey's collaborat... read

Ending complete: Madoka's third film gets a premiere date

The Puella Magi movie trilogy comes to an end.
Feb 23
As Kyubey's massive contract spree comes to a close, a new listing appears in the form of the ultimate closure for becoming a Puella Magi. In accordance to this new piece of information, the final part of the Madoka Magica mo... read

Kyubey is back: Madoka takes a right turn in Albuquerque

April has nowhere to run.
Feb 03
Making Puella Magis is some serious business, and Aniplex's contract has yet to diminish. Kyubey is lucky that he's not a gray rabbit, because his next destination is one that most underground travelers tend to miss. Thanks t... read
Will the gun wielding Puella Magi triumph over the Magus Killer?
*ding, ding, ding* It's over! Red XIII is taking quite a blow from Repede's swift knife attacks -- very impressive, Repede. And right as Repede readies one of his Artes, Red XIII attacks with Cosmo Memory. Luckily, ... read feature

Which anime ruled the sales?
While all my fellow Japanator writers are busy picking and choosing the best anime, music, and games of the year, I'll be bringing in a look at which anime inspired the most merchandise based on what I've seen in the way of f... read feature

Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tulsa receive Madoka's blessing

You are next, January.
Dec 11
[Update: Washington, DC is becoming the capital of contracts, because the Madoka movies are going to be shown there as well.] Watch out, January. You have nowhere to go, because Kyubey is eating up your days with his precious... read

Cheers! Boston joins the Madoka Magica contract party

Now that's something that we can all drink to.
Dec 08
I am proud of you, Aniplex, because you guys are putting the effort in going all out for the Madoka Magica double feature. And best of all, you are exceeding my expectations for your deadly contract spree. ... read

Raise your gems up: Portland jumps on the Madoka wagon

Keep it up, Aniplex!
Dec 05
Congratulations, lucky people of Portland, because you are all going to get your contracts soon. As you become part of the Madoka movie showings, Aniplex is one step closer towards making December the month of ... read

Extra, extra: More cities sign up for Madoka screenings

The contract that keeps on signing.
Nov 28
[Update: Aniplex USA has revealed that the Madoka showings are returning to LA.] Madoka Magica USA has not given up on those contracts, because three more cities are getting a visit from Kyubey. To an extent, it's l... read

YES! South FL, Atlanta, and Columbus get some Madoka love

Bring on the contract love!
Nov 21
I think that Kyubey is watching us, because the people that are close to Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, and Columbus are getting blessed with the opportunity to become Puella Magis. However, the Fort Lauderdale showing is on a Sat... read

Being US is suffering: Madoka movies to invade more areas

More US cities are making contracts.
Nov 13
[Update: Madoka USA confirms that Seattle is getting more showings. Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Tampa are also jumping on the contract express.] Are you sad that Kyubey did not reach out to you? Well, there... read
Sure it's recap, but it's worth it
Having watched Madoka the movie, as someone who followed the TV series back in 2011, can I just say that it's basically the resonance of the Faustian deal as depicted by an ideal, that makes Madoka Magica's mark in ... read feature

NYCC '12: Yen Press adds Puella Magi spin-offs and more

Two new ways to make a contract.
Oct 15
If you thought that your Madoka fix has been quenched, think again! Yen Press is adding two Madoka Magica mangas in the form of Puella Magi Oriko Magica and Puella Magi Kazumi Magica. Both stories will most likely treat ... read

Rejoice, eight regions to show Madoka's first two movies

Eight contracts have been accepted.
Sep 15
Kyubey is sure on a roll today with his ultimate goal in getting people to form those contracts with him. If you happen to live in the United States, France, Italy, San Marino, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore, t... read

Madoka Magica's movie TV spot looks like a clip show

Aug 28
I am going to have to be perfectly honest with everyone on here, I have the least amount of instrest in checking out the two upcoming Madoka Magica films. Judging from today's TV ads, everything shown in this trailer is stuf... read

Japanator scored an one-on-one interview with Gen Urobuchi! I was able to get a short interview with the creator of Fate/Zero and the collaborator of Madoka Magica and ask a few questions about his outlook in writing for anim... read feature

It's been a while since we last checked in on Aniplex's beautiful Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Limited Edition Box sets. I think we can skip the review of the content, unless you've been living under a rock for the past year. ... read feature

Madoka films get some Claris and Kalafina loving

Jul 12
Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Shaft's take on the magical girl formula, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, made quite a stir in the anime community. I personally loved it, but I recognize that there's a group of people ... read

Nico Nico to stream Madoka Magica's finale in English

May 22
Looks like Nico Nico is not done with the contract that they made with Kyubey and Aniplex, since they are streaming the final episode of Madoka Magica in English before the final DVD and Blu-ray volume arrive in North Am... read

Madoka contracts with Sanrio

May 22
WIth all this crazy Hello Kitty licensing going on lately, fellow Sanrio cutie, My Melody did not want to left out of the action. Even I was a bit surprised by this team up!  Starting in July, My Melody will be doing a m... read

Make a contract and get a pair of Homura's glasses

May 02
I never thought that so many benefits can come from making a simple contract with Kyubey. Today, Cospa has decided to make a contract that will result in making Homura's glasses available to the public. These glasse... read

Happy Walpurgis Night!

Apr 30
Which magical girl will be there to save you? read

First Madoka film might be released this fall

Mar 18
The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: we've received news that Akiyuki Shinbo is seeking to release the first Puella Magi Madoka Magica film, aka The End of Madoka, sometime this fall. While very few details ... read

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