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7:00 PM on 03.19.2014

Shinjuku boos bara billboard for HIV awareness

An interesting struggle is going on in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ni-Chome, a popular gay neighborhood. VIIV Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company that makes an HIV drug, selected popular gay artist Poko Murata to draw up an HIV awarene...

Brad Rice

8:00 AM on 12.11.2013

Sagami Rubber debuts world's thinnest condom

Japanese condom manufacturer Sagami Rubber Industry has broken through to a new level of thinness: a .01mm thick condom. After spending ten years working on this product, Sagami has seen its condom fly off of store shelves in...

Brad Rice

9:00 AM on 04.11.2013

A quickie about love hotels

When Japan sets out to perfect something, they seem to go a bit overboard at times. This is evident by just looking at some of these rooms that you can rent in love hotels in Japan. Love hotels are primarily frowned...

Josh Totman

4:00 PM on 02.01.2013

AKB's Minami Minegishi humiliated for being a human being

[Update: The apology video has been removed following an official response by AKB management. An English-translated transcript of Minegishi's statement is available at the bottom of this post.] Ah, an "Oh, Japan" moment. ...

Josh Tolentino

Japanator After Dark Special Review: Seduce Me photo
Japanator After Dark Special Review: Seduce Me
by Josh Tolentino

[While western games aren't technically in Japanator's purview, there's no denying the fact that Glorious Nippon is among the leading purveyors of quality porn games. No Reply Games' Seduce Me is the latest attempt to dent that dominance, touting deep relationships and role-playing elements. In the interest of seeing how it measures up to the average dating sim, we've republished Destructoid's official review for your enjoyment. -Josh]

Seduce Me is only on our radar because it was developed by folks who worked on the Triple-A Killzone franchise, and later denied a place on Steam's Greenlight project. We likely wouldn't have noticed it, much less be reviewing it, had Valve not opted to shut it out. But here we are.

There are myriad reasons that gamers of all stripes should support a game like Seduce Me. Games should be free to tastefully tackle sex as a subject without being punished commercially or by culture at large. As an effective outlet for base urges, games should be able to do more than violence and still be commercially successful. An "AO" rating from the ESRB shouldn't be a kiss of death. The culture at large should be less shy about one of the most natural human activities. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, for gamers and for developer No Reply, Seduce Me is not the game that will do the things above.

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7:00 PM on 07.08.2012

Japan Expo '12: Seriously guys, stop it

We've caught more of you making out on the show floor today than we did yesterday. We snapped a picture of a few of them, but I fumbled with my camera for too long to get twice as many. Have some class -- do it in the hotel room!

Brad Rice

11:00 PM on 07.05.2012

Japan Expo '12: Please don't suck face at the show

Please, people. We’ve already caught two of you shoving your tongues down your significant other’s throats in the middle of the show floor. We take terribly invasive pictures.

Brad Rice

1:00 AM on 08.17.2011

TMA at it again with the porno "Hinichijou"

A lot of people tell me "Wow, Nichijou is probably one of the best shows to air in the past two seasons for anime", and for a while I would usually say to them "Yeah, I guess...". Lately, however, I found that the newest...


First Impression: 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku photo
First Impression: 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku
by Jeff Chuang

If Japanese otaku were to crack a joke on old virgins, this may very well be it. Remember B Gata H Kei? You're about to see the next level of "oh Japan" on the same train of thought, in 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku.

The literal translation for 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku is along the lines of "Health Education for 30-year olds." Originally a guide book with a sense of humor, this anime adaptation takes the same route as you would expect from a "manga's guide to sex for people who's missed out"; probably a good idea if you ever plan to be sexually active. 

But who are we kidding! This is otaku fodder. So it begs the question then: why make an anime out of it? If it is going to make fun of inexperienced, tensed nerds toiling away their hard-earned salary in various sex goods, who's going to be left to watch (or even buy) this anime? Click on and find out!

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12:28 PM on 04.06.2011

Big pink penises and candy vaginas at Japanese festival

One of my favorite Japanese video bloggers, jetdaisuke, shot some footage at Kanamara Matsuri, a festival that celebrates big penises. It used to have something to do with fertility, but now it's all about the lulz.  The...

Dale North

11:00 PM on 03.11.2011

Japanese gaming industry about as popular as porn

I suppose this really doesn't surprise anyone. I mean, c'mon, what's more popular than video games and sex? According to some recent statistics, the Japanese video game market did roughly 493.7 billion yen in business in the ...

Crystal White

Need more smutty hentai? Kitty Media's got you covered photo
Need more smutty hentai? Kitty Media's got you covered
by OxKing

Let's face it: Japanator's Ero Week was a success. A complete, utter, very disturbing success. To those who hated every second of it and wished that we'd cover more stories on funny Youtube videos instead, then this news is NOT for you, because I have some new hentai releases for you bastards.

Kitty Media, a division of the licensing company Media Blasters, that specializes in hentai and eroge releases has announced some perverted GET's for you guys...and sometimes girls. The titles Like a Mom and Step MILF are released on April 19th and 26th respectively for those in need for mother-complexes, while Twin Angels is being re-released by Kitty Media on the 26th as well. You can also check out other fine stuff at Kitty Media's COMPLETELY NSFW website.

This all begs the ultimate question... why am I promoting pornography for seemingly no reason or gain? The answer:

I dunno.

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