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RIP Studio Ghibli photo
More of a reboot, really
It looks like a number of rumors swirling around the internet have just been confirmed: The legendary production house Studio Ghibli - they of a large proportion of anime films worth watching - might shutting down. The announ... read feature

Chroma Squad photo
Chroma Squad

Report: Power Rangers co. Saban sues indie Sentai game

Teens with too much attitude
Jul 19
I love the story of Chroma Squad, a little indie game from Brazilian outfit Behold Studios. They took something they loved - tokusatsu and Super Sentai - and made it into a unique game concept - putting players in the shoes o... read
Sony haet Square photo
Sony haet Square

Signs of Doom! Sony sells off its Square Enix stock

Apr 16
Fanboys and girls rejoice, for the corporations you've pledged your loyalty to have given you some extra ammo to use in your eternal conflict. It seems consumer electronics giant and PlayStation maker Sony has decided to offl... read
TokyoPop photo

TokyoPop founder Stu Levy does AMA on Reddit

Read about how a former industry titan toppled
Apr 05
Buried in the midst of Reddit's Ask Me Anything section, TokyoPop founder Stu Levy popped in for two hours to answer questions from fans about the company, the industry, and manga in general. One of the more interesting quest... read
Yen Press photo
175 English-language titles to appear in over 200 countries
Yen Press and Square Enix just announced a partnership to put eBook versions of 175 manga titles online, giving the English-language versions of Square Enix's manga worldwide reach. Starting April 8, you'll be able to access ... read feature

Gunpla photo

Gunpla Banzai: Barnes & Noble selling Gunpla kits

Build Fighters to follow?
Mar 15
It's actually funny: For as much access as North American anime fans have to Japan's pop culture output these days, there really are some things that are still difficult to find over there. For example, it's easy to get your ... read
PS4 photo

Yay Consumer Electronics: PS4 sells 322,083 in Japan

A good start
Feb 26
In case you didn't know, the PS4 has just launched in Glorious Nippon, three months after its North American and European debuts, and the numbers are in for the new platform's first two days of Japanese sales: The console ha... read
Doujinshi photo

The doujinshi fanzine industry is worth a lot of money

Fans arise!
Feb 04
I suppose it should go without saying for some more savvy otaku, but the fan-comic industry (aka doujinshi) is pretty big in Japan. That said, not everyone knows just how big it is. Until now. A representative from Comitia, a... read
BitSummit photo

BitSummit's Japanese indie-fest returns!

In lovely Kyoto
Jan 15
I'd hardly be the first guy to say that Japan's gaming industry isn't having the best time right now. In fact, the gaming industry in general is suffering creatively. But whereas western gamers have been increasingly looking... read
Cool Japan photo
Cool Japan

Cooler Japan: Japanese gov't opening new anime channel

Coming to an Asia near you
Jan 04
I'm hardly in a position to say whether Japan's culture export-focused "soft power" initiative, dubbed "Cool Japan" is successful, but whatever you think of it, it's good news to see that they're still rolling along with it. ... read
Crunchyroll photo

Crunchyroll issues statement on Chernin investment

Everything's going to stay the same, business as usual
Dec 10
Back at the end of October, we heard that The Chernin Group bought a stake in Crunchyroll, boosting its valuation somewhere short of $100 million. Crunchyroll finally came out with a statement to assuage fans' concerns, and i... read
Puzzle & Dragons photo
Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons is now crazy popular in the West

They did the monster...match-three
Nov 10
Whenever folks talk about the supposed decline of the Japanese game industry, there's always one bright light shining in the gloom and doom. Strangely enough, it's not Monster Hunter, but rather Puzzle & Dragons, the mons... read
RIP photo

Rest in peace: Tomoyuki Dan passes away

The man behind the Weather Dopant is now gone
Oct 12
Another great person departs from the world of the living, and it happens to be someone from Kamen Rider W. Unfortunately, it was too soon for him to leave our side. On October 10th at 11:49 pm, Tomoyuki Dan passed away at th... read
Gaming photo

Will gamers decide the fate of the Neo Geo X?

"To be or not to be, that is the question."
Oct 08
For those of you who haven't kept up with the drama, there's been an on-going dispute between SNK Playmore USA, and publisher Tommo Inc., who manufacture the Neo Geo X Gold portable gaming device. Earlier this month, SNK Play... read
Crunchyroll photo

Crunchyroll bringing simulcasts to France

Expands service to include French language support
Oct 03
Crunchyroll has announced today that they'll be expanding their Simulcast service to France, complete with subtitled French language support. The service will only be launching with a select number of series to start, which i... read
RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi photo
RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi

RIP, Hiroshi Yamauchi: Nintendo ex-prez passes at 85

A pioneer of the gaming industry
Sep 19
When you think of Nintendo, chances are you'll think of a name like Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and all that good stuff the Big N is known for. But there's another name you should know, one without whom good ol' S... read
Atlus photo
Let's pray that Atlus' great localization streak remains unaffected.
[Update #2: Sega Sammy have confirmed their acquisition of Atlus. Sega Dreams, a new division formed by Sega, will be the ones to handle Index Holdings.] [Update #1: Sega Sammy have initially denied report... read feature

Hayao Mizayaki retires photo
Hayao Mizayaki retires

Watch Hayao Miyazaki on the internet!

The legend says goodbye
Sep 05
In case you hadn't heard, legendary animator and all-time anime great Hayao Miyazaki is retiring. Best shed a tear, and perhaps consider opening your wallet to pick up any of his films you haven't seen yet. "But wait!" you sa... read
Comic Book Legal Defense photo
Comic Book Legal Defense

Comic Book Defense Fund gives an epic speech at Comiket

Telling it like it is on Manga Freedom
Aug 19
In case you weren't keeping up, the 84th Comic Market ("Comiket") happened in Japan a few days ago. And on the off chance you don't know what that is, it's pretty much Japan's - and possibly the world's - largest comic c... read
Atlus auction  photo
Atlus auction

Pray for the best: 20 companies are now bidding on Atlus

Sega's one of the 20 bidders.
Aug 04
Thing are boiling down to the important moment right now, since the auction that will determine the fate of Atlus is now receiving its bids. At the moment, there are 20 companies fighting for control of Atlus, and the bids ha... read
Kick-Heart photo

Kick-Heart gets an award kicked its way

Definitely not a kick-back
Jul 30
Who says good things don't get recognized in today's society, eh? A definite Good Thing, Kick-Heart, the Kickstarter-funded pro-wrestling anime affair from Masaaki Yuasa and Production I.G., has just gotten the nod from New ... read
Ryutaro Nakamura photo
Ryutaro Nakamura

Rest in Peace: Serial Experiments Lain director passes

He belongs to the ages
Jul 25
Well this is sobering news. Ryutaro Nakamura, who directed the anime adaptations of the classics Serial Experiments Lain and Kino's Journey (as well as Sakura Wars, a series close to my heart), lost his battle with ... read
Initial D finale photo
Initial D finale

Initial D drifting to the finale, gets new series, movie

Driving sideways since 1995
Jul 22
Wow, talk about the end of an era. Seems like Initial D, the world's premier manga about never driving in a straight line, is approaching its finale, after eighteen years. 46 volumes, several anime and live-action series, vid... read
Atlus sale photo
Atlus sale

For Sale: Index ready to take bids for Atlus

But who will pick up the house of MegaTen?
Jul 19
It has begun. Atlus' troubled parent company Index has just announced that it's just about ready to start selling off aspects of its operations as part of its "Civil Rehabilitation" proceedings (effectively the Japanese equiv... read
Bleach ending soon photo
Bleach ending soon

Bleach manga taking a break as it heads into the finale

Wait, it's ending?!
Jul 17
Oh my. It looks like all the epic happenings in Bleach over the last few months really are leading up to something: the end. According to a special message from author Tite Kubo in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump ... read
Atlus USA not broke photo
Atlus USA not broke

Don't worry, folks, Atlus USA is doing fine

'Business as usual', says President and CEO
Jun 27
Well, the news coming out of Atlus Japan, or rather its parent company, Index Corporation, is rather dire, but according to a statement from President and CEO Naoto Hiraoka, Atlus USA is hunky-dory: Currently, Index Digital ... read
Atlus goes broke photo
Atlus goes broke

Memento Mori: Atlus parent company files for bankruptcy

But what does it mean for Atlus?
Jun 27
[Update 2: According to their official press release (and NeoGAF mod duckroll's translation), Index realizes that the games division is the most desirable and profitable part of their business. They plan on seeking out and ch... read
Jtor Discusses Xbox One photo
How does Microsoft's new hotness fare?
How about that new Xbox, eh? In case you've been hiding under a rock for the past three days, Microsoft announced its next home console, dubbed the "Xbox One". Equipped with a brand-new Kinect, a new controller, and a heavy l... read feature

Oda-sensei get well soon! photo
Oda-sensei get well soon!

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is sick, wish him well

Don't worry, it's just his tonsils
May 21
Eiichiro Oda is sick! That's news when you're the creator of One Piece, the biggest manga in the world (and in the running for biggest comic in the world). And it's doubly news if you're sick enough that you ha... read
New Xbox reveal photo
The Next Xbox, revealed
No, not the first Xbox, or the Xbox 360. The third of Microsoft's consoles has opted to dial down its numbering by three hundred fifty-nine while dialing up its hardware. And it's called the "Xbox One", which means that... read feature

Interview: photo
Streaming world-wide
You might of heard that there is a new streaming site that has just launched out of Japan. It is being backed by some big names in the anime world like Aniplex, Sunrise, and Toei. What could that exactly mean for you, you ask? Well, let me let Eri Maruyama (International Business Development) at DAISUKI answer that as well as many more burning questions that I had about the new service. read feature is up photo is up

Get Pumped: goes live

A new distributor is born!
May 15
[Update: It seems availability varies per-country. For example, viewers in the Philippines are currently only able to view Sunrise videos.] This week has been a great moment for anime. First we get Anime Sols, and now Daisuki... read
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

In the name of the Moon! New Sailor Moon anime delayed

We are punished!
Apr 29
Uh-oh, sad news for Mooninites of the "Sailor" variety! It looks like the long, long awaited next Sailor Moon anime (either a reboot or continuation, I can't remember which), has been given a (potentially) Jupiter-s... read
Let's hope for something. photo
Let's hope for something.

Square Enix opens a '10th Anniversary' teaser site

What could this possibly be?
Apr 01
This is exciting.  There are many hopes we have.  Please, no social games.   read
Re: Reverse Importation photo
Supreme Court chimes in, makes things complicated
[Some interesting legal decisions have just come down the pipe that could affect the time-honored pastime of importing cool stuff from overseas. Jeff brings us his analysis. Read about it below, and see some more coverage fro... read feature

Jmanga shuts down photo
Jmanga shuts down

Woah: JManga shuts down operations

Users to be refunded
Mar 14
Wow. This came straight out of the blue. It seems that JManga, the Japanese publisher-backed digital manga portal, will cease operations, according to an announcement from the company. As of midnight tonight the site will hal... read
RIP Goro Naya photo
RIP Goro Naya

RIP: Veteran voice actor Goro Naya passes away

The voice of Inspector Zenigata leaves us
Mar 11
It's time to say farewell to a true veteran of the old school: Goro Naya. The venerable voice actor passed away from chronic respiratory failure last week, at the ripe old age of 83. Though he debuted as an actor nearly fifty... read

Keep at it: Media Blasters goes through some new changes

Give it your all, Media Blasters!
Mar 10
You could say that Media Blasters hasn't seen the best of days, but it's safe to say that they are still pushing on. In accordance to their Facebook page, CEO John Sirabella talks about his back accident at the company's ware... read
No Vita Price Cut :( photo
No Vita Price Cut :(

D'oh: No PS Vita price cut outside Japan yet

Blame the economy!
Feb 21
Sorry, North Americans, it looks like you might want to wait a bit before shelling out for a spiffy new PS Vita to Remote-Play your PS4 games with. Sony Worldwide Studios honcho Shuhei Yoshida has stated that the price cut th... read
PS Vita Price Cut photo
PS Vita Price Cut

Vita Heaven: PS Vita gets a price cut, new color

Late adopters rejoice
Feb 18
So, "Vita Heaven" came and went just a couple of hours ago, and the news was mostly positive. By far the biggest item of the hour was, of course, a significant price-cut to not one but both available models of the Vita (... read

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