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Sentai Filmworks

Typhoon Noruda photo
Typhoon Noruda

Typhoon Noruda to hit US via Sentai Filmworks

A storm is coming
Mar 18
// Red Veron
Sentai Filmworks is bringing the film Typhoon Noruda to US shores, the 2015 movie is directed by former Studio Ghibli animator Yujio Arai ( From Up On Poppy Hill, Secret World of Arriety). Its character designer and...
Blade and Soul photo
Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul licensed by Sentai Filmworks

New license alert!
May 01
// LB Bryant
It's Thursday which means that it's new license announcement day for Sentai Filmworks. I kid of course because just about every day is 'new license announcement' day for Sentai. Today though is extra special because out of al...
Amnesia photo

Sentai Filmworks announces Amnesia dub cast and release date

I had forgotten about this series up till now
Apr 30
// LB Bryant
Would you believe me if I said that I had forgotten about this series up till now? No seriously, I remember watching some of this series when it first premiered but around the halfway mark I dropped it and never thought of it...
No Game, No Life photo
No Game, No Life

Sentai Filmworks has No Game, No Life

That's not a dig, they really do.
Apr 23
// LB Bryant
Sentai Filmworks has kept the Japanator staff plenty busy this season by announcing license after license. Earlier today they sent out another press release announcing their latest acquisition, No Game, No Life. The series wi...

Kamigami no Asobi photo
Kamigami no Asobi

Sentai Filmworks swoops in and makes a damsel out of Kamigami no Asobi

So many pretty men
Apr 17
// Brittany Vincent
Adding to their recent list of acquisitions, Sentai Filmworks has licensed Kamigami no Asobi, a reverse harem darling that Karen, L.B., and myself all agree is full of pretty men and worth watching, especially for the male tr...
Love Lab photo
Love Lab

Sentai Filmworks brings over Love Lab

*sniff sniff* I smell a license!
Apr 15
// Ben Huber
Hello! Welcome back, Sentai, it's good to see you again. What can I do for you today? Ah, you'd like to license Love Lab? An excellent choice! Let me just wrap that up for you and we'll get you on your way! I'm certain you'll...
Sentai Filmworks photo
Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks nabs One Week Friends for Distribution

"I have this... condition."
Mar 27
// Dae Lee
There's no stopping the train of spring acquisitions by Sentai Filmworks, as they nab One Week Friends (Isshukan Friends in Japanese). An anime adaptation of a manga by a fairly new author, Hazuki Maccha's uniquely light and ...
Sentai Filmworks photo
Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks grabs The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Insert ridiculous long title joke here.
Mar 26
// LB Bryant
After announcing their license of Haikyuu yesterday, Sentai Filmworks isn't content to just sit back. They're keeping the momentum going with yet another license announcement today in the form of the new anime series The...
Licensing news photo
Licensing news

Sentai licenses Haikyuu!!; announce July slate

It's that time of the season
Mar 25
// Tim Sheehy
Earlier today, Sentai Filmworks & Section23 Films unveiled their release schedule for the month of July. It's a pretty hefty list, and includes titles such as Devil Survivor 2, Photo Kano, Yuyushiki, Snafu, To Love Ru, Ga...
Sentai Filmworks photo
Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks licenses Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they?

They couldn't have shortened the title a little?
Mar 20
// LB Bryant
It's been awhile since we've heard a license announcement from Sentai Filmworks. As in a couple of weeks which you have to admit is pretty weird for the Texas company. Generally they're popping out press releases like nobody'...

Review: Maria Holic

Mar 10 // LB Bryant
Maria Holic Complete Collection Blu-rayStudio: ShaftLicensed By: Sentai FilmworksRelease Date: 3/4/14MSRP:  $69.98 The first time I encountered this series was back when it first premiered and-- before I started it this time around-- I really did look back on the series fondly. From what I remembered, it was a fun series filled with laughs. Upon re-visiting it however I quickly realized that while entertaining, Maria Holic is mostly made up of three or four jokes which are endlessly repeated until they are buried deep into the ground.  It's certainly not all bad. The background music and theme songs are both beautiful and catchy. Give the theme songs a listen a couple of times and you'll find yourself whistling them to yourself for the rest of the day. They are infectious earworms like that for sure. The background music is equally wonderful and really manages to catch the mood of each scene without fail.  The animation and character designs are also quite well done. This was before the patented Shaft head tilt really started to take hold, so don't worry too much about that if you're tired of seeing that occur within Shaft series (which I know some of you are). Maria, Kanako and the supporting cast are all uniquely designed with no two characters looking really anything alike which is always nice to see.  The problem with this series lies in its sense of humor which, as I said before, is limited. For the most part, the jokes center on Maria insulting Kanako and Kanako having perverted, nosebleed- inducing fantasies about her classmates (which is one of the reasons why Maria and her maid are always insulting her). These jokes are worn out by the time the series hits the halfway mark and its really quite frustrating and sad. Had these jokes not been used so much, viewers could get so much more mileage from this series. Yet, the constant mach-speed speech of Kanako, perverted fantasy sequences and insults from Maria just do not hold up well. After awhile they even start to become nothing more than background noise as you watch and try to hold out for the scene to shift to something that isn't one of these tired jokes.  At the very least you can praise the dub cast for being strong and having fun with their roles. Monica Rial in particular is wonderful as Maria and really does a great job of capturing the duality of the role. In terms of extras, Sentai Filmworks did not skimp on this series. Included within the two discs are clean animations, promotional videos, commercials, a special bonus feature and an interview, none of which should be skipped if you want the full Maria Holic experience.  While this isn't a fantastic series and the jokes do get old after awhile, its still good enough to warrant a recommendation. It's a dark, fun comedy that didn't get nearly enough love when it was first released but still deserves a nice warm hug from fans. Don't be afraid to pick this one up if you're looking for some dark fun.  Score: 7.0 - Good. Films or shows that get this score are good, but not great. These could have been destined for greatness, but were held back by their flaws. While some may not enjoy them, fans of the genre will definitely love them.
Review: Maria Holic photo
A one trick pony
Released by Sentai Filmworks, Maria Holic is a Shaft series from way back in 2008. The series takes place at the all girls Ame no Kisaki academy where Kanoko has just transferred in hopes of finding her one true love. Yes, sh...

Short Peace photo
Short Peace

Sentai licenses Katsuhiro Otomo's Short Peace

The anthology will be coming soon to digital outlets.
Mar 01
// Ben Huber
Short Peace has finally been licensed -- it took long enough! Katushiro Otomo's anthology featuring his work along with several other skilled directors has been picked up by Sentai Filmworks. It'll release on digital outlets ...
Right Stuf photo
Right Stuf

Save big with the latest sale at Right Stuf

Pick over the drawn & quartered corpse of ADV!
Feb 24
// Pedro Cortes
Hark, what is that sound? That's the sound of money not flooding out of your wallet. It's a sound that comes with sales, like the one currently going on at the RightStuf. The retailer's current big sale features titles from M...
From The New World photo
From The New World

Sentai Filmworks announces From The New World dub cast

DVD/Blu-ray due out in April
Feb 22
// LB Bryant
With the DVD/Blu-ray release due out on April 15th, Sentai Filmworks has revealed who will be featured in the dub cast of From The New World. Originally simulcast on Crunchyroll in the autumn of 2012, fans of this series have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on this release and finally they will be able to. 
Wizard Barristers photo
Wizard Barristers

Sentai retains Wizard Barristers for home video

Magical Defense Attorney for your precious retainer fees
Jan 22
// Jeff Chuang
In case you didn't know, Yasuomi Umetsu, the creator of Kite and Mezzo DSA, has a new TV series on the air called Wizard Barristers. It's a mix of criminal procedural, perky anime girls, big budget explosions, and m...
Licensing photo

Sentai licenses Magical Warfare because sure, why not?

Magical Warfare 2: Ghosts scheduled for next year.
Jan 20
// Ben Huber
Briefly: Sentai Filmworks' latest grab this season is the magic-themed action anime Magical Warfare. I'll be honest though: I have no clue if the show is any good, as I haven't watched it (although I've caught a few details f...
Anime photo

Sentai licenses Engaged to the Unidentified

Because, why the hell not
Jan 03
// Tim Sheehy
Sentai Filmworks have once again thrown caution to the wind, having licensed yet another anime before it's even aired, namely Engaged to the Unidentified -- a 12-episode series based on a four-koma manga of the same name...
Familiar of Zero photo
Familiar of Zero

Sentai Filmworks licenses Familiar of Zero Season One

Shut up, shut up, shut...oh wait, wrong series
Dec 20
// Pedro Cortes
In a move that pleased me to no end, Sentai Filmworks now has the digital, DVD and Blu-Ray to the first season of Familiar of Zero, known as Zero no Tsukaima to long time fans. Originally licensed by Geneon and then shortly a...
Sentai Filmworks photo
Sentai Filmworks

Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water licensed by Sentai

They're gonna license you! And you! And you!
Nov 09
// Ben Huber
Once again, Sentai is sweeping the field and grabbing anime licenses -- but wait! This one is definitely different from the last few. Sentai Filmworks has licensed Gainax's classic series Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water! ...
Girls und Panzer photo
Girls und Panzer

Sentai fields an army for Girls und Panzer dub cast

Long cast listing is long
Nov 02
// Jeff Chuang
Sentai Filmworks has announced English vocal cast for Girls und Panzer. It's not really my bag to follow all the dub acting news, but this list is pretty impressive, both in name recognition and in length. Like the Japan...
Log Horizon photo
The popular fantasy MMO anime has been licensed!
Next up on the buffet of anime: Log Horizon. The MMO-themed anime has been fairly popular this season, and it looks like Sentai noticed, as they have officially licensed it. I've heard several comparisons to Sword Art Online,...

Sentai Filmworks photo
Sentai Filmworks

Little Busters! Refrain licensed by Sentai

Get your Little Busters fix!
Oct 29
// Ben Huber
Sentai has licensed Little Busters! Refrain! No one is really surprised, since Sentai did license the first season of Little Busters!, but now they've got the sequel under their belt too. They continue to pick up lots of anim...
Sentai Filmworks photo
Sentai Filmworks

Sentai nabs glasses anime MEGANEBU!

Small note: they have only licensed the all-caps version of the title.
Oct 28
// Ben Huber
Sentai Filmworks adds another feather to their cap with their latest pickup: MEGANEBU! The glasses-themed anime will soon show up on "select digital outlets" and will be released on physical media in 2014. It's got hot pink a...
Sentai Filmworks photo
Watch cute girls do cute things in beautiful rural Japan!
Sentai is busy picking up even more titles from this season's showings, adding Non Non Biyori to its offerings. This show about cute girls doing cute things will be available in digital outlets shortly, and see a DVD rel...

Licensing photo

Sentai Filmworks licenses Outbreak Company

The otaku fantasy adventure has been picked up!
Oct 15
// Ben Huber
More licensing announcements, folks! Sentai Filmworks has picked up the recent Outbreak Company! The series just started airing on October 3rd and Crunchyroll has also been simulcasting it. Sentai says they'll also be releasi...
Phi-Brain photo

Phi-Brain Season 3 licensed by Sentai Filmworks

The third 25-episode season will be available early 2014
Oct 14
// Brittany Vincent
If you've been following the seemingly complicated Phi-Brain narrative and are waiting for an English release of Season 3, the wait is over. Sentai Filmworks announced today it has acquired the rights for distribution, with digital downloads being made available soon and DVD/Blu-ray versions on sale in 2014. 
Infinite Stratos photo
Infinite Stratos

Licensing GET! Sentai obtains Infinite Stratos 2

Sentai's conquering new lands!
Oct 07
// Salvador G Rodiles
The glorious Sentai Empire is up to no good again, since they are preemptively grabbing shows like crazy. This time around, they have got their hands on the second season of Infinite Stratos, the next "exciting" conclusion in...

Review: Godannar Complete DVD Collection

Oct 07 // Pedro Cortes
Godannar Complete DVD Collection [DVD]Studio: OLM Incorporated / Anime International Company Inc.Licensed by: Sentai FilmworksRelease Date: 10/01/13MSRP: $64.98 [Amazon | Rightstuf] Set in the future, monsters known as Mimetic Beasts have attacked humanity, forcing man to create giant robots in their image, as they're wont to due in this kind of situation. While Tokyo is destroyed by a particularly difficult to kill baddie, a pilot named Goh Saruwatari manages to save his boss's young daughter, Anna Aoi, while killing the monster in the midst of all the rubble and trashed robots. Five years later, Goh and Anna are set to get married, only to be interrupted by the reemergence of the Mimetic Beasts. Goh jumps back into his mech, the Dannar, while Anna unseals an old mech and joins her fiancee on the battlefield to help save humanity. The two regularly combine mechs on the field of battle as they also struggle to maintain their relationship in the face of constant interruption from Goh's little brother, petty arguments and the occasional ex-flame. While robots maybe one of Godannar's draws, the real heart of the show is in Anna and Goh's relationship. Separated by 12 years and a ton of life experience, the two regularly have trouble understanding each other. Anna is still in high school, often lacking the maturity to deal with Goh's stubborn nature and his traumatic past. Goh is much older, yet is also emotionally stunted from his participation in the events that open the show. He has trouble getting close to his fiancé and uses his piloting as a way to keep himself from getting hurt again. The two often clash, but there is plenty of genuine love and affection. It's surprisingly touching, and it's not often you see this kind of relationship in anime-- much less in a fanservice-laden giant robot show. It really makes Godannar feel like it's aimed at an older audience. Speaking of fanservice, that is another one of  the show's big draws. Considering the aforementioned older audience, they packed these 26 episodes with as much boob-bouncing, rear angles and crotch shots as possible. In fact, I would've loved to have seen a jiggle counter in the corner slowly ticking up as each episode went on. With as many female characters as this show features, I wouldn't be surprised if that jiggle counter overloaded at several points. I mean, they even included bouncing boobies for the female-shaped robots. It's ridiculous and it kept me amused the entire time, though those rigidly against fanservice will obviously take issue with it and have difficulty enjoying the show as a result. Oh yeah, I almost forgot there were robots in this show. Yeah, giant honkin' robots (without even a casual relationship with reality and/or the laws of physics) leap around and slam their fists and feet into the hideous-looking Mimetic Beasts and, every so often, into each other. Each area of the world that contributes to the war effort has a pair of representatives that pilot a combining robot. Each of these pairs has some sort of messed up romance that is more or less dealt with throughout the series, though they all take a back seat to the Goh/Anna drama. Included is a very busty dominatrix from Russia and her passive manservant, an English playboy and his stepsister with a brother-complex, two women from America that cannot admit their romantic feelings toward one another and the Chinese pilots that should just get married already. Each one of their mecha looks unique and totally off the wall, as well they should on a show like this. Besides the pilots, there are the usual wacko engineers and servicemen at the Godannar base. They provide a fair amount of comic relief while occasionally providing moments of poignancy after certain events. One of my favorite episodes focuses just on the mechanics and their daily routines in keeping the robots functioning. It's a nice touch, since so many comparable shows have side characters just like this and invariably forget to do anything with them. No such missed opportunity here. The show looks and sounds good. While it isn't GAINAX or BONES level of animation, everything is solid. Some may not like the ridiculous female character designs, but considering how bizarre the hot-blooded male pilots and mechanics look, I felt the style was consistent overall. The soundtrack sounds sufficiently like an old mecha show, with a pair of cheesy opening songs and an assortment of blood-pumping action tracks. The voice tracks are particularly amusing for me, as the casts in both languages absolutely get the kind of show they're working with. The Japanese tracks has a bunch of great mecha seiyu intentionally overacting and chewing up scenery. My favorite performance is by far Nobuyuki Hiyama (Viral from Gurren Lagann, Gai from GaoGaiGar), who dials up the hot blood as a pilot that somehow manages to survive impossible situations, despite everybody thinking he's dead. I also liked the English voice track; the actors have fun with the cheesiness of the whole production, but know exactly when it to reign it in for the serious parts. In terms of bonuses, Sentai's release has got a decent amount. Inside the case is a booklet with staff and cast interviews, as well as various sexy bikini shots that appeared on the original packaging for Godannar. On the disks, you get the usual clean opening and closing videos, as well as another swimsuit gallery, character and robot files, production sketches, key words and a couple of bonus clips. Despite the slimmed-down packaging from the original DVDs and Thinpak, this has a lot of stuff in it. If you've read a word of what I've written, you can tell that I loved this show. It's fun, looks good and has a lot of heart, hidden behind a lot of heaving mammaries. It's not often that you get a solid, interesting relationship that grows in a show with a lot of giant, flaming robots and half-naked ladies. The only negatives that I could mention would be that I wished we got more development from the other pilots, and parts of the second season can look cheap. Oh, and if you're offended by fanservice, steer way clear. Besides those minor quibbles, mecha fans and people looking for romance would do well in picking up Godannar.   8.0 – Great. A great example of its genre that everyone should see, regardless of their interest.  
Godannar photo
A marriage of robots & boobs
The robot genre has changed in many ways over the years. For one thing, the stories have become more complicated, incorporating social commentary in an effort to appeal to wider audiences beyond children who are impressed wit...


Sentai licenses Golden Time and Diabolik Lovers

Oct 04
// Brad Rice
It's a double dose of licensing news for Sentai Filmworks, just a week ahead of New York Comic Con: they're bringing us both Golden Time and Diabolik Lovers. Golden Time is a law-school based romance, featuring your...
Sentai Filmworks photo
A new license for a classic anime!
Casshan has returned! The original 1973 anime series, from famed Tatsunoko Productions, will be arriving here in the US on both DVD & Blu-ray in 2014, as well as a "select digital outlets" this year. That means you'll fin...

Review: Phi Brain volume 1

Aug 29 // Jeff Chuang
Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Volume 1 (Blu-ray)Studio: SunriseLicensed by: Sentai FilmworksRelease Date: March 26, 2013MSRP: $69.98 Phi-Brain: Puzzle of God is a 2011 TV anime series produced by Sunrise and appeared on NHK. This Sentai Filmworks release covers the first half of the first season, or episodes 1-13. It's got a video game and manga going on at the same time, so this anime is a cleverly crafted new IP launch. Contrary to those expectations, Phi Brain feels solidly like a shounen manga adaptation. The story begins with our protagonist Kaito, who is born to solve puzzles. Joined by his loyal companion with no talents at solving puzzles, Nonoha, the duo slowly "gather crew" in the most traditional ways as his team of "Solvers" battle different "Givers" from a mysterious organization, called POG, dedicated to create elaborate real-life puzzles for Solvers to, well, solve. While this is early in the story, Nonoha is clearly a fix on Kaito, and crew number three, Gammon, plays the third wheel and has a thing for Nonoha. The story expands as more of the backstory come to the fore, including the various branches of this POG organization--also partly the owners of Kaito's current school. It's all very grand and over the top, to say the least, when this mysterious organization has Givers in every trade and ever aspect of life, setting up these diabolical puzzles for years, some even decades. The production value of Phi Brain is rather middle of the road. Again, the artistic direction and animation production feels like a long-running shounen anime, complete with the usual unevenness in the production value. There are occasional bright spots in the animation, music, or design. The puzzles are all fairly creative, and vary from low to high difficulty levels. However on average Phi Brain is not a good looking show, and instead tries to get by through the strength of its plot and characters. As much as Phi Brain feels like a typical anime, some credit is due to the creativity behind the very bizarre pairing of heroes with villains, with the diversity of puzzles it offers every week. In some ways it's well beyond a typical detective show where the protagonists solve a mystery, usually following a formula. Phi Brain takes that and throw a puzzle on top of it, and through the nature of this puzzle, Kaito and his crew can usually derive some more hints to resolve the meta-game puzzle.  It's this clash where the goal isn't to find out who or what, but why, that makes Phi Brain kind of interesting. At the stopping point for volume one, the show has barely scratched the surface of what it can do in terms of "why." There were a handful of episodes where a kind motivation paired with a wicked puzzle gave Kaito and his friends some warm fuzzy feelings, but surely the opposite awaits us as the story continues on in the second volume. Phi Brain is one of the increasing number of shows that Sentai Filmworks is dubbing. The English dub sounds actually pretty much on level as the Japanese dub, so you can probably take your pick in terms of whose voice you like more in order to decide which one to watch. As a regular Japanese dub kind of guy, Phi Brain's Ana Graham features one of my favorite voice actors in Satsuki Yukino, so that made the episodes where Ana is primarily featured easy calls to watch with subs. At the half way point of the first season, it's too early to make the final call on Phi Brain. It's a clever alternative to that page-turning, shounen manga formula, but as a result it might appear too much for the presentation and too weird for the mainstream crowd. For those of us looking to anime beyond Detective Conan, Phi Brain is likely a miss, but maybe this is exactly the kind of show you want to give to a clever pre-teen as a present? 6.0 – Okay. 6’s are flawed, but still enjoyable. These titles may not have attempted to do anything special or interesting, but they are nonetheless enjoyable. These typically make great rental fodder or bargain grab.
Phi Brain photo
A mixed puzzle
Over the years that I've been an avid anime viewer, I ran across my fair share of strange shows. Some of them are very remarkable, in that usual freakish Japanese way that all of us are familiar with. Then there are the plain...

Girls und Panzer  photo
Girls und Panzer

Girls und Panzer's gets a new trailer with English voice

Well, English narration.
Aug 01
// Elliot Gay
I wasn't prepared to love Girls und Panzer as much as I did. The combination of a great female cast, fantastically choreographed action, and a tight underdog story won me over in no time at all. A huge high school girl cast ...
Gatchaman Crowds photo
Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman joins the Crunchyroll Crowd this Friday

The anticipation is extreme!
Jul 10
// Hiroko Yamamura
The Gatchaman news just keeps coming! After revealing some information on the Super Science Ninja Team's suits and powers, Crunchyroll has announced their simulcast plans. Ready for the long wait? Since I'm sure you already g...
Fate/Kaleid licensed photo
Fate/Kaleid licensed

Sentai Filmworks licences Fate/Kaleid magical girl series

All the Illya you can handle.
Jul 07
// Elliot Gay
Earlier today, I watched the first episode of Fate/Stay Night spin-off, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. It's cute, a bit weird, and the faces seem kind of off. All told, I actually enjoyed it more than I was expecting to, so ...

AX '13: Sentai and Tatsunoko make friendly, nabs 11 shows

Also licenses Stella Womens Academy, High School Division Class C3
Jul 05
// Brad Rice
One of the big splashes Sentai Filmworks made at its AX panel earlier today was the announcement that it's worked out a licensing deal with Tatsunoko productions to bring a portion of their library over to the US in some form...
Di Gi Charat & Gatchaman  photo
Di Gi Charat & Gatchaman

License Reminder! Sentai gets Di Gi Charat and Gatchaman

Will Sentai's release of Gatchaman do good?
Jun 25
// Salvador G Rodiles
Actually, Sentai has already talked about their plans for both shows already at their panel during Anime Boston 2013. However, they decided to make their announcement more official by reminding us in a more professional ...
Kids on the Slope recall  photo
Kids on the Slope recall

Yikes, Kids on the Slope's Blu-ray set gets recalled

Don't worry, people, Sentai is on the job.
May 06
// Salvador G Rodiles
[Update: A link to the replacement form for Kids on the Slope has been posted.] Don't you hate it when a home release of your favorite anime series goes through a major issue? Luckily, Sentai has noticed an issue with their B...
Garden of Words licensed  photo
Garden of Words licensed

Licensing GET: Sentai grabs The Garden of Words

The time to rejoice has come, NA Shinkai fans.
Apr 24
// Salvador G Rodiles
After all of these Sentai license attacks that have been going on lately, they are now ready for their ultimate strike. This time around, Sentai is going to plant The Garden of Words in North American shores. Since it's a gre...
Sentai's newest licenses photo
Sentai's newest licenses

Licensing GET: Sentai marries Samurai Bride and more

Triple Marriage Power Go!
Apr 23
// Salvador G Rodiles
As Sentai continues to fire their Wave Motion Licensing Gun at unsuspecting anime shows, the empire's ruler is in need of a bride that will take the title of queen. Luckily for them, they have obtain the license to Samurai Br...

Licensing GET: Uta no Prince-Sama to fly overseas

So much LOVE 1000%
Apr 21
// Kristina Pino
Sentai Filmworks has sent over a press release announcing that Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji Love 1000% will be seeing a digital release soon, and a physical release later on this year. Considering how successful it's been over he...

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