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8:00 AM on 03.13.2015

Beat Down Boogie shows off PAX East '15's cosplays and games

For a good while, I've been interested in attending one of the PAX conventions. Unfortunately, there were a few life-related events that prevented me from traveling to these events. Once again, Beat Down Boogie does another ...

Salvador GRodiles

2:00 AM on 09.06.2013

PAX: Cosplay

At every convention that I go to the first thing I normally scope out are cosplayers. Why, you may ask? Well, to be frank, cosplayers are the people that literally wear their passion on their sleeves. It’s something tha...

Josh Totman

10:30 PM on 09.05.2013

PAX: General impressions

The Seattle video game epic that is known as PAX Prime is now over. All four days were loud and crowded as usual, but what would you expect from a convention that had been spawned from Penny Arcade. The total amount of things...

Josh Totman

PAX Prime 2012 Preview Spectacular photo
PAX Prime 2012 Preview Spectacular
by OxKing

PAX Prime 2012 in Seattle ended last week, though it was more than both Josh Totman and I could handle. Waiting in lines, walking all around the convention center and rushing to scheduled meetings could take a lot out of you, especially when you have to do it three days in-a-row.

In between those three days, the two of us played a long list of games thanks to some cool guys and gals from SEGA, Konami, and Capcom. Inside are previews for some sick-ass games we played, including Phantasy Star Online 2, Resident Evil 6, and Metal Gear Rising.

Along with some short videos and a huge gallery, be prepared for our impressions of the games Japanator readers can look forward to coming out soon!

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12:00 PM on 09.05.2012

PAX 2012: SEGA

If I had to choose my favorite guys at the show, it would be SEGA hands down. These guys took care of us like no one else. They got us in to play some of their hot new titles that are coming up in the next couple of months to...

Josh Totman

4:00 PM on 09.03.2012

Congratulations: Kirby fans break a world record at PAX

To all of you Kirby fans that attended PAX last weekend, I would like to commend you for your hard work in helping Nintendo with their event in commemorating Kirby's 20th anniversary. Your combined effort manage to chang...

Salvador GRodiles

10:00 AM on 09.03.2012

PAX 2012: Cosplay

Just like every good convention that is geek related in any sense. There is always going to be someone in a costume. Luckily, I was there with my trusty camera to capture as many of them as I could. There was so much goo...

Josh Totman

PAX 2012: Day 2 and Day 3 Gallery photo
PAX 2012: Day 2 and Day 3 Gallery
by OxKing

PAX Prime has been busy as hell for Josh Totman and me. SO busy, in fact, that we just couldn't keep up last night with the galleries. Instead, we're opting for a one large post that sums up the final two days of PAX 2012. Check back here for yesterdays post.

Things that happened on Saturday: Konami and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima announce Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and show off ten minutes of the title running on the new FOX Engine. Capcom hooked Japanator up with an extended demo of Resident Evil 6, including all three campaigns and a little bit of co-op (respect, Capcom). Josh and I also hopped around the show floor, playing Project P-100, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD, Okami HD, Sony All-Star Battle Royale and tons more. 

And finally today, we checked out some more Sony games on the PS3 and PS Vita, like Sly Cooper 3, The Last of Us, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 4 Arena, as well as some stuff coming from Nintendo, like Scribblenauts Unlimited, New Super Mario Bros. U, and ZombiU. We don't have much to write up about for you guys now, but tune back in later this week for our huge PAX 2012 impressions, with previews, videos, more pictures and some surprises.

Yeah. We're tired. Hit that jump for dem pix and read as I ramble on about things in a sleep deprived state uggggggggghhhn oh my god sleeeeppp

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PAX 2012: Day 1 Gallery photo
PAX 2012: Day 1 Gallery
by OxKing

In case you didn't know, Japanator is at PAX 2012! We're here to take kewl pix and score hott gamer chicks who love games almost as much as your personality. 

We don't have much to report now (check out our brother site Destructoid for more up-to-minute info), but be sure to check back in next weekend for mine and Josh's impressions of the expo. So far on the first day, we've checked in with some of the rad dudes at SEGA and got our hands on Phantasy Star Online 2, NiGHTs into DREAMS HD, Hell Yeah! and much more, as well as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge for the Wii U and much more! Also, we checked out the Destructoid Live III panel, and we gotta say... it was kinda sucky. Booo!

Check back in tomorrow for more pictures and check out our stupid shit below the jump. 

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4:00 PM on 09.09.2010

Here's the best cosplay of PAX prime yet

At least, it's the best to a Valkyria Chronicles fanboy like myself. And look, they even have Hans, the winged pig mascot of Squad 7![Thanks to Kris of SegaAddicts for the picture!]

Josh Tolentino